Friday, January 29, 2010

Down and Dirty

It's supposed to snow here tomorrow...again!  Those of us here in "sunny" southern Maryland aren't used to this much snow, even though it's been weeks since we've had any.  We are, however, accustomed to yucky, cold, rainy weather throughout much of the winter.

In my old house I had a great laundry/mudroom where kids, dogs, and even husbands could all track in mud and moisture without it being a big deal.  It had a wonderful shelf that my dad built with sturdy hooks for hanging even the heaviest of coats and up top you could throw your scarves, mittens, and the dog leashes.

So when we moved into our house now, I had grand plans for the remodel...a second story, a powder room, and of course a mudroom!  But then that little thing called cash flow reared it's ugly head like it so often does, and so the renovation plans changed course and the end result second story, no powder room, and no mudroom!  Trust me, we did get lots of other stuff on our list of wants, but those 3 items ended up on the cutting room floor!

During the summer when the sun is shining and the ground is hard and dry, I don't even really miss having a mudroom.  But give me just one cold, wet, or snowy day this time of year and I'm ready to sell one of my kids (ok please no phone calls to Child Protective Services, I'm just joking) for a big open, efficient place to put your shoes, coats, and where we can towel off muddy, wet dogs!

So if I could indulge my fantasy of having a mudroom in this house for just a moment, these mudrooms are some beautiful examples of what I envision...


I just love the stained glass window, the beautiful baskets, and the old church pew where you could sit and take off your Wellies in this one.


I love how this little mud area was carved out of a corner by the entryway.  The little cubbies underneath the bench seats would hide shoes, toys, or sports equipment nicely, while the stained beadboard would keep wet coats from ruining the walls.


This one is both functional and beautiful.  I love the mix of black and white and just look how happy that little Jack Russell Terrier is to have such a pretty mudroom!


I love the simplicity and fun colors of this one.  That chippy yellow cupboard could hold everything from suntan lotion to winter woolies.  

Photo:  Houzz  

The owner of this entryway/mudroom is certainly more organized than myself, but I can appreciate this pretty built-in cabinetry and the very cool wire baskets.

This one is located right near the kitchen for easy access to backpacks and jackets.  I love the little desk area too, great for sorting mail or filing kid's school papers.

Photo:  {Jessica Leigh}  

And I love this perfect little spot to hang your hat, purse, or just about anything.  It's the mudroom of fellow blogger Jessica Leigh and you can visit her blog by clicking HERE.


  1. I love mud rooms. When I redid my kitchen, I didn't have room for a mud room, so mine is more of a mud hallway - tiny, but very functional.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. I was just fantasizing about mudrooms. Everything lands in my kitchen and drives me crazy. You've picked some good ones that I'll have to file away for the future. Have a great weekend.

  3. We just got more snow too ... a great day for a mudroom post. You sure find the most inspiring images. I have to say, some of those mudrooms are too pretty to get all "mudded" up! -Lili

  4. Wow, I am so with you, all of these rooms are just gorgeous. In the desert is is not much of a problem not having a mud room, but oh how I remember when we lived in the Cascade Mtns. in Ore. I sure could have used one then. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love all of those but I think I'm actually drawn to the last one the most. I love that made something so simple and useful. I have a very tiny mudroom/slash laundry room that has 2 doors that open into and isn't very functional. At all. But I'm still so happy to have it!

  6. My mudroom would be the Coastal Living mudroom! I love the shabby chic look.

    We're having snow but had been expecting ice up to 3/4" of it. We're expecting up to six inches of snow. We don't get much snow in middle Tennessee so this will bring everything to a halt for a couple days. lol

    Thank you for visiting junkblossoms! We hope you'll visit often, we love company. Pat


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