Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wind

The Wind 
by Robert Louis Stevenson

I saw you toss the kites on high
And blow the birds about the sky;
And all around I heard you pass,
Like ladies' skirts across the grass

Oh wind, a blowing all day long,
Oh wind, that sings so loud a song!

 I saw the different things you did,
But always you yourself you hid.
I felt you push, I heard you call,
I could not see yourself at all

Oh wind, a blowing all day long!
Oh wind, that sings so loud a song!

O you that are so strong and cold,
O blower, are you young or old?
Are you a beast of field and tree,
Or just a stronger child than me?

O wind, a blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!

We have a high wind warning at the moment, with gusts up to 60 mph!  But I'm safe and warm inside my little abode, working diligently on stories!  Is it windy at your house tonight?


  1. It's WINDY........Whoo hoo, just at home eating a warm doughnut and cold milk. Glad I am inside. Going to flip through the latest Better Homes and Gardens.

  2. It has been extremely windy all day, but they are dying down now. My windows have rattled all day.

  3. I liked that poem, but loved the pictures! That bird is so sweet looking...and so much detail in that photo. I think of the wind as a friend, it points me to the majesty of God!

  4. Wiiiiindy! and cold! we just got back from walking the dogs and my face is frozen!

  5. It's crazy windy here just north of you but these old walls are thick.
    And that first photo is a knock-out!! What lens did you use?

  6. What a beautiful poem! Stay safe!...Christine

  7. No wind here, but I really enjoyed your poem. Thank you for sharing. Stay warm and safe.

  8. I liked that poem. I also liked the pictures-the bird one was my favorite.

    Good luck wiwth the wind

  9. Oh how pretty! This just made me feel so relaxed and comforted.
    What a lovely post :)

  10. Such lovely photos.
    It is currently snowing here!!! Ooohh I wish Spring would hurry up & arrive!

  11. That was the photos. No wind here.

  12. It was sooooo windy that our power went out a little while after I posted last night, and it just came back an hour ago! Beautiful photos and lovely poem, hope you were productive last night! ~Lili


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