Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Ladies Who Lunch

Thank you to each and every one of you who visit my blog, support my giveaways, and leave lovely and thoughtful comments.  Even when I don't get the chance to reply, I read and enjoy each and every one of them!  And thank you for showing Rene from Cottage and Vine some bloggy love on her guest visit yesterday.  If you missed it, you can clickHERE to read her wonderful post!
I have a CD of show tunes and one of the songs is a medley of Pretty Women and The Ladies Who Lunch, both great songs and I always sing right along with it at the top of my lungs.  Mr. Tide lies to me and tells me that he likes my singing...reason #1 million why I love that man!

Today I had the girls from The Vintage Source over for lunch.  These are 4 of the prettiest women you'll ever meet!  Joy, Cathe, Sheryl, and Michelle are pretty on the outside and beautiful on the inside!  Today we were the ladies who lunch, enjoying chicken salad, croissants, fruit, and for dessert we had raspberry and lemon sorbet.  With temps over 100 degrees today, it seemed like the perfect dessert, and throw in a few Pepperidge Farm cookies and you're all set!  
I served dessert in the parfait glasses pictured above that once belonged to my mother.  My mom loved to use these dessert dishes to serve sherbet in or vanilla ice cream with cream de menthe when that was all the rage in the 1970s.  As kids, we always thought the cream de menthe tasted like mouthwash, but my mother thought it was tres chic!

The Vintage Source girls are always so sweet to me, and today was no exception!  I received two bottles of wine...I love the green polka dot ribbon on this bottle!

And the other bottle was tucked inside this darling wine bag!

Isn't this too cute with the flower and the butterfly cut out that shows the color of the bright orange tissue paper?!!

And check out this colorful flamingo note card that had a very sweet message written in it!

And lucky me, I got a whole bouquet of these gorgeous sunflowers, one of my favorite flowers!  This picture has not been photoshopped, they truly are this gorgeous color!

Apparently they put dye in water and the flowers absorb the dye, and it colors the tips of the petals this beautiful reddish orange color!

I also received two of the prettiest embroidered cotton guest towels!  

Look at that comfy adirondack chair and that sweet little straw hat!

These towels are so soft and you could use them as kitchen towels, but they are too darn pretty for me to risk staining them so these will be for "display only" in my house!

This beautiful aqua shell will soon take residence on one of the hooks in my hall bathroom!  And the best part of all is that these will be available for sale at The Vintage Source so be sure to stop by for this month's sale and pick some up, they make perfect gifts!!!

Thank you ladies for these lovely gifts, which were completely unnecessary!  Having friends over for lunch is such a nice way to spend the afternoon, and when the guests are as kind and fun to talk to as these women, it makes you want to be one of the ladies who lunch...everyday! (If you scroll down to the bottom of the post you can listen to the song and see a wonderful video full of beautiful women...many of them my favorite actresses of all time!!)

Thank you to everyone who entered to win The House At Royal Oak Giveaway!  The lucky winner was #34 Sailing Simply!!  Just send me an email with your mailing address, and I'll get the book in the mail to you right away!

The next few days I will have my nose to the grindstone working on some very overdue posts about people I've been wanting to introduce you to, and a few stories that have to be submitted by the end of this week!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Kat, that lunch sounds like it was a lot of fun. What great gifts they gave you. Love the towels and I am sure the wine is good, too.

  2. What a lovely lunch with the ladies. And, your gifts are so pretty. Love those sweet dish towels.


  3. It sounds like you fared well today. I adore those pretty little towels. Thanks again for having me over yesterday.

    BTW, when I was a little girl, we used to put Queen Anne's Lace in a vase of food coloring and it would turn colors. It never occured to me to do this with other flowers. Very pretty.


  4. (whining) I wish I lived closer ... I wanna be one of the Lunch Ladies.

    It's 105 in the shade on the deck right now. I could save gas and just grill the burgers right on the deck boards, I do believe.

  5. Sounds like such a lovely get together! So girly and fun! : )

  6. Sounds and looks like a fantastic day! A day with the girls is always good for the soul! The sun flowers are absolutely beautiful!
    Your cream de menthe story brought smiles ~ as my mother in law also thought they were tres chic!!

  7. Sounds like a lot of FUN! Love those CUTE towels! Take care in all that HEAT!


  8. Sounds like a fabulous lunch and a great time. Love your parfait glasses!!!

  9. You have such a lovely welcoming kitchen for entertaining in. I love those flowers in there - it is truly like the sun was brought into your kitchen. Sounds like a lovely lunch.

  10. It sounds like you had a lovely time. I really love all your gifts. I never have the heart to use my nice tea towels!!


  11. Wish I'd been there! How creative these women are. Even their wine comes in beautiful packaging! I will tell you I can't carry a tune in a bucket of slop, so you're not alone.

  12. That was a lovely post - nothing beats lunch with good company.

  13. Looks like a great lunch! About singing. I have always said I know my husband loves me because he will travel 8 hours in a car with me singing along to the radio and I can't carry a tune even in a bucket!

  14. Kat, you certainly pulled it altogether, didn't you?? Everything looks and sounds just perfect. Love all of your gifts ~ the image of the sunflowers is especially pretty!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Kat it sounds as if the lunch ladies are a wonderful group to have a fun day with. Your gifts were so thoughtful and the lunch you made sounds delightful!! Kathysue

  16. What a great way to spend the day! Everything looks so beautiful and the gifts are very creative and thoughtful!

  17. OH My! Here I was reading your blog thinking how wonderful your day was and you just made mine wonderful too! I am so excited! First, let me say I love the beautiful embroidered linens they gave you! The wine tote and card are adorable too! Also, love your parfait glasses. I will email you my info right away! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read all about this couples adventures in restoration!

  18. Your lunch sounds like it was fun. The guest towels are gorgeous!

  19. What a charming lunch! With gifts! I am smitten with the little flamingo card. ~olive

  20. That aqua scallop shell towel is b e a u tiful!!! Sounds like a fun lunch, and the dye trick is pretty cool. ~Lili

  21. What fabulous gifts! Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and I just commented on another blogger who posted about sunflowers! I just love the wine bag and guest towels. Sounds like you had a very lovely luncheon!

    Congratulations to Sailing Simply!

    ~ Tracy

  22. Sounds like the most perfect day ... and oh those gifts... so beautiful. A-M xx

  23. Having lunch with the girls is one of the nicest gifts we give to ourselves. It sounds like you had a delightful day. Rene just brought back memories because we also put Queen Anne's Lace in a jar with food coloring. I think we also did it with white carnations. But nothing compares to your beautiful sunflowers. Your home always looks so welcoming and delightful.

  24. Kat, you do lead such a busy life, I can't keep up to you!

    Love your photo of the sunflower. Ifelt I like I could reach in and touch that!

  25. I've marked my calendar for the next opening of the Vintage Source. I can't believe that a place like that has been so close without me ever knowing about it. I've been whining to my husband that I never see old architectural elements for sell around here, and now I know where they are. :o) Thanks for sharing the Vintage Source.

  26. Sounds like FUN! And what pretty gifts! I know you enjoyed your ladies lunch! Wish I had been there with you! Could any of you understand my southern dddrraaawwlll? heehee! ♥

  27. Oh Kat-
    My favorite entertaining involves inviting friends over for brunch or lunch.
    Everything looks great!

    White Spray Paint

  28. Lovely photos! Can I have sorbet in the parfait glasses?It's 100 plus today.

  29. So sorry you're melting on the East Coast! Sorbet sounds heavenly....


  30. Lunch sounded absolutely lovely! I love the sunflowers too! Those towels are so beautiful-what wonderful friends you have!


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