Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Been Framed

Hello out there in Blogland!  I've been holed up in my house doing work "stuff" and trying not to go out into the wind which is still whipping around here.  But I did get a moment to pick the winner of my latest giveaway, which was a beautiful Raku bowl with sea glass graciously offered by my friend Lili over at Fearless Nesting.

And thanks to my friend Kate from Chronicles of a Country Girl I was even able to post a picture of the wonderful, magical random generated number from Kate!


The lucky winner was Tammy from In Stitches.  If you haven't visited her blog you really should, she's quite a talent!  Here's what Tammy had to say!

I love the copper pieces and that bowl is beautiful !

Congratulations to Tammy and if you missed my Giveaway, you can still buy some of Lili's great wares over at her Etsy Shop by clicking HERE!

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled programming with a look at some of my favorite picture frames!

I love having photos around my house.  I know that decorators often poo poo the notion of having family photos displayed around your home, and I admit that I've seen some houses where it's wall to wall photos and that is a bit of overkill.  But I've never been one to follow rules, so I have photos of those I love on display throughout my house!

I love seeing the smiling faces of loved ones who are no longer with me and to see my children when they were much younger, which seems like just yesterday!  And I think it's so important to give those special photos an equally special place to reside, so I try to find cool and unique frames to compliment them.

Most of my frames are cheap...ahem, I mean inexpensive.  I pick them up at Marshall's, Target, or wherever I find one I like and it's reasonably priced.  So I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you, both the pictures and the frames!

I know, I know, I put a photo of two boys into a frame with lace and pink flowers!  But doesn't Mr. Tide and his brother look so sweet?!  Mr. Tide is the chubby cheeked blondie on the right, what a cutie...he still is!

I love the little pink flowers and lacy border, and clearly Mr. Tide is in touch with his feminine side if he can hang in a picture frame like this one!

I love this photo!  It's of my mother when she was little.  Look at those of them is almost as big as she is!  The irony of this photo is that my mother was afraid of cats!!!  I have no idea why, and she even let us have them as pets growing up, but she really didn't like them and much preferred dogs...sorry cat lovers!

The gold and delicate vining flowers are perfect for this photo.

This frame came from Hallmark and I love the artwork done by Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin.  I love her cards and think they are worth framing!  The photo is of my children taken while on vacation with Mr. Tide's family at Kiawah Island, South of our favorite beaches!

The details are just beautiful, and it even has a rustic vintage quality, complete with imperfections so that it doesn't look brand new.  Love that!

This is one of my all time favorite frames.  I don't even remember where I found it, but I just love the old green glass they used to make it!  The photo is of my mother and her cousins back in the early 40's.

Here you can see a close up of the pale green glass and the beautiful pattern.  Don't they look like they're having fun?!
This next one is just a simple black frame I picked up at Target.  I love how it really makes the picture of my in-laws on their wedding day stand out!

Don't they look stylish in their wedding attire from back in 1958?!

Now I know you're thinking...doesn't she have any pictures of her father?!  Why all the photos of her mother?!  I do, I promise, but after looking around at my frames today I realized that my mother got the lion's share of the cool frames!  This photo was taken of my mother at the end of her senior year of high school.

I love the mother of pearl frame and the silver beading along the edges.  My sister "M" gave each of us this picture and frame for Christmas the year my mother died.

I found this little beauty at my local Marshall's store a few weeks ago.  I'm not sure what I will use it for, but I loved the color and thought it would look pretty in our bedroom.

I'm sensing a subliminal flower fetish theme going on with my frame choices!  Who knew?!

And this one was just too cute to pass up!  It even has a little ribbon on the back so that you can use it as a Christmas ornament if you want to!  I just love Miss Clickety-Cl@ck!  If you do a Google search you can still find some of her clever creations!

Its retro coolness is beyond fun!

I hope you had fun browsing through my favorite photo frames.  What favorite photos and frames do you have at your house?


  1. Thank you, thank you Lili and Kat ! I've never won a giveaway before, woo hoo.

  2. Firstly Congratulations to Tammy:) Secondly, Kat your frames and photos are just beautiful! I also love to have photos of my dear family around and am going to do a photo wall soon, just need more time... I loved your green glass frame, it looks like pressed tin! The pics of your Mum are just beautiful and what a thoughtful gift from your sister - just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous frames and beautiful family photos. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  3. Congrats to Tammy! You have some wonderful frams and photos!

  4. Such amazing photos and beautiful frames to go with them. I actually never realized there were such pretty frames to be had. I'm not big on framing photos and generally just use plain black frames, although I do have a few pretty ones. That photo of your mother in the mother-of-pearl frame is stunning, as is the pressed glass one with the four sweet children in it.

  5. These pictures are as lovely as the frames and I just love how they compliment one another! Totally has me inspired to go through some old photo albums and pick out some frame worthy pics! Marija

  6. I love your in-law's wedding picture. So adorable. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and saying hello. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I just love that one with you Mom and her cousins. Not to mention the one with the cat, now nowing the story behind it! I'm always drawn to old photographs. And, you have given me an idea for a new project in my glass class. I never even thought of making a frame before, maybe I can even find some embossed glass. And Mr. Tide is a very secure man indeed to not mind the lace and pink flowers, that was cute! ~Lili

  8. Contrats Lili, so sweet of you to send the Sea Glass. You're a wonderful example of extending your kindness and sweetness to others. Well Done!
    Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog and I enjoyed visiting yours. I love this post of picture frames, and you share my thoughts with this comment, "I love seeing the smiling faces of those no long with us..." I have old pictures around my house and love to think about what those relatives were like and what in me was in them, etc!

  10. Stopped by to say congrats to Tammy! Wonderful photos I love displaying ours too ~ Have a great evening ~ Rebecca


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