Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fish Food and An Exciting Week Ahead

Today was a quiet day around my house.  It was welcomed after a busy week and because Mr. Tide appears to have suffered from dehydration or food NOT good!

So after resting much of the weekend, he finally felt up to taking a stroll down to our dock this afternoon.

We had a leftover french baguette which had become hard and stale, so we decided to see if the fish in the creek would enjoy a little carbohydrate treat!  

We've never fed the fish out back before, but they seemed very appreciative and a little feeding frenzy erupted around each morsel of bread Mr. Tide tossed into the water!  I have no idea what type of fish these are, but some of them had the most beautiful blue stripes along there backs and tails.  And even though you can't tell it from my not so clear photos, they almost looked like tropical fish with those flashes of bright blue as they attacked the bread!

Mr. Quinn was quite intrigued by the whole business of feeding the fish, but I suspect it had more to do with the fact that in his mind we were tossing away perfectly good bread that he would have happily devoured!

Now most of my fellow bloggers can relate to the fact that I rarely relinquish the camera these days.  Ever since I've fallen in love with the art of photography, I've become a bit of a camera hog!  Mr. Tide never minds, and it's not like I hide the camera or take it away from him, but I do tend to take the lion's share of the photos around here since creating my blog.

Today he headed outside with the camera and snapped a few great pictures, and I didn't even break out into a cold sweat or go through any kind of withdrawals!

He shot both of these beautiful trumpet vine photos.  I wish someone would start promoting the use of weeds and invasive species as ideal garden plants since they seem to be the only things which can survive and thrive with high heat and no water!!  Maybe I'll start the movement and see who jumps on the bandwagon.  Just think of all the time, money and effort we could save if weeds were the "new" flowers!

He also captured this gorgeous blue dragon fly perched on a grapevine leaf.

I just love the dramatic blue of it's body and those eyes!!!  We have lots of dragonflies around here in all sizes, shapes, and colors!  The red, orange, blue, and yellow ones are the most dramatic of course and you rarely see the blue ones, they tend to stay further up the creek in the wetlands.

And be sure to check back this week when you'll be treated to a few exciting posts!  I'll be showing you more of this breathtaking beach house owned by my friend and beach glass jewelry artist Julie, the owner of Frosted Trash!  Wait until you see the gorgeous pair of earrings she gave me to use as a giveaway!

And I'll finally be posting the first in a 3 part series about the wonderful women behind AtticMag!  You won't want to miss my interview with Jane F, and you'll get a sneak peek at her country house! 

So be sure to check back this week for the giveaway, and to see some truly beautiful homes!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Mr. Tide is recovered. He certainly can take a beautiful picture!
    I know what you mean about the trumpet vine - we have it everywhere. You just can't kill it, it is beautiful, and I just try to keep it under some semblance of "control".
    Love the expression on Quinn's face....wistful, disbelief.

  2. He did great with the camera! Love the dragonfly. That's the same colored one I see in my yard. Today it was all about the orange ones when I was outside watering. I even had a hummer buzzing around my head while at the little pond.

  3. I love the dragonfly. If I weren't so scared of bugs, you might catch me taking some shots. I will leave the beautiful pictures to you all. What a team you made today.

  4. Kat, your husband took some great photos. You should let him help you out more often. Sorry he hasn't felt well this weekend. I can't wait to see the photos of this home and Jane's, too.

  5. The dragonfly looks like a paint chip....all those graduating shades of blue...

  6. Does Mr. Quinn need for his dog loving friend down in NC to send him a loaf of bread? Poor baby :)

    Kudos to Mr. Low Tide for capturing the face on a dragon fly.


  7. I will definitely stay tuned for all that's coming this week -- you have the MOST beautiful photos on your blog!! and I'm glad Mr. Tide is feeling better ...

  8. Hope Mr. Tide feels better! I will definitely be back to see your photos. I love all the photos on your blog-they are so beautiful! I love the one of Mr. Quinn watching the fish eat "his" bread! What a cute pup!

  9. what beautiful pics and love the dragonfly the blue is breath realize some people do grow *weeds* a pun of humor i hope is taken!!! i am *weed* free!!

  10. Kat, I am so on the bandwagon for weeds being an ideal plant in the garden! I am glad that Mr. Tide is feeling better, no fun being sick in the summer! Can't wait for your exciting week! Oh, and all the photos are beautiful as always! :)

  11. We used to feed bread to the goldfish in our pond we had years ago and our dog would always try to intercept it whenever possible. Mr. Quinn's expression is so sweet, what a well behaved doggie! So glad Mr. Tide is feeling better and glad he snapped a few really nice photos for us, sometimes I share my camera too! ~Lili

  12. Wow...Mr. and Mrs. Photographer! All the pictures are wonderful. I'm also looking forward to your next posts...beach house and country home. Very exciting.

  13. Two photographers at your house - beautiful photos.
    I'll be back - with a teaser like that, how can anyone miss out?

  14. Your husband took such lovely photos~ I love the dragonfly! Hope he is feeling fully well soon! Looks like you had a lovely evening!

  15. Thanks for stopping in to my blog! I am sure the fish appreciated the treat although your pup looks quite disappointed he was not the recipient! LOVE the beach house and can't wait to see more pics!

  16. Trumpet vines are heat lovers? That's exactly the type of plant I need for my backyard and the hot CA sun. I'm in desparate need of a climbine vine. (Plus they attract hummingbirds).

    I will pass on the dragonfly. Those things *scare* me :D

    Looking forward to your first part of the AM interview ;)

    Jane T.

  17. Glad Mr Tide is feeling better. When we feed the fish it goes like this: fish, Benji, fish, Dubya, fish, Benji, fish, Coco. Benji gets two turns per round or else he ends up in the water with the fish!

    I've always loved dragonflies. The blue with white are my favorites.

    Looking forward to see JaneF and JaneT at home!


  18. Ooo...I've had food poisoning, no fun. The photos are wonderful. It is so hard to capture a dragonfly...he did great! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  19. I'm glad you're hubby got over the food's really miserable! Love the photos for your post today and can't wait for more to come! Enjoy your week! ♥ Give hubby a hug! ♥

  20. Well done Mr. Tide. The dragonfly is stunning.


  21. Hi Kat! Just wanted to let you know I recieved the book you sent last week. I was on vacation and had a friend of mine retrieve our mail. Good thing she didn't know what was in the package. Thanks again so much! I thought those fish were koi at first glance, they are really pretty. However, I am in love with the look on Mr.Quinns face! That is priceless! Oh, to read his mind. Excellent photography!

  22. Thanks everyone for your well wishes for Mr. Tide! And I'm so glad your book arrived...I hope you enjoy it!

    Kat :)


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