Friday, February 12, 2010

The Devil's in the Details

In the past few days I've received several emails wanting to see more detailed photos of our new kitchen which I first wrote about HERE.  Maybe it's because people are stuck inside with all of this snow and need something to look at, because Meg over at Pigtown Design also did a "details" post about her friend's gorgeous bathroom.

You've already seen some overall shots of my kitchen, like the one above, in this earlier post. So below I'm sharing some up close and personal pictures of our kitchen...


The island with it's furniture style feet and shelves to hold bread baskets.

The prep sink faucet with it's cool little spoke handles that say hot and cold, I'm such a sucker for things like this!

Our island pendants with seeded glass globes.

The little shelf above the range where I can display a few pretties.

The brackets under the cabinets on either side of the windows over the sink.   No that two tone paint thing isn't a new trend, it's because we haven't had the beadboard backsplash installed yet...soon I hope!

And speaking of backsplashes, here are the tiles that will be behind the range.  If you're from Maryland you gotta have a crab somewhere in your kitchen!

The 1 x 1 tiles are onyx and reminded me of sea glass.  The 4 x 4 sea life tiles are solid bronze and weigh a ton!  The white bullnose will be used along with a decorative white pencil tile (not pictured) to frame it all out.

The dish pantry which hold more than just dishes and glassware...

It's also the super secret hideaway for the microwave!

Our cabinetmaker installed special hinges so that the doors slide back out of the way.  Now you see it...

Now you don't!  It's magic!

There are also little lights tucked inside each of the glass fronted cabinets to give them a warm glow at night.

They are perfect for highlighting special items, like these napkin rings my daughter gave me last year for my birthday!

Or even the mundane, like our everyday glassware.

The cabinet end panels were also given some nice details to make them look more finished.

Here's a close up of the top of the hutch.  I love the little cut out detail.  

 In this photo you can see the beadboard which runs all along the back of the hutch.

And I love the graining of the tiger maple on the hutch.

The sink base juts out ever so slightly to accommodate the big soapstone farm sink.

The single bowl sink is big, deep, and I love love love it!


These latches from Rejuvenation not only look great, but they work perfectly and are easy to open and close.  Except for the price tag, I wish I'd used more of them throughout the kitchen.


So there you have it!  A telephoto tour of our kitchen.  I hope you enjoyed it!

I'm linking up for Show and Tell Friday over on My Romantic Home's beautiful blog! 


  1. Nice! Now I'm antsy for my kitchen remodel! But I have to wait until next year.

  2. Your beautiful kitchen is a dream come true.
    You spared no attention to detail and it shows.
    What a lovely place to spend time with family and friends. I'd love to be a guest in your new kitchen.


  3. I want those onyx tile backsplash with the gorgeous solid bronze crab tiles and your seeded glass pendants which I can't believe I missed in your overall kitchen post! Wonderful pictures Kat and I completely enjoyed seeing all the details of your gorgeous kitchen up close. I also love the color of your kitchen and that tiger maple surface is such a delight! So, so pretty and I'm glad you took the time to show us. Love seeing the details!!! ~Lili

  4. Wow, Kat -- one detail is just nicer than the next! And they all work so well together -- the whole room is perfectly cohesive.

    And, I am desperately in love with all of your soapstone. Desperately.

  5. Love, love the lanterns and the single deep sink!
    Happy valentines day....have a romantic weekend!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your kitchen! Just wondering where the cabinets are from? They're fantastic! (So is the hardware) great job! :)

  7. How did you decide on black hardware, over brushed nickel. This is the big decision I'm facing. I love your kitchen (as you know) and wondered how you decided one way or another. So many beautiful details in your kitchen.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pendents, hardware, sink, and pretty much every lovely thing in your wonderful kitchen.

    Thanks for checking out my blog today.

  9. Beautiful cabinets. I love how large your kitchen is, and how large the window is.

  10. I love, love the white with black accessories. Gives your room a wonderful, old world charm!

    I captured a bit of the Irish Lore today in my SHOW N TELL. Do stop by for a wee bit o' the Irish Luck if you can!

  11. YOUR kitchen is just an absolute DELIGHT! There are SO MANY things in it I love! I'm pea green with envy over your soapstone counters and that GINORMOUS mini bathtub (lol) SINK with the gorgeous faucets. If I won the lottery, I'd SO have a farmhouse sink. Your kitchen made me so happy to see! Thanks for sharing at Show and Tell!

  12. OHHH, BTW, I'm from Maryland too! I live in Bel Air!

  13. OH!!! Somebody with soapstone!! I am in the middle of my kitchen renovation. I am insisting on soapstone and it has to be shipped here from Illinois! I'm in NE Ohio. I'm getting the Minas classic black soapstone. Did you have trouble getting yours??? I love your kitchen and if you look at mine, you'll know why : ))

  14. Oh wow Kat! I absolutely love your kitchen! Especially the backsplash you are putting behind the range and the island pendants with seeded glass globes.

    Thanks for the peek into your kitchen!

    ~ Tracy

  15. Beautiful kitchen!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and I love the lighting over your island. Love it!

    Cathy ♥

  17. Wonderful kitchen. Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers, Lia

  18. Oh, your kitchen is wonderful. I am sure you have been enjoying it. I love the pendant lights!

  19. You have a beautiful kitchen. I love all the little details and the beautiful details. In fact I'm drooling.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. My favorite kind of images are the up close and personal type!

    Your kitchen is positively dreamy!

  21. Can I come live in your kitchen? I promise to keep it clean... Beautiful...

  22. Wow.... dreamy kitchen. Seriously, dreamy. When can I come over for dinner? Or a spot of tea? Love your blog. Came upon it via chattingatthesky.

  23. Love your kitchen. It looks a lot like mine that we also redid a couple of years ago. I really like your sink better though. Wish I had been bold enough to go that route but I stuck with what I knew.
    It is gorgeous and a great investment.
    Pam @ Becolorful

  24. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! I love everything especially the lighting over the island. Sooooooo worth the wait! Martina

  25. Do you sleep there? It is ever so lovely!

    From Chatting At The Sky Glimpses of Home

  26. I just found your blog and I am dying over your kitchen! It is perfection in every detail! We are working up the momentum to start on our kitchen reno and yours is so inspiring!

  27. What is the color of your kitchen walls? Love it!

  28. I love your kitchen-I really love your tiles and would love to know how to purchase them for my kitchen-the lights also? Thanks. I just bought a new house and I am anxious to make these changes.

  29. Hi Talysa and Tina, sorry I just saw these comments! The kitchen walls are painted Heather Gray by Benjamin Moore. The pendant lights are by Troy Lighting, from their Owings Mills collection. And Tina, for the life of me I can't remember the name of the tile companies. The bronze ones came from some place in Maine...and the 1x1 tiles came from a store in Fredericksburg, VA...if I can remember who they are by I will post another comment! Sorry!

    Kat :)

  30. Love your kitchen! Bright, cheery, comfortable with high style! This is truly a dream kitchen.

  31. I had to hunt and hunt to see what your counter tops and sink was made of and I was right . . . SOAPSTONE! I have it in my kitchen too and I am so in love with it. I think it's my most favorite part of my kitchen!! I love the whole black and white decor. That's what I have to.


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