Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Heart Goes Out

I feel so blessed to have people I can call friends from all around the world.  And my children are also motivated to make connections with people from faraway lands and to experience different cultures.

So this morning when my daughter came in to our office with tears in her eyes I was afraid she was in pain from her recent surgery.  She quickly explained that she feared for the life of one of her friends who was staying with her father at their home in Chile. 

I had been busy working on assignments and hadn't even looked at the news for days so she had to bring me up to speed on the devastating earthquake in Chile that has affected so many!  Right on the heels of the destruction in Haiti, it seems almost surreal that another major earthquake could hit so soon in a different part of the world.  I know in geological terms it's not unusual for one earthquake to be followed by a succession of other earthquakes in following months, but it's almost hard to fathom!

It turns out that our daughter's friend is safe and in South Africa at the moment, and her father is fine back in Chile.  She was also able to reach another friend in Argentina that reported all was well with she and her family too.  Thank goodness for the internet and being able to reach friends and loved ones to know they are safe!

So tonight, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the earthquake and those in the path of danger from potential tsunamis, which although a diminished threat now, must have been frightening to say the least.

My prayers also extend to the dedicated workers who, even though exhausted I'm sure from their service in Haiti, will once again heed the call to help others in need!  Godspeed to them as they journey to the areas affected by the earthquake!


  1. I listened to a reporter who was in the earthquake and she said it was so intense that she actually thought it might be the end of the world when she looked out the window and saw how the sky kept turning different colors. How terrifying it must have been. Glad to hear your daughter's friends are safe. ~Lili

  2. I heard about the Chile EQ, and though I don't know anyone there I had similar thoughts to yours about two such destructive quakes so close in time.

  3. We are pretty safe here in Wales (touch wood!) but are still affected by these events as we all have families and can really feel for people whose lives have been devastated. All we can do is keep raising money to help those affected x

  4. So glad her friend and family are o.k. So great to have the internet at this time so people don't have to wait and worry quite as long.

  5. These events really put life in perspective. So many lives have been touched by these disasters. The need is great and it's our duty to help however we can.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I have something for you over at my blog so please come and get it!

  7. I know, it's a crazy string of natural disasters. So glad your daughter's friend is okay.

  8. Glad to hear your daughter's friend is OK! Someone who came to our party last night has family still in Chile (and is about to leave to visit there this week!), but thank goodness found out they are fine.


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