Friday, July 2, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

As I looked around my yard today for flowers to photograph, I realized that I don't have many red flowers this year!  So I called my dear friend and neighbor "J" and asked her if I could come and invade her yard for a little patriotic picture taking!

Her geraniums are a beautiful shade of red!

I do have this pretty red lantana in my yard!

"J"s garden is so pretty, we feel like we live on the edge of a park when we look over into her yard.  Her white phlox is enjoying the cooler weather too!

She even invited me inside where she had a festive arrangement of red, white, and blue carnations and some baby's breath in a pretty pitcher.

I'm not normally a fan of dyed flowers, but I loved these beautiful blue carnations!

And her hydrangeas are starting to fade but still have a hint of blue left!

Let the holiday weekend begin!  Be safe, and I hope you have your best 4th of July ever!


  1. Beautiful pics as always!! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Red, white, and blue garden style you did it!

    happy 4th!

  3. Beautiful, Kat! Have a wonderful 4th!

  4. The weather HAS been lovely these past few days, hasn't it. Plenty of red and white in the rose garden here, but no blue.

    Happy 4th, my dear!

  5. I like blue flowers because I rarely see on in nature around her... TONS of yellows and whites.


  6. What lovely and patriotic flowers! If you don't see me around for a bit, my computer crashed a couple of days ago. I'm on my husbands at the moment. But nothing of mine is downloaded here! So I'm waiting on a new one to arrive in about a week. I'll be checking in. Have a wonderful 4th!

  7. SWEET!
    I'm a big hydrangea fan, even though
    we are only able to grow the white
    Annabelle's, here....
    Your photos are brilliant, Kat.
    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful
    4th of July weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Love all of these images, thank you for sharing touches of R,W and Blue! Happy 4th,Kathysue

  9. Especially love the hydrangeas. You photographing the flowers in red white and blue just reminded me of the time that Henri parked 3 cars on our front lawn, front and center of our flagpole... our old blue p/u truck, our daughter's red car and his white corvette... all American made of course, LOL! I liked your idea with the flowers better!!! ~Lili

  10. Hope that you have a great 4th too!


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