Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lucky Man

This is sort of how I was feeling when I woke up this morning.  A little tired, a little grumpy, and bummed that I didn't really feel up to going to our neighborhood's monthly "girls" luncheon.

Then I decided to make myself one of these.

Then I looked out in my yard and saw 2 of these

 Which made me think of this.

And this.

Then I thought of them.

And him.

And Us.

And Of Course these two.


And then I thought about all the wonderful places I've been and the beautiful things I've witnessed.


And then I remembered a song "Lucky Man" (click to listen) by Montgomery Gentry that my son and I love to sing at the top of our lungs when we're driving and my day got much better.  I hope you can take a moment today to stop and think of all the people, pets, places and things that make you a Lucky "Man."


  1. Really nice post. There is so much to appreciate!

    And thanks so much for the post about the giveways!!

  2. Thank you Maya, I truly am a Lucky "Man"!!

    I was happy to post about your giveaway...you always have great coastal items, which is very near and dear to my heart!

    Kat :)

  3. A lovely post, and a very sweet reminder that we all need sometime... thank you!

    How fabulous to see two bald eagles outside of your window! And I must say, those are two precious puppy faces!

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Eagle, as we have named them, visit nearly every day during the Winter. The Osprey, although much smaller, outnumber the Eagles, so sadly they move further up river during the warmer months!

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment. I have visited your blog many times via A Country Farmhouse and now that I have my own blog I will add you to my blogs list! :-)

  5. Oh I love that song too! What a beautiful post, you truly are blessed and I love it that you sing the song together at the top of your lungs while driving with your son...very cool!


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