Monday, February 8, 2010

'Cause I Got Friends with Tractors

Now I'm not a huge country music fan, I have some artists I like and listen to but I don't own a big collection of country cd's and I rarely ever have my car radio tuned to a country station.  But yesterday when we were digging out from under this storm, my son, who likes all types of music including country, starting singing a song by Rodney Atkins that just seemed to fit the situation perfectly.

The chorus lyrics aptly describe what it's like to live in a rural community such as ours, and how when you get a huge amount of snow and you live down a private lane, it is very good to have friends with tractors.

They’ll grow your groceries, haul a load
Pull you out then fix the road
They’re good at slowin’ speeders down
When they pass through from out of town
I live out in the country
Happily ever after
I got everything I need
‘Cause I got friends with tractors

Here is a picture of part of our driveway.  It may not look long, but trust me after you try shoveling it, you'll realize it's not just long, it's really long!

Luckily for us, we have friends with tractors.  Although we have two tractors over on our family farm about 8 miles away, we just have a riding lawn mower at our house.  But our wonderful neighbor "D" generously plows us, and other neighbors along our road, out whenever we have a big snow.  Because, as you can see, we live on a rural private lane that never sees a state or county snowplow.

We've had plenty of snow this winter, but this storm came with heavy snow and high winds which created some of the most beautiful drifts.

As we headed out of the many bumpy, winding roads it takes to get from our house to the main road, we saw lots of these friendly green, red, and blue machines helping to dig their own families and neighbors out! 

I learned to drive a tractor, an old rusted Allis-Chalmers with a metal seat, long before I learned to drive a car, and so did our children.  And now even Mr. Tides, suburban boy that he was, drives our trusty Massey Ferguson...Big Red!  I use this tractor to mow the fields each summer and even managed to knock the wooden tractor shed that holds it cattywompus last year.  It was the first time I had hit something with a tractor in my entire life, and I burst in to tears when Mr. Tide came to see why the shed was leaning!  But a few days later my brother was able to set it back straight so that it no longer looked like a Dr. Seuss shed!

While Mr. Tide tried unsuccessfully to get the tractor out to clear the driveway at the farm.  I wandered around taking pictures.  Like this one of the icicles on the big magnolia tree.

The best part about an old farm is that you can always find something interesting to take a picture of, like this old trailer and the pile of lumber.

Finally, since the sun was setting, and we couldn't get the tractor with chains on it out of the barn due to the drifts, we just headed home to relax and watch the Super Bowl.

And to make our neighbor some of these...

Because when you have friends with tractors, it's good to keep them happy!

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  1. We're in the same boat here! We live on a county road that doesn't get plowed and thererfore have to rely on neighbors to plow us out. We too have a ride on lawn mower. My husband wanted a tractor (shorlty after we bought our farmhouse) and I believe I said, "what on earth would we use it for?" Well, now I know...everything! ; ) Trina

  2. There's just no way a plow can even get down our street!

  3. Kat,
    The snow pics are soooooo PRETTY! I have only driven a tractor one time...Mr.CC thought it was a GOOD idea to save some money and not hire someone to plant some PALM TREES at our beach house...we would do it...BIG MISTAKE...I had to drive the tractor (not a good idea)...he ended up hurting his hip and had trouble with it for a few years...sometimes it's much better to pay the money! Take care and enjoy your SNOW!


  4. Yee-Haw! I love're all set girl!

  5. I love Rodney Atkins! Especially the buckaroo song :o) The pictures you took are so beautiful. Hitting Things (even really big things) happens to the best of us. And trust me on this, if I loved near you I would've been SHOVELING the snow for a batch of what you baked up!

  6. It looks so peaceful and beautiful where you live, and yes, thank God for tractors, especially when living on roads that the city/county doesn't reach! Your photos are great, and I love the chandelier over your dining room table. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  7. Beautiful drifts, beautiful snow, beautiful neighbors! Life is good!

  8. I bet you're thankful for neighbours with tractors when you have a driveway that long. That would be horrendous to shovel.

    Do your magnolia trees keep their leaves all winter? Ours lose their leaves and grow new ones in the spring - I wonder if they are the same tree.

  9. That is a loooong driveway!!

  10. So yes, I see it could be much worse here in KC!

  11. It *is* a good thing you've got friends! cute post below about your MR. and the tulips...they are such a touch of spring!

  12. I love your pics :-)) thanks for sharing all these beautiful things

    Siri Sevak Kaur

  13. I'm not a big country music fan either, but you must admit, they have a song for every occasion and this just proves it!

    Now what can I do for ya to get some of that baking reward?

    Can't think of anything right off the bat, but I can promise mojitos if the sun ever decides to be seen again!

  14. Hi Kat...

    So happy to have you join in with Sunday Favorites, my friend...WELCOME!!!

    Girl, I just giggled while reading down through your post! I know exactly where you're coming from! I live way out in the sticks...and when it snows the wind blows too! Thank the Lord for those tractors!!! I enjoyed your photos and you have a beautiful home and property!!! So glad that you chose to share this post for Sunday Favorites...I got a hoot out of it!!!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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