Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Me?!

For years now my husband has been bugging me to start a blog. I'm a writer by trade so the thought of writing "more" words seemed daunting and less than fun, especially without the benefit of an editor who can correct all of my spelling and grammatical missteps. Having said that I openly admit that I am in fact a "blogaholic!"

I spend my free time perusing the vast array of design and decor blogs that litter the internet. I drool over all white rooms, perfectly placed pillows, unique wall art, and seagrass rugs!! My "favorites" list takes about 3 minutes to load as I furiously add blogs and shops and unique pictures to my ever expanding wish list. Country of origin is not even a problem as my blog tastes run the gamut from Norway to Novosibirsk!! Ok, I don't really read any blogs from Novosibirsk, but if I stumbled across one and it had a picture that drew me in, I WOULD add it to my favorites!

So here it is, 2010, in all it's glory. Another year filled with wonderful adventures into cyber decorating, another year full of me trying to figure out where on earth I would store all the treasures I can order with the click of a button! I'm always a day late and a dollar short on some things and ahead of the curve on others, so when we watched Julie and Julia (I know, I know it came out forever ago!) my husband gave me "the look," you know the one. The "I told you to blog years ago, but did you listen? NOOOO" look! He said he never knew that one person could be so much like 2 people (Julie and Julia) all at the same time! I'm not a French cook, I have no desire to prepare French food so what similarities could he be referring to? Well he said I was competitive, stubborn, won't take no for an answer, a procrastinator who often starts things she never finishes (let's not talk about the partially painted naivity I put out this Christmas)...and those were the traits he saw in both of them that reminded him so much of me!

So here I go, head first...without a net...on to the net! I hope you will enjoy our journey as I share with you our nearly completed whole house remodel and all of the other things that inspire me to create beauty and calm in our humble abode!

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  1. I started my blog on Jan 1 this year as well. I think it is a good-blog-starting day, don't you? You are certainly beating me in numbers of posts. I love your blog.


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