Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh Out Loud

When your children are 22 and 18 like mine are, they will often send you funny emails or text messages.  Sometimes it's a link to a rap video parody that in your mind simply isn't funny and leaves you shaking your head and wanting to reply with something like, "Didn't we raise you better than that?  That video was horrible and the word!"  

But other times they are links to hilarious websites, funny pictures, or just plain cool stuff!  That was the case the past couple of days when my daughter sent me a link to a wonderful blog called Catalog Living

According to the website, Catalog Living is the brainchild of LA based actor, writer, and comedian, Molly Erdman.  Molly's humorous take on catalog spreads is seen through the eyes of the fictional couple (or are they?!), Gary and Elaine.

Gary and Elaine's witty repartee is channeled through Molly and results in some laugh out loud moments in regards to the serious world of merchandising by major companies such as Pottery Barn, Benjamin Moore, and others!  I certainly hope they aren't taking themselves too seriously and have sent Molly a thank you note for peddling their wares in a way they were too stodgy to think up themselves!

Below are just a few examples of Molly's clever comments, used with permission of course!

Elaine was certain there was a mistake in the latest arrival from the First Ladies Towel of the Month Club, but then she did a little research about Zachary Taylor and his lovely wife Margaret.
Not only are they super-cute, but ever since we installed these nets our household cases of malaria are down 75%!

We’re so happy you could visit!  The room’s all made up for you, and I ripped out some pages of my favorite book and taped them to your wall in case you’re like me and enjoy reading before bed.
I just love Molly's great sense of humor and the way she injects humor into these companies and their advertising!  Great job Molly and keep up the good work!!   

The other thing I received this week from my daughter was a link to this very cool idea!  Impractical maybe, but cool...definitely!  I'm thinking that with a few throw pillows, not only would this tub turned sofa be comfy but it would be a show stopper in any house!!

This fab idea is courtesy of the artistic owners of Ruff House Art, which hails from Lawrence, Kansas, but you can find them on Etsy!

Not only does Ruff House Art create amazingly unique one of a kind tub couches, but they also make beautiful letterpress wedding invitations, note cards, coasters, calendars and more!  Of course, this gorgeous compass rose invite jumped right out at me.  Wouldn't this be perfect for nautical inspired nuptials?!

Thanks Angelfish for the links, which made me smile and ooh and ahh a bit too!

Be sure to visit Molly's wonderful blog Catalog Living for a good chuckle!

And check out Ruff House Art's Etsy Store by clicking HERE or to see more great photos of the tub couch blog by clicking HERE
Happy shopping!


  1. I would just like to point out that it is usually not I, your favourite daughter, who sends links to weird rap videos.

    Just lolcats and awesome house design. :)

    Your favourite daughter

  2. LOL Steph, way to pin it all on your brother who never reads my blog! ;-)

  3. I think I have catalog living fatigue -- its sick how much you can spend and how great everything looks. Those bathtub sofas are killer BTW. Now Kat, if the kids only paid for their own furniture. Bah humbug and LOL

  4. I can just hear the 'clunk' when my head hits the side of the bathtub-couch as I nod off while watching TV.
    The catalogue blog is too, too funny! I love it, too, when my grown-up children send me things that show their sense of humour!

  5. My daughters are 19 & 23. I love when they show me funny You Tube long as they are clean.

    I just heard about Catalog living and am loving it. Thanks!


  6. Last weekend my sister and I were looking at all the Catalog Living posts and literally on the floor because we were laughing so hard! Oh my gosh - so funny! The bathtub idea is cool too!

  7. I used to work for a catalog for close to 15 yrs. I saw this site and loved it because of catalog styling I can see some of this.

  8. Those tub sofas are awesome - where's my oxyacetylene torch!?

  9. You are right about needing to laugh out loud. That is such a funny site. Cute photos, but who could really live that way?

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Love it, Kat! The tub sofas are pure whimsy!

  11. I am laughing beyond belief. Now regarding the tub sofas, I think Pondside said it perfectly...Clunk! Thanks for the giggles!

  12. Oh Kat, I have had such a giggle - thanks it was much needed:) Thanks also for sharing the links!! Happy weekend to you and your 'favourite daughter' ;)~ Tina xx

  13. Too funny. Love the sofas - although I also think they need a few throw cushions.

  14. Those are too funny. Thanks for sharing these now I will have to check them out. Have a great weekend.

  15. What a fun post! I needed a chuckle this afternoon! ♥

  16. I can so relate to the emails because I get them from my boys who are 18 and 23. Love the tub sofas but the definitely need some pillows for the back. Love Molly's sense of humor! Thank you for the links. I cannot wait to read more of Molly's humor.

    ~ Tracy

  17. I love the humor in catalog living -- LOL --- and there's one of those tub/sofa's for sale in my town -- hmmmmmm, now where could I put that??

  18. OMGosh Kat, I just visited the link for Catalog Living and I think it is one of the funniest blogs ever! Love those beautiful compass rose invites from Ruff House Art too. ~Lili

  19. My kids are 25 and 27...I get the fun links too! I may have to send this one to my daughter!

  20. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys) got one tub sofa in her living room :-)


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