Sunday, January 17, 2010

Helping Close To Home - A Giveaway

I know I said no blogging today, but even the "pups" said this one would be ok!

As we all reach out to lend a helping hand to the people of Haiti I was touched by an outpouring of support a little closer to home.

As a new blogger I've been amazed and awed at the response and support I've received from all around the world and it really brings home how the internet has made the world much smaller for so many of us.  I have been personally blessed to know the gift of friendship borne from the internet and the gracious and loving support those "cyber" friends have provided me in my own hours of need.  So I was once again touched to see the internet being used to rally around one of our "own" in their hour of despair.

A fellow blogger, Gina, lost her husband suddenly last week at the young age of 39 to a heart attack.  I don't know Gina, from Feather Your Nest, but I know that having the support of friends and even complete strangers around her will bring her comfort and strength in the journey that lies ahead for her and her children. 

As a way to show support to Gina and her children, several bloggers have posted about how to purchase items from her store in order to help her clear out her current inventory as she moves on to another phase of her life.  French Larkspur has generously purchased some of those items and is offering them in a Giveaway to help Gina in her own show of support.

{hanging bird's nest (you will receive 2)}

{pretty office file folders (6) help get you organized}

{big blocks of Savon de Marseille French soaps (2)}

Please visit  French Larkspur's blog and post a comment to enter for your chance to win these wonderful items and several others.  It will be our small way of showing that even though we live far away and may only know one another by our words on a computer screen, we are all connected!

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  1. Thanks for letting us know Kat. Very sad to learn of her personal tragedy and it's heartwarming to know that us bloggers have this wonderful support system that just naturally happens. --Lili


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