Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The British Are Coming!

I've always been a bit of  an anglophile.  I think it all goes back to both my mother and father's love of Beatrix Potter, Wedgwood China, and Waterford Crystal.  Our daughter has also caught "UK" fever as I call it, and has spent all her free time and money traveling to England and Scotland over the last few years.

Although I love travel in almost any form to almost anywhere,  it's no wonder that I am drawn to British magazines and websites filled with pottery, linens, and accessories produced in the United Kingdom...and let's not forget Ireland!

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen related things from across the pond.  Many of the items I've listed can be purchased here in the US, but sadly some require you to visit in order to buy them.  That's not all bad though, I mean if you are going to go shopping, why not go BIG?!

This kitchen by Plain English has "Kat" written all over it, and look they even knew I was coming they have tea waiting for me!  

Photos:  Plain English

You may have noticed in a few of my photos some of Emma Bridgewater's darling pottery from her "Black Toast" line.  I would love to have more!

These bespoke tiles from Wellbeck Tiles are all so beautiful, I can see them in an all white kitchen with black counters.  You could even frame them, they are truly works of art!

Photo:  Wellbeck Tiles

Burleigh ware has always been a favorite of mine, especially their "Natural White" ironstone collection.  The numbered pudding basins have been on my wish list for quite awhile now...are you reading this family of mine?

Photo: Burleigh

Of course you'll want to display all your new pottery and stoneware so why not get a pretty kitchen dresser to hold all of your new finds, like this one from Kit Stone Interiors & Gardens.

Photo:  Kit Stone

I could buy nearly everything I find on Pale and Interesting's website, like these beautiful linens.

Or this lovely table and those colorful tea label boxframes.


And for my anglophile daughter "Angelfish" you'll want a few yummy British treats to stock your new kitchen.



Photos:  British Delights

And if you really want a more authentic experience, just dust off your passport, apply for a visa, and go live there for a while!  If you think that's not even a possibility, check out the latest post over at Pigtown Design to find out how to live in the UK on the cheap!


  1. What beautiful EYE CANDY...thanks for sharing it! I LOVE the pic of your kitchen on your sidebar...soooo PRETTY! Thanks for coming by for a visit and for being a new friend of mine:)


  2. I love that kitchen!

    And I just saw now that you linked the Made from Sails giveaway -Thank you so much!!

  3. So much inspiration, I'm loving your blog! --Lili

  4. What a wonderful kitchen i wish are new one looks as good as this. I might have to paint are kitchen table white is looks really good in that picture.


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