Saturday, January 9, 2010

Be Mine

Is it too soon to start thinking about Valentine's Day? I don't think so, we're all done with the holidays, and if we wait until the beginning of February it will be hardly worth our while to put out all the hearts and red and pink, right? Today I was in a store...alright, several stores, searching for Christmas bargains (more about that soon!) and seeing hearts, cupids, and love everywhere inspired me to put a few decorations out myself. Besides, is there ever really a "bad" time to eat conversation hearts?...I think not!

So here are a few items I found online tonight that might jumpstart your shopping or set your heart a flutter. Maybe you'll find something on the list that you can discreetly hint about over the next few weeks to your sweetheart so that you might receive a gift that truly is your heart's desire.

What about this beautiful necklace from Heather Bullard? It's simple vintage charm would make it it the perfect accessory anytime of year and the low $39.00 price tag only sweetens the deal.

Photo Courtesy of the Heather Bullard Website

Vintage Valentine's towels are useful and pretty! These, from Home a la mode, would be perfect for the kitchen or bath.

Photo Courtesy of Home a la mode Website

These measuring spoons from Metal Morphosis Inc. are sure to serve up just the right amount of love and affection, not to mention something deliciously wonderful!

Photo Courtesy of Metal Morphosis Inc. Website

How do I yum...I mean love thee, let me count the ways! With JoMart Chocolates you'll be counting a very long time!!! I know, I know, we're all trying to get healthy in the New Year...but for a taste of their delicious hand-dipped chocolate marshmallows, you'll be willing to go to that extra Spin class I promise.

Photo Courtesy of the JoMart Chocolates Website

Speaking of food, why not spend an afternoon with your children making homemade treats. Using a traditional heart shaped cookie cutter is an obvious must but why not use a little more unique cutter like this great one from Ann Clark Ltd. The Cookie Cutter People From Vermont?

Photo Courtesy of Ann Clark Ltd. Website

Don't forget your pets this Valentine's Day. This "Vintage Valentine" Martingale Collar from Dogma London would look sweet on your pampered pooch! My Quinn, manly working dog that he thinks he is, said no to the hearts sadly, but my Kylee loved it! Never fear though, Dogma London has plenty of great collars to choose from.

Photo Courtesy of Dogma London Website

For the fickle feline in your life there is always catnip! This heart made with recycled materials by Oh Boy! Cat Toy on Etsy, is filled with organic catnip that's sure to please your furry friend.

Photo Courtesy of Oh Boy! Cat Toy on Etsy

Please share your Valentine "finds" by posting a comment!


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