Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giving Back

The devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti is truly beyond comprehension for those of us who have solid homes and regulations that make them somewhat able to withstand such a devastating event.  I live in hurricane territory and could not imagine how much greater the damage to our area would be if we lived in homes like the ones occupied by most Haitian families.

Fellow blogger Mimi Charmante has stepped up to the plate to help those in need by offering to donate 100% of the proceeds made from her Etsy Shop over the next 3 days to the Haitian Relief Effort.  Please take a moment to visit her shop and find something special for yourself that will also help others. 

Here are just some of the beautiful items you can purchase.

A vintage stamped spoon.

Seahorse Bookmark.  I bought a floral bouquet one with velvet ribbon!

Lovely Linen Apron with cream ribbons.

Mimi's Etsy Shop is full of these and so many other wonderful items that will make you happy, but knowing you did something to help others will make you feel even happier!  It is so little, yet it will mean so much!

Thank you!

Kat :)


  1. Very lovely, thanks for introducing us to her.

  2. You are so wonderful - I truly appreciate you posting this! So far, $200 in the past 12 hours!

  3. Aww Mimi, you are the one who is wonderful by giving back! I just got to go shopping for something pretty! So glad people are buying, but that's no surprise, who wouldn't want any of your lovelies!

    Kat :)

  4. The seahorse bookmark is so lovely -and it's wonderful that she donates the money!


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