Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mail Call

Oh today has been a very good day!  First, I got to think about flowers and then this afternoon when the mail came there was a package...pour moi!!

It was the lovely floral bouquet bookmark I purchased from the talented Ms. Mimi Charmante's Etsy Shop!  I thought it was pretty online, but when I got to see it in person...well let's just say that maybe it won't be "gifted" after all!  Mimi was generous enough to donate 100% of the proceeds (totaling $362.00) she earned from her shop during a 3 day period last week to International Medical Corps, an organization offering aide to those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti.  So with Mimi's charitable example it would be remiss of me to selfishly keep this pretty bookmark for myself.  Wonder who I'll give it to?  Here's a hint...She has beautiful blue eyes, is smarter than a whip, compassion is her middle name, I love her more than mere words can express, and I'm so fortunate that she calls me mom!

The bookmark arrived in a lovely little bag.  What a pretty gift it will make!

Even Mimi's business cards are pretty!

The soft velvet ribbon is a beautiful rich shade of pink and the little floral bouquet charm is ...well... charming!

Don't forget to pop over to Mimi Charmante's wonderful blog to give her kudos for her generous donation to help the people of Haiti.


  1. You are so incredibly sweet~ I am thrilled that you liked it. I really do appreciate you supporting that sale last week - it was so wonderful to send that money off today!

  2. Love the bookmark, it is gorgeous and what a wonderful cause. I am off to have a look at Mimi's shop now.


  3. Thank you for the bookmark! It's so pretty!!
    - Your favourite daughter


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