Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frosty the Snowman

This is the view out of the windows here at Casa Tides today!  It has me wondering about the whole concept of global "warming" and how most years we get little or no snow, but the past few years we've been inundated!  Just a few days ago it was 60 degrees here and I was happily walking the dogs in the sunshine!

So I began thinking that maybe it's because I still have all of my snowmen out...maybe I'm the reason it keeps snowing?!  So I've decided to be a good Samaritan, and to pack up all of my snowmen today in hopes that maybe the winter storm Gods will realize that I don't really love snow...I just love snowmen!  The fake kind, with charming faces and chubby cheeks.

Like this little cowboy snowman with his handsome blue scarf and little twigs.

Or this cute pair who are offering to sell S'mores for just 25 cents!

Maybe we should keep this pudgy little one out to help with the shoveling?!

The birds would appreciate this little snow lady on a day like today!

Having some place warm to hang your boots to dry is very important on a snowy day!

Maybe we should sprinkle a little salt from this snowman shaker to keep the sidewalk from getting too slippery.

This little snowman with his nose in the air, sparkly body, and fluffy scarf always makes me smile.

This "snow" dusted snow "woman" is all set for a day on the town with her tinsel trimmed cape, bow tied bonnet, and shining star.

These aren't technically snowmen, but they are a sweet little pair of penguins given to me by my daughter.  Look at those fetching faces!

So if you're getting some of this, would you mind packing up some of these...

Then maybe Old Man Winter will get the hint and we can get back to this...


  1. Hello
    I've just discovered your blog and just wanted to say hello ... and what a beautiful picture of your Casa ... covered in snow!
    As I grew up in Australia, snow was so rare, that now that I am living in London (and i must say, we have had our fair share of that white stuff also) ... I just have to say ... I love it!!
    You must admit it does brightens up a typically grey day! But I'm with you ... I can't wait for spring!
    I will come back again :-))

  2. I'm sure it's the snowmen now, as we didn't get any snow and mine are all packed away. (Actually I don't have any, our youngest daughter gets all the snowmen, as she has a thing for them too, don't let her near yours!) I like the sparkly one with his nose in the air too. -Lili

  3. No SNOW here today...LUV the SNOWNMAN SHAKER...what a cutie! Your button is soooo cute...I have put it on my blog:)


  4. Hi Marina, thanks for stopping by. Those of you in the UK have had your fair share of the fluffy white stuff this year as well!

    Lili, I will be sure to protect my collection if your daughter comes around! ;)

    Linda, our old next door neighbors knew I liked salt and pepper shakers and they gave me those one year for Christmas. I'm so glad you like my button...and Mr. Tide is too since he's the one that made it work!

    Kat :)

  5. I'm sort of liking all the snow today.

  6. The snow men are too cute! The weather, not so much. Well, I do think snow and winter are beautiful, but only if I don't have to go outside.

    Happy Sunday.

  7. Perhaps when you've packed these gorgeous little things you could send them our way - winter seems so very far off and we could do with some cool! Leigh

  8. Hi Kat! I've been wandering around your site, and am wondering what those pink flowers are in the last photo in this post? They're really quite lovely! Leslie Anne


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