Thursday, February 18, 2010

One of Those Days!!!

 Photo:  Borders

Have you ever had one of those days that you think will never end and where everything that could go wrong did?!

Today I was all set to go interview a friend for a story about her house for an upcoming issue of the magazine I write for.  It was our third time rescheduling due to the weather and one time weeks ago because I was sick.  I was up early, had all my ducks in a row and then it was time for me to leave so I ran in to my daughter's bedroom to grab a notebook to take notes in since all of mine were full.

I found a notebook on her dresser and as I was grabbing it, kurplunk...I knocked a new, completely full bottle of nail polish remover onto the floor.  It was a plastic bottle so in my head I'm thinking ok, at least it won't break.  You know how things like this go in slow motion and you have time to think something while it's happening.

Well guess didn't shatter, but the dang lid broke in pieces, and I now had a river of nail polish remover flowing like hot lava down a Hawaiian mountain all over my new hardwood floors!!!!!!!!!  I grabbed the bottle up as quickly as I could but it had already gushed everywhere.  

So I threw off my coat, ok first I said a few choice words and then I threw off my coat and scarf!  Off I ran at speeds I didn't know I could even manage into the kitchen and grabbed the paper towels.  Now why is it that when you need paper towels in an emergency situation, there are only 2 on a roll?!!!

So I dashed back into the bedroom, and sopped up as much as I could with 2 paper towels.  FYI Bounty is NOT the quicker picker upper when it's matched against a full bottle of nail polish remover and there are only 2 of them!

I then ran out to my garage to open the huge 12 pack of paper towels that we just bought at the store, thank the good lord!  And ran back in the kitchen to get a trash bag!  It was then that I noticed that not only had it spilled on the floor, but it had splashed all over the front of an old dresser that belonged to my grandparents!!!  UGH!!!

At this point all I could do (when I wanted to cry) was to get it all cleaned up the best I could and then get on the road to my appointment.  I tried calling Mr. Tide three times but of course he didn't hear his cell phone!  He was on his way home from a doctor's appointment and I needed him to get home as quickly as possible to do further damage control.  When I finally did get a hold of him, you can only imagine how friendly I was after trying to reach him three times!

So I gathered up my camera, tripod, and everything I needed for my appointment and slammed the door behind me!  Can you guess what happened next?!  Oh yeah, I locked myself out of my house without my purse!  At least I had my car keys, so off I went without my license, cell phone, or even directions to where I was going!!

The wonderful woman who's house I was doing is someone I've known for years, but we know one another through the shops she has owned or worked at, so I'd never been to her house before and only had a faint recollection of the directions she gave me over a month ago!!  

I did eventually find her house, and I was only 10 minutes late.  Her house was so beautiful it made me forget my horrible, no good, very bad morning!  And then driving home there was a gorgeous sunset, another reminder for me to chill out.  

Mr. Tide, smart man that he is, took me out to dinner tonight at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants.  My fortune cookie said "After bad luck, comes good luck."  When I got home tonight to check my email,  there was one from The Vintage Source reminding me about their upcoming Vintage Source weekend.  And right there in the email was a listing of their favorite blogs and my blog was listed, along with some other very cool blogs that I admire.  So my fortune was right, after a little bad luck, I ended up having some good luck after all!


  1. Oh Kat, sounds like you had a shocking day! Hope the damage was not as bad as it could have been with the nail polish remover!! Congrats on getting listed by The Vintage Source:) Good on Mr. Tide for taking you out to dinner, hope you enjoyed yourself. Hope tomorrow is a great day for you ~ Tina x

  2. Oh dear, acetone is a scary ingredient to have spill everywhere. So glad your day ended up well though, husbands are the very best for that!! Kudos to you for The Vintage Source listing. ~Lili

  3. Oh, I hate days like that. So, were you able to save the floors and dresser?

  4. You left us hanging - is the dresser okay? How about the floor? I'm glad to hear that you are okay, though - a little dinner out and a mention on The Vintage Source helped with that.

  5. Sorry, been busy doing work stuff all day! The dresser is ruined, but the floors seem ok, just a few spots that you have to be at just the right angle to see them.

    The funny thing is, I was thinking about painting the dresser, but didn't want to because it was a family piece, even though it's not a true antique. So I'm thinking this was my sign to go ahead and paint it!

    Kat :)


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