Friday, July 9, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Hey mom, did you know that it's really really hot and dry outside these days?!  We haven't had rain in weeks!

I mean look at our backyard, it's like a dust bowl...and I'm betting even the weeds won't survive this drought!

The marigolds don't seem to mind the heat, they just keep blooming, probably because you water them.

Hey mom...crunch crunch...I noticed some pretty cool stuff while you were in the hammock...crunch crunch.

First I noticed that we still have one little patch of green grass right down by the water.  It's my favorite place to lay when I'm chewing on a good stick!

And while you were down on the dock watching the eagle and looking for crabs, I noticed these cool green things on our dock!  I think they're called snails or something, at least that's what Kylee said, but sometimes she makes things up!

He is making that up mom!!!  I never tell him stuff that isn't true!

Although I did tell him there were bones hidden in the reed grasses, but it was on April Fool's Day...honest!

Mom, I like this yellow flower, it's a Black-Eyed Susan, isn't that a weird name for a flower?!

Hey Kylee want to hear a really weird flower name?!  This one is called a Hibiscus!!  I wonder if someone named Biscus invented this flower and people used to say "Hi Biscus!"  Whaddya think?!

Moooom, Quinn is being ridiculous again...make him stop!  Oh, and by the way, I love that flower basket you added to the gate, it makes my new fence look so pretty!  All the other neighborhood dogs have told me how pretty they think it is!  Quinn never notices any of the pretty things you do around here, but I do!!

Really, did she actually just say that?!  You know...crunch crunch... I love everything you do mom...crunch crunch!  Umm what's for dinner?!

Oh, and did you remember to thank all of those nice bloggy friends of yours who didn't think you were silly for deleting your whole blog roll?!  You might want to say thanks to them for not laughing at you...just sayin!!!


  1. Too cute and gorgeous photos. It may be the dog days of summer but I'm working like a rented donkey getting things done around the house.

  2. Well hello there! That was an absolutely adorable post!! I was really getting into the whole plot and was wondering what was going to happen next :)-
    Good job ms. authoress!!

  3. Every time I see Quinn and Kylee I think how cute they are - I just want to grab them :) I can finally tell which is which even if you don't put names with the photos - haha!

  4. adorable...... made my day.. i love when bloggers have there pets do a stand in.

  5. Oh your puppy is divine...those eyes... melt.
    Your place is heaven by the way! A-M xx

  6. Very cute Kat! You make me laugh. Your doggies are adorable. They speak with their eyes!

  7. They are so cute together! Love the beautiful pictures and of course their conversation. They have the most expressive eyes! ~Lili

  8. I deleted my entire first blog. Entirely! You're better than me.

    Ah, when the animals talk.....

  9. Why anyone would ever laugh at a mistake made by a friend is beyond me. Unless that friend was already laughing at herself, of course.
    Your pup photos are precious, and your green grass and kayak still life are tugging at my heart. Love that one.
    It's been awhile since I've seen grass that green!

  10. GORGEOUS pics as always Kat....!! Your fur baby is BEAUTIFUL....He looks like a Border Collie....Am I close....??

    Have a GREAT weekend....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  11. What a cute post! I just love expressions of Kylee and Quinn! They are too cute! What a gorgeous place to go kayaking.

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  12. Thanks everyone for indulging my silly side! And Tamarah, Kylee is a border collie, Quinn is an English's actually 2 different dogs but they look a lot alike! Way to go Traci for being able to tell them apart...our neighbor can't even do that sometimes!

    Kat :)

  13. Nice post for me before I take a break for the evening. Very hot and muggy here. When we do get rain it downpours and steams. But the heat dries it out quick.
    Don't get your hope up after the weeds.

  14. Thanks for the smiles! Looks like the perfect place to beat the heat and relax. Hopefully this heat wave is almost gone! Our yard is looking pretty brown, too!

  15. Isn't it fun to be bilingual - I mean, just think what you'd miss out on if you couldn't speak fluent Dog.
    Love it!

  16. It's got to be a good life surrounded by faithful, good-looking hounds. Stick-chewing hounds that own your heart, I can tell!

  17. Love the pictures and the conversation! Have a good one!

  18. Your doggie photos are so great! And so are the flower pics. Amazing. Have a great weekend.

  19. Oh this post has just made me smile Kat (except the part where you deleted your blogroll...been there done that myself!) The doggies are just so gorgeous :) ~ Tina xx

  20. Cute! Love those doggie pics!



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