Friday, January 22, 2010

The Writing is on the Wall

Thinking about the beautiful card my daughter sent us, (shown in my previous post...We Done Good), made me realize how long it has been since "I" actually sent anything "hand"written to anyone I know.  Besides the odd Christmas card, I'm horrible about sending out Christmas cards and the only ones I send are attached to presents, I really don't write letters to anyone anymore.

Email, Facebook, Twitter, and texting have all replaced the good old fashioned handwritten letter.  And even though I don't send them often myself, there is nothing like opening your mailbox and finding a card or letter and then opening it up to see the familiar handwriting of an old friend or loved one.

 There is just something about a lovely card, or beautifully designed piece of stationery that makes the words written on it seem all the more special.  Before cell phones and instant messaging I was a prolific letter writer.  I kept in touch with old high school friends via the mail during college and sent out all sorts of holiday cards, everything from Easter to Christmas greetings, to family and friends.  I loved to hunt and poke around little stationery and boutique stores looking for just the right party invitations or special birthday card.  But then kids got older, schedules got busier, and the lure of easy communication thanks to technology brought my letter writing and card sending to a screeching halt!

It's hard to believe that something which has been around for centuries could start to die off in such a short period of time!  Letter writing, or even being able to read and write was such a coveted skill not that long ago and now the idea of handwriting anything seems almost archaic.  Letter writing was once even the downfall of a relationship for me.  A former boyfriend of mine was attending the U.S. Naval Academy and was on a summer assignment to Spain when a mail strike occurred.  After not receiving any mail from me, even though I faithfully wrote to him everyday, he phoned to say he was breaking up with me because I hadn't written to him during his 3 months away!  So you see, letter writing IS important...had he gotten those letters, we most likely would have married and then I wouldn't be Mrs. Tide or have my wonderful children and the life I'm currently living!

So in honor of the lost art of letter writing, here are some companies that offer beautiful cards and stationery.  My hope is that you'll buy some of these, or go to the drawer we all have, where we keep a few boxes of pretty cards that languish there, and you'll pick up a pen and scribble a few lines, a poem, or even a love letter, to someone you know!  I know they'll appreciate it, and you might just find that without the bright screen and clicking keyboard, you'll actually slow down for a minute and enjoy doing it!

Cavallini & Co. makes beautiful cards and lots of other wonderful things.  You may have seen some of their lovely wares at places like Anthropologie, Papyrus, or even Barnes & Noble stores.  The card my daughter sent came from them.

These postcards would be the perfect way to send someone a quick note saying "hello".

Photo:  Cavallini & Co. 

I'm having a tough time deciding which of these lovely note cards I would pick, they're all so pretty!

Photo:  Cavallini & Co.

Wouldn't getting a "thank you" be even more wonderful if you received it on one of these?

Photo:  Cavallini & Co.

Compendium Inc. offers wonderful cards with inspirational sentiments.  They are sold through small retailers, or you can go straight to their website and order online!

I love the fun graphics and great sayings this company uses!


Photo:  Compendium Inc. 

Or this one...

Photo:  Compendium Inc. 

If you're looking for something unique and completely different, why not take a look at Jumping Cracker I didn't make that name up!  They are an award winning card manufacturer with really unique 3 dimensional cards!  By their own admission they create "playfully humorous handmade cards" what's not to like about that?!  They also have a new Charity Gift Card Collection.

This award winning card is too cute, I love the whimsical word play.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's never too early to find that perfect card for your perfect someone!  Simple Song Designs has some of the cutest cards ever!  In her Etsy shop, you'll find sweet and simple designs, just as her name implies!

This Valentine Library Card is as cute as it is clever!

What about this very cool birthday card she also has available on Etsy?

Another Etsy shop, Seasonal Delights, offers all sorts of beautiful note cards and gift tags.  These beautiful vintage designs are pretty enough to frame!

This set of vintage inspired "Bee and Hive" note cards are simply lovely!

Or how about a set of these petite coffee stained bird cards?

 No matter what your fancy, I hope you've found a little inspiration to write your own note to someone special.  Now leave me your own sweet little note to let me know which one you like best!


  1. Thanks for the find on the cards. My wife has a substantial Eiffel Tower collection, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't seen these.

  2. I love these. Thank you for presenting such a charming assortment of cards. So many to choose from.


  3. Eric, that's wonderful that your wife collects Eiffel Towers! I'm a sucker for anything French! Thanks for stopping by!

    Marjorie, good to see you again, glad you liked the cards!

    Kat :)

  4. I would be thrilled to get any one of these beautiful cards in the mail - how lovely it would be to open the envelope! Leigh

  5. I'm with you. I love a hand written note or letter. My Sweet Hubby knows not to buy me cards any more because I'd rather have a hand written sentiment on a scrap of paper than something written by someone at hallmark!

  6. I love this! I'm a proponent of hand-written mail and do my best to keep up the tradition. Wonderful idea for a post, too. Thanks for all the links, Kat.


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