Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Down By The Bay

Down By The Bay...

Where The Watermelons Grow...

Back To My Home...

I Dare Not Go...

For If I Do My Momma Would Say...

This video is for my daughter...

And thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments about my kayaking post...we'll have to go again sometime soon!


  1. I'm singing with you...brings back memories.


  2. How much fun Kat! That watermelon looks sooooo good too. ~Lili

  3. singing won't leave my head for days now

  4. I can't stop smiling...my girls and I sang that song all the time when they were young. I think we had it on a cassette tape. What fun...

    Also, your kayak post was very relaxing and the scenery was beautiful.

  5. This is adorable!! Now my mouth is watering for the watermelon!!!

  6. What a fun video... I watched the entire thing and then sent the YouTube link of it to my grandkids. They'll laugh.


  7. I completely forgot this song until now! What a cute post!!!!!

  8. You have got to stop doing this to me...I keep all the songs in my head for days!!! Is there anything more refreshing in the summer than watermelon? I think not! Fun post.

  9. That's it - off to bed with this crazy song in my head, and a weird longing for watermelon!

  10. Aaaahhhhhh watermelon-need I say more!

  11. We won't have local
    watermelons for a while,
    so THIS is a feast for
    my eyes!!! I had some
    in a cooking class, recently,
    in a salad with fresh
    orange slices, red onion,
    an orange vinaigrette and
    a tiny bit of mint sprinkled
    on top ~ it was amazing!
    Happy Wednesday, Kat : )
    xx Suzanne

  12. Thank you for the wonderful memory. My daughter and I would sing along with Raffi and dance around the kitchen.

  13. Oh dear, that looks deeeeelicious. I need to run out and get me one of those treasures. Yum!

  14. We have been eating a lot of watermelon this summer and that one looks particularly delicious!

  15. Oh, that melon, cut up like that, looks fab! Just (re)discovered your vintage sand pail from March!! Did a post about those this week..., so now I added it on to today's post on beach theme table settings. Love those pails!!

  16. Would you pass me the bowl? Looks wonderful! And what time do we leave for our sunset ride? I'll bring the telephoto lens! My husband and I both enjoyed the photos! Awesome! ♥

  17. Yummy summer images :-) I am hosting a CSN Giveaway so do stop by, and if you can please spread the word. Thanks a ton Anu

  18. What a great post! I love that song - one of my favorites to sing with my kids and my 1st grade students!

  19. yummy! love the pics of watermelon...so summery.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
    'Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle'


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