Monday, February 15, 2010

Pillow Talk


I ventured out today after staying in all day yesterday for Valentine's Day, just hanging out with Mr. Tide and our son "Bugs."  

I needed to go to the grocery store, I hadn't been grocery shopping in almost 2 weeks so it was beginning to look like Mother Hubbard's cupboard around here, and a certain 17 year old was beginning to squawk like a baby bird at the lack of provisions in the pantry.

I've been expecting a few packages in the mail, but of course today was President's Day so I knew there wouldn't be any mail waiting for me when I got home.  But when we pulled in the driveway there were two packages stacked up on the porch from UPS!  I was so excited, that I jumped out and left Mr. Tide and Bugs to bring in the bazillion bags of groceries from the car.

I've been waiting weeks for a pillow I ordered from Williams Sonoma Home and between the fact that the pillow was on back order, and we've had a ton of snow which prevented any deliveries, I was dying to rip open those boxes.  The other package was also from WS Home, more on that in a later post! 

So in I came with packages in hand and plunked them down on the kitchen table.  I was civilized and even helped put away the groceries before heading over to open up the boxes and see my new treasures. 

I tend to go through decorating phases.  Sometimes I'm in a complete painting phase, other times it's a rug phase, but I'm presently in a pillow phase.  It's my latest obsession, and WS Home has been more than happy to feed my current addiction!

So when I found a beautiful sea life pillow on clearance just before Christmas, I also found a gorgeous woven raffia pillow.  The price for the raffia pillow was still a bit high and not on final markdown yet, so I patiently waited and kept checking the WS Home website hoping it would come down to within my acceptable price range...i.e. CHEAP!

Then one day I clicked on their site and not only was it within my budget but it was below what I had told myself I was willing to pay for it!  The only problem was, it was on back order, but for $19.99 and 20%, off I was more than willing to wait a few weeks to get it. 


So here it is, my Williams Sonoma St. Kitts Woven Raffia pillow!

I love the little knotted raffia buttons and the cool red trim.

It reminds me of a seagrass rug and I really like how it looks with my striped rug, I think it adds to the nautical feel of the room.

And now my grandparent's old rocking chair is speaking to me again, she was one very unhappy piece of furniture ever since I took away that beautiful white throw from her for my current Giveaway!  But she's happy now that she has an awesome pillow to call her own!


  1. LOVE the pillow...wish I'd been able to get one for my sunroom!

  2. I agree.The pillow and rug are great together! Good choice...that pillow is adorable...beach cottage chic!

  3. The pillow and rug look fabulous together.

    Leeann x

  4. Oooooh that pillow with your striped rug is perfection! Love your closeup shots of it too. And I really enjoy your writing style cute how you described your need to go to the grocery store! ~Lili

  5. This is such a unique pillow and does look nautical. Great find and I must commend your patience in waiting for the right price! I love Williams-Sonoma. Their store here is directly across from the Apple Store. That along with my favorite deli makes for a perfect shopping trip to the city!

  6. It feels so beachy..., really cute that pillow..., and I love your rug too!!!

  7. Love the pillow! Looks great.

    ~ Tracy

  8. I have never seen a pillow like that and I LOVE it! You're right, it's perfect with your rug and is very similar to seagrass~ great find.

  9. That pillow does add a nice nautical touch - very appropriate for a low-tide-high-style house.


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