Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Epizudic!

Photo:  Pzrservices

Growing up, when you would come down with just about any type of ailment, my father would call it the Epizudic.  At least that's what I thought he called it, but as I grew up I realized that the word was actually Epizootic.  This word, which I was sure was made up by him, is an actual medical term with the following definition...

An epidemic outbreak of disease in an animal population, often with the implication that it may extend to humans.

Since both of our dogs seem to be doing quite well at the moment, I don't believe I have the Epizootic in the true sense of the word, but I do know that I'm not feeling good at all!  My father also had another term for when you were feeling badly, but not hospital worthy bad, he called that the punies which is defined as...

Anglo-French puisné younger, weakly, literally, born afterward, from puis afterward + born

I am the youngest, and I am currently feeling quite weak, so maybe instead of the Epizootic I have a bad case of the punies.

Whatever it is, and whatever you want to call it, I'm going to be doing a lot of resting on this...

With him...(our Border Collie Kylee doesn't like to be in the bed, just Mr. Quinn!)

Watching some of these...

And drinking lots of this...

And hoping that no one else comes down with this Puny Epizootic!

Never fear though!  I will still be holding the drawing tomorrow for these beautiful earrings, click HERE for details on how you can enter for your chance to win!  You have until tonight, February 9th, at midnight PST to enter.  Hurry!!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Love the coverlet on your bed.

  2. I certainly hope your case of the punies goes away quickly! I love your pillows! So nice of Mr. Quinn to keep you company and give you comfort!

    ~ Tracy

  3. What a beautiful place to rest! Get well soon!

  4. Well, the photo of whatever you're drinking is not showing up for me, but I'm thinking it's probably not mojitos.

    Your father's words for ailments were funny and then when you told us epizootic turned out to be an actual medical term, I was astounded! Didn't we all think as youngsters that our father's knew everything? Guess this proves it!

    My daddy would always hold his chest and moan when he was sick. He said it made him feel better. I told him he was a big baby, lol.

    Hope you feel better real soon, try the moaning thing if nothing else works.

    btw, love those pillows and matching quilt!

  5. You have a lovely plan for the day with lots of bed rest, good movies and your sweet furry friend by your side. Love that color in your room and especially your beach inspired pillows. Feel better soon! ~Lili

  6. Thanks for all of the well wishes everyone! And Rhonda I fixed the picture to show that it's tea, but maybe I should try a mojito or 2! I'll also try the moaning thing, I'm open to whatever at this point...ugh!

    Kat :)

  7. That's so funny - people in my family used that term "the punies" also!! And seeing your photo of the old glycerine cough drops made me think of my grandfather. We always tried to stay away from him if we were sick since he had his own *remedies* and God only knows what was in them. A major ingredient in his cough syrup was peppermint which doesn't sound bad at all, but believe me, it was horrendous :) Something to be avoided at all costs - haha!

    But rest up and get better - I agree that several mojitos (with an extra shot of rum in them) should do the trick best! :) In the meantime, enjoy snuggling with the doggie and watching movies.

  8. Isn't funny the traditions we grow up with? I hope you feel better soon.


  9. I'm so sorry you are feeling rough around the edges. Definitely need some tea - it is a cure-all, in my books.


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