Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make Way For Ducklings and a Long Day

Yesterday was a long day, one where you are going from morning til night.  But it was a very good day too!  

It started in the morning with a photo shoot at the most amazing house!  This one may find its way into a book or magazine, so once again I can't take you inside...*sigh*!

The grounds of this property are equally as stunning!

And the homeowner indulged me and took me on a lovely tour of the property after I was done taking pictures of the inside of the house.

As I snapped away, he said things like...we need to work on this bed, or plant something different here, or we have plans for these trees.  But to me it was all perfect!  Even that tiny little bug that you can barely see just to the right of the flower (not the one on the flower), thought it it was perfect just the way it is!

And the resident barn kitty (I think her name was Isabella) was pretty happy with the way things were as well!

It was a beautiful day after all, with low humidity and cool breezes!

Where breezes fill the air with the smell of fresh herbs!

The kind of day that makes a rooster crow early to welcome the day!

And where ferns enjoy the sunshine without sweltering!

Insects can lounge awhile and take it easy on a day like today!

Flowers will shine extra bright on a day like today, as a way of saying thank you for the cooler temps.   

Yes this was a day for flowers to rejoice!

I read a sign outside a nursery on the way back from my photo shoot that read "Flowers are the Earth's way of Laughing" or something along those lines.

I smiled and thought to myself, what a wonder little saying!  I also thought I would remember it word for word...but on a busy day like yesterday, my brain doesn't always hold everything it needs to!

It does remember to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me though, and for that I am very thankful!

I used to read both of my children the book Make Way For Ducklings when they were little.  And yesterday while touring the grounds of the house I had photographed I was treated to these cute little guys and girls!

The most adorable goslings and ducklings!  So cute you wanted to pick them up and cuddle those soft downy feathers of theirs!

I wanted to stay here all day, and look at the sheep, the peacocks, the goats, and all of the wonderful animals around this beautiful property.  But I had a phone interview to do and a post to work on...check back soon for a wonderful interview I did with the editor of Attic Mag, one of my favorite go to blogs when I'm looking for design inspiration!

So although I was very busy yesterday, it was a good kind of busy, the kind that leaves you longing for more wonderfully productive days just like this one!

Oh, and one last thing...check out this very cool idea for creating unique outdoor votive holders from Wendy at Relatively Unique!


  1. I always find your posts inspiring and relaxing! Thank you for taking us on a beautiful tour of their flower garden. It looks like a beautiful landscape and Isabella looks so relaxed and comfortable! Looking at your photo's was a nice way to end my day! Thanks :)

  2. Sweet little duckies with their fuzz. Baby animals always get the best of me.


  3. Gosh, just look at those lovely babies! And the flowers and cat aren't bad, either : ) I'm so happy that you had a wonderful day! And cooler temps, too ~ yay! Having just returned from the South, I now know what you are up against. But, amazingly, my daughter and I are missing that weather! Guess our blood thinned out in one short week. We've actually felt cold back at home with highs of 74 yesterday and 78 today!
    xx Suzanne

  4. What a perfect day! Your photos are beautiful, as always. Thanks for taking us on your journey.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  5. Looks like you had an awesome day. Love the photos and that is great that you caught the bug flying in while photographing the other bug on the flower. The baby ducks and geese are too cute together.

  6. There's nothing left to say about those photos - amazing, really.

  7. I am GOBSMACKED as always when I view one of your DIVINE posts....But then you KNOW I ADORE your photography....!

    THANKS as always for the BIG smile,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. What fantastic pictures! Love the Ducklings-they are so cute!! The cat Isabella looks just like my daugther, Megan's cat and her name is Bella! What a small world!!

  9. Your photos are fantastic, the flowers are beautiful and the goslings and ducklings are so cute! xx

  10. Kat~ thank you for sharing these beautiful photos...the ducklings are just so cute...and thanks for sharing Wendy's votive idea! So clever!

  11. Oh those flowers and those sweet little ducklings! What a gorgeous feast for the eyes Kat. And the way you captured all those insects, flying or otherwise, is such a glorious little detail! Sounds like you're enjoying alot cooler temps now, hope it lasts a while. ~Lili

  12. Those ducklings are soooooo adorable and your gorgeous photos of them and all the pretty flowers made me feel like I was right there with you. You have such and eye!


  13. Kat, your photos are amazing!! I am such a sucker for baby ducks...sooooo cute!! Hope you are having a great week ~ Tina xx

  14. Another beautiful day and beautiful pictures Kat! The little ducklings are so adorable! Glad it wasn't so hot for you this time!

  15. It sounds like we had similar weather here yesterday. I enjoy reading Relatively Unique also.


  16. Beautiful photos and I still love to read Make Way for Ducklings!!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. Just curious, what kind of camera do you use to take your beautiful pictures? I am in the market for a new one. Recommendations?

  18. Thank you everyone for your wonderfully sweet comments, they really make my day!

    Julia, I use a Canon Rebel XTI, which is several years old. And I use a Sigma 17-70 mm macro lens.

    Kat :)

  19. Kat, the purple cone flowers are one of my favorites. Those ducks are too cute!


  20. Wonderful photos Kat - your delight shines through!

    Sometimes working is magic~

  21. As cute as those goslings are...I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful rooster! Glad you had a good photo shoot and shared some outdoor pics with us! I love this time of year! ♥

  22. Thanks for the sneak peaks of your adventures.

  23. What wonderful photos and what a wonderful job! Wandering around taking photos in the yard after a photo shoot is like whipped cream on a brownie. My son works for a couple of different photographers and has been lucky to travel to many different countries. They work hard doing the photo shoot, but then always stay around for a few more days and photograph the countryside and the people who live there. He loves his job, just as I'm sure you do.

    Happy 4th!

  24. The baby ducks are so cute! We used to have wild turkeys living on our street (and as you know, we aren't in the country by any means!) and they would have babies each year. They would parade up and down the street with the babies that were even tinier than those in your photos! Needless to say, the poor babies dwindled quickly, probably due to all the cats in the neighborhood! The remaining turkeys have all been relocated, with the exception of the large male who moved on to a new area of the neighborhood. We heard that he gave an animal control officer who was trying to catch him quite a workout before a homeowner told him to leave the turkey alone - haha! I miss the turkeys - I'll show you a picture sometime!


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