Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

Yesterday I told you about coming home to find not one but two packages waiting on my doorstep from the wonderful UPS man, one of which was my awesome new pillow which you can read about HERE.  And then today I had another surprise, but this time it was in my mailbox!

Remember the wonderful sea glass earrings, pictured above, that I had for a giveaway a week or so ago?  They were gorgeous aqua blue earrings from White Flower Farmhouse!  But because of all of the crazy weather we've been having and the lack of mail yesterday, those little earrings have had a very long journey!  But today when Mr. Tide came in from getting the mail he said there's a package with your name on it!  Yippee!

You see I've always been the kind of person who loves giving presents almost more than I like receiving them!  So I can't wait to send those beautiful sea glass earrings off to the lovely Linda from Coastal Charm who won them!  Keep checking your mailbox this week Linda!

 Could their packaging be any prettier?  So simple, yet so elegant!  But wait, there are 2 packages?!

 And one of the packages had this written on it!


Those sweet and very sneaky girls over at White Flower Farmhouse had included a little gift for me!

And I just love it, with it's beautiful hunk of sea glass and the delicate little mother of pearl button!  Thank you so much!!!

If you missed the Giveaway, pop on over to White Flower Farmhouse and buy yourself something pretty, you deserve it!


  1. Aww that was sweet ofthem:) Its so pretty

  2. Congratulations to Linda, she is such a sweetie.
    I love both pieces and that was so nice of them to include a gift for you.


  3. The glass jewelry is beautiful -- love that aqua colour :-)

    I'm always impressed by what a good group of people bloggers are :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Oh, how nice of them, Kat! I need to check out their site. Thanks.

  5. Those girls are the best! I have a few treasures from them too!!! Yours is just beautiful.... your pillow is soooo cute!!! Oh my gosh it LOVE it!!

  6. Oh how delightful to have such a sweet surprise waiting for you! Well deserved, Kat, you are always having wonderful giveaways. ~Lili

  7. I'm sooooo excited...I will be looking for it. I'm happy to see that you got a goodie too...it's very PRETTY! I will be sure to post about it when comes. I'm not posting much this week...getting ready for a baby shower at my home on Saturday and making some kitchen curtains:)



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