Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Be Still My Heart

I've mentioned before that I have a dish "issue."  I'm completely and utterly addicted to dishes, or more specifically to serveware.  Platters, cake plates, you name it, if they are pretty I want them!  I have plenty of plates too, some with services for 20 and others just a few dessert plates in a particular pattern, but it's those darn serving pieces that draw me in like a moth to a flame!

As much as I love these pretty little wares, the lack of crisp bills overflowing from my wallet (ok I don't have a wallet I just shove stuff into a zippered pocket in my purse), keeps me from picking up too many of the things I really, truly want!  There are a few companies out there that make my heart skip a beat when I see their beautiful offerings.  Burleigh or Burgess Dorling & Leigh, if you want to sound highfalutin, is one of those companies.

It seems that everything I see on their website makes me want to pack a bag and jump on the next British Airways flight to London!  Sadly, that's not going to happen anytime soon, so for a long time now I've had to settle for gawking on the internet and imagining what a set of their bowls, dishes, or a platter might look like in "my" kitchen!

The other day, while on one of my fantasy "internet" shopping sprees I found IT!!!  There it was, right before my eyes...my heart raced, my pulse quickened, and I ran for my purse (and that zippered pocket) to buy it!  Today, when the UPS truck arrived I knew just what it was!  It wasn't my son's car detailing supplies, or something from my husband's work...it was for me and it was something I've always wanted but had never considered due to the price!

It was my perfectly packed, bubble wrapped Burleigh Burgess Chintz Platter from Williams Sonoma Home!  But wait, there's more!  This wasn't just any old Burleigh platter, this was my drop dead gorgeous dirt cheap Burleigh platter!

 Now that term "dirt cheap" is relative I know.  Had I been in Target and seen a large platter costing $25.00 I would have walked right past, but this was Burleigh...my Idol in the world of dishware!!  Originally listed on their website for $195.00, which was a "tad" overpriced by my estimation, it had been marked down to $29.95 and then I had received an email offering me an extra 20% off!  Can you sense me grinning like a Cheshire cat people...while ripping the packing to shreds?!

Ok, so here "she" is (why do I refer to all things dish'y' as "she"?)...in all her Burleigh glory!

And here's a view of her...umm pardon my French...derriere!

And her beautiful Burleigh Birthmark!

I knew right where to put her...on the hood above our range.

And then I stood back and admired her beauty, and the gorgeous chintz pattern, and the deep blue color.

And then...I rushed right back over to my computer and ordered some of the matching plates!!!

I'm linking up for Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's wonderful blog!


  1. Just gorgeous! Don't blame you, and it looks very much at home with you.


  2. What a fantastic buy! It's beautiful. I can feel a dish obsession coming on too after being inspired by your find! A-M xx

  3. She is indeed absolutely magnificant! I don't know if I would have been able to resist either!

  4. YOu are so right, it really is a beautiful pattern. Love it. Can't wait to see the plates and a beautiful tablescape. Hugs, Marty

  5. I l-o-v-e this post!!! And I love Burleigh and I too am always drooling over their web site. Maybe we could get a "dish rate" on our air fare?? Your descriptions were terrific, right donwn to the delivery not being for your husband or son!!!

    How could I have missed this at WS? Got to go... and see if they still have them!!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  6. "She" is gorgeous! But...but... but... didn't I see TWO packages? I don't blame you at all! -Lili

  7. Wow - I don't even have words for how pretty that platter is :) But you know, with my pessimistic outlook, I'd be convinced that it (or "she" - haha) would fall off if I put her over the range, so would probably have to settle for a counter - either that or glue her to the hood - and I don't think that would work out very well :)

  8. Oh my word is that one beautiful platter. I too would not have passed it up and am disgusted that I did not see it. Going to check it out right now though. And here I have been trying to curb my dish addiction...

    Loved the post!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Hi Kat
    I love the platter. As soon as I saw the first photo on this post with the stack of blue bowls I knew I had found a kindred spirit! I love china, especially blue and white.
    I'll be back to visit again soon.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  10. Ha! I love the platter and I am so glad that you are ordering her some siblings to keep her company! What a big heart you have! :)

  11. Thanks everyone, I really do love "her" and her sister (I bought one to give to either my daughter or to use as a wedding gift for someone)! I knew I would find lots of other "kindred" spirits as Rhondi said, from this blue and white Burleigh Beauty.

    Did any of you get some Burleigh from the WS Home site? If so, I'd love to see and hear about it!

    Traci, as far as having a Humpty Dumpty moment, we have a plate rail up there, a tiny groove the cabinetmaker routed out so that I could put stuff up there without the fear of it crashing down on my head while cooking!

    Kat :)

  12. Just proves doesn't it - all good (beautiful) things come to those who wait! "She's" gorgeous. Leigh

  13. Haha - I figured that you had thought ahead and had a plate rail! No matter though, I'd still be having nightmares about it somehow being jarred off! :)

  14. Oh dear - we suffer from the same affliction!
    I'm just getting plans together to add a built-in for my dining room to display all my server-ware.
    And...blue is my favourite colour...so you've got me hooked!!!
    AND - a bargain to boot!!!
    Love, love, love it!

  15. This post has me thrilled and grinning for you :D

  16. Are you kidding???? That IS gorgeous! COngratulations!Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!


    Tales from Bloggertiaville


  17. Like you and so many others I love blue dishes. I think it goes back to a few Blue Willow plates my grandmother had when I was a child. It's beautiful and I'm glad you were able to get what you wanted for such a great price!


  18. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful piece of china and what a nice price! It looks right at home above your range. What size is the platter? Hope you are getting the plates on sale, too.

  19. Mimi, the platter is approx. 16 x 11 and I did get the plates on sale too! *happy dance*!

    Kat :)

  20. Very pretty--I love blue and white dishes and I don't own a one! I need to get busy!


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