Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's been a crazy winter here so far. First we had over 20 inches of snow right before Christmas and then wind gusts that would have made Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz shudder, and now our creek is frozen! It's not frozen enough to walk or skate on, and I highly doubt it ever will be since it's salt water, but it is pretty to look at and dream about gliding along it.

Here are some pictures of our ice coated world. This morning at sunrise it was a gleaming expanse of chilly beauty.

The marsh grasses refuse to bow to the frigid temps!

Fallen trees are shrouded by an icy veil

And the view out the windows is magical! I sure hope the crabs and fish aren't too cold!

To all my friends who are experiencing below average temperatures, I hope you stay snug and warm, and to all my friends who are in tropical climates, can I please come visit?!


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