Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You know the feeling when you find a great restaurant, the perfect painter, or someone who does upholstery and you hope no one else will discover your new find? Well, whenever I'm tempted to keep these new gems a secret, I just can't! Sure I'd love to think that our painter will be at our beck and call whenever we might need him, or that when I finally get around to picking the perfect fabric for that wing chair I got from my Great Aunt Frances, that I'll be first in line, but to "not" share just seems wrong.

So, although it might mean I'll miss out on a few great finds, I'm going to share a cute little shop that's tucked away in Southern Maryland, but visiting it is well worth the trip.

Photo Courtesy of The Vintage Source Website

The Vintage Source is an eclectic mix of things you've been dying to have and things you never even knew you wanted! Open just one weekend a month, the shop is filled to the brim when the doors open and there are always plenty of people anxiously waiting to get inside and begin treasure hunting. The girls who run the shop each bring their own sense of style and creativity to the unique vintage items they collect throughout the month. You're likely to find everything from painted cupboards to custom slipcovers alongside a myriad of fun and even quirky items. Each month it's a treat just to see what's new and different!

Photo Courtesy of The Vintage Source Website

In December I picked up some vintage Christmas ornaments for just $1 a piece. I tucked them in with my holiday china to add a little sparkle.

In my family room I added a great coffee table with wide pine boards and just the right patina for the casual feeling I was after.

Our daughter now has her own apartment so when it came time to help her furnish it we went to The Vintage Source and found her a great single bed painted a soft shade of blue. We also found a perfect little black kitchen table that fits nicely into her kitchen.

The excitement of not knowing just what you'll stumble upon is what makes visiting the store each month so much fun! When we remodeled, we removed 2 gas stoves neither of which were really our style, so that also meant we lost all the mantels in the house. The plan is to put a sunroom addition on at some point and to add a fireplace to that room, but for now we're mantle-less which led me to a stocking hanging dilemma over the holidays!

My sister and I went out one Saturday in November and decided to stop by The Vintage Source to see what new goodies they might have and there it was, a horse pull, the perfect substitute for a mantel right? Well at least in my head it was! The stockings hung beautifully on it all throughout December, and now I'm trying to decide what to hang on it, but for now the haphazardly hung starfish garland will have to do.

So if you ever happen to be in sunny Southern Maryland on the 3rd weekend of any given month (remember to check the website as the schedule can vary slightly) make sure you visit The Vintage Source. You never know what you might find, but it will always be something special!

Photo Courtesy of The Vintage Source Website


  1. I love these gals! I went to school at St.Mary's, so know the area well.

    Are you in Maryland?

  2. Hi There! So glad you stopped by, I've enjoyed your blog for quite awhile now!

    Yes, I'm in Southern Maryland and it's so funny that you went to St. Mary's, I went to UMBC in your neck of the woods!

    The girls at Vintage Source are wonderful and I love the store!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope Connor is feeling better!

  3. Wow - I would love to go to that store ! Too far for me.

  4. That just means you need to take a trip up this way Trish! :-)

  5. First place I found when I moved to southern maryland. I find treasures each time, photos of furniture are on my virgin blog.

    Thanks for writing about them.

  6. So excited to find a local blog with local resources! I love your kitchen and have saved your site for future reference.
    Do you present your work or talk to groups? I would love to have you present to our Delta Kappa Gamma's from Charles, St. Mary's and Calvert.
    Please let me know as they would love to have you!

  7. Hi Kathy, thanks so much for the nice compliment about my kitchen! I don't really present to groups or do any public speaking anymore. I once did quite a bit when I was PTA president years ago, but the last presentation I did was on photography for a local garden club. Thanks so much for thinking of me though!

    Kat :)


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