Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Winner and Some White

Because I'm not feeling up to snuff I didn't take photos of the drawing.  But Mr. Tide did his usual magic and picked a winner and that winner is Linda from Coastal Charm!!!  If you've visited Linda's blog lately you'll know that she just joined Weight Watchers, although she already looks very svelte to me, so hopefully these earrings won't weigh a lot so that she can wear them to one of her meetings!  Congrats Linda!!

Now for some White!  We have more of the white stuff coming down outside!  It's unbelievable here, I've never seen weather like this except with a hurricane or tropical storm.  The winds are howling, and the snow is blowing sideways, so instead of being pretty it's really quite unnerving.  Looking out our windows, you can't see anything but billowing clouds of white snow swirling all around.  We used to live in the high desert of California for a short time many years ago, and this is like being in a dust storm in the desert.  They have even pulled the snowplows off of the roads, and Meg from Pigtown Design just emailed me to say that the roads up north in Baltimore are closed to everything but emergency vehicles! 

So since I'm still sick, and definitely not going outside, I thought I would share some of the white I have around my house.

White beans in an old Ball jar on the sill in the kitchen.

My faithful white teapot.


Some white baby's breath.

The little white pitcher that sits atop our white bucket bench.


The creamy white mother of pearl picture frame that holds a photo of my dear mother.

My favorite little heart shaped embroidered pillow.


A set of initial coasters and a Belleek dish from my wonderful friend "J"!  And the beautiful white ginger jar lamp from my Great Aunt Frances.


Some icy white branches in a white vase, sitting on the white TV cabinet.

White seashells.

And the white ceramic balls that my kids say look like either bingo balls or eyeballs...but I still love them anyway!

For more white don't forget to stop by ...

at Faded Charm


  1. Oh so lovely... just so lovely.. Love the pictures... and love the pics of your lovely home!

  2. I live n Hawaii so I love to see the "white" stuff!

  3. I'm doing a HAPPY DANCE here at COASTAL CHARM...I really WON!!!! Thanks soooo much for this awesome giveaway and I will be sure to wear them to a WW meeting:) I'm hoping that the weather will get better for you soon and that you start feeling better too. We have not had SNOW in years and they are saying that we should get some on's MARDI GRAS here and this is not good news! My daughter has been planning for months to bring home some of her friends for the big MARDI GRAS weekend and now they might not get to come...she is soooo not HAPPY:( Last year we had about a dozen of her friends come and they could not wait to come again...hoping the forecast will change.


  4. Enjoyed viewing all of your whites today. What a variety. Especially loved the icy white branches display, and the baby's breath. Oh it is so pretty and adds so much to an arrangement or simply beautiful alone. I have a Spirea bush that mimics Baby's Breath quite well. So I'm lovin it. Liked your shells and the whimsical lettered balls!

  5. Beautiful photos of whites. Stay safe and warm with all that snow. I hope you are feeling better soon.


  6. beautiful!! I love those "eye balls" and the little heart shaped pillow is just so sweet.

  7. I adore Linda! She's a new follower of mine and I am of her. She is such a sweetheart and so motivated on her diet. A perfect reward for a perfect sweetheart!

    Love all your white (gave me a few ideas) and the photo of your mother is beautiful. I have one of my mom in a frame at about that age also.

    Sorry your still sick, hope the weather and you clear up soon!

  8. It is truly amazing how much snow you're getting there...we for once have escaped it all. Thanks for showing us all the pretty white inside too. I like those "bingo balls" wonder what they really are. You sure have a lot of energy when you're feeling under the weather. ~Lili


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