Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeling a Little Blue

When we went through my parent's things we all took items that had sentimental meaning for each of us.  Of course everyone had specific things in mind that we knew we wanted and chose those first.  But there were lots of other things we came across in their attic, and various other places, that my siblings and I had either forgotten about or never even knew existed.

I didn't really make a mental note to pick things that were blue as we went through the items, but I did find myself gravitating towards the blue pieces for some reason.  Like these old books which now sit on our old shutter table.

Or this little trinket box...

With the delicate little blue rose on top!

My mother always had a few trinket boxes on her dresser, some held straight pins, others held jewelry...

But this one contained buttons!  Mostly white and cream buttons, but there was this one beautiful aqua button which I love!

I also brought home this unusual little creamer.  I have no idea who this belonged to, maybe my grandmother or a great aunt?!  It was tucked away, and I don't ever recall seeing my mother or grandmother use it so maybe it belonged to my great grandmother?

The floral design, which is worn in places, is gold as is the graceful handle.

It almost has an art deco feel to it, and I would love to know more about its origin and when it was made.  There aren't any markings that I've been able to find.  Regardless of its age or value, I just think it's charming!

And my blue fetish isn't just restricted to old things these days.  

I recently purchased these blue pillows (and the ones I showed you on my front porch in my 4th of July post) at Target on clearance for $6.99!  They make sitting on our bench on the back patio so much more comfortable!

In case you think I'm off playing and not working, know that I am busy typing my little fingers off on stories!  You gotta love "auto" posting!  

What great decor items have made you feel a little blue lately?


  1. All of the blues are eye catching.. I especially love the blue books!


  2. I love blue too especially in the summer.


  3. What lovely things - the books look gorgeous piled together. This will be a nice way to keep your parents close to you when you are reminded of them by these things and it's great that all these items get a new home too.
    ~Sam x

  4. What precious and lovely keepsakes to have of your mom's. I know they will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. The pillows are fabulous too. Hugs, Marty

  5. The piece of pottery is lustre ware and is highly collectable. Mostly creamers, teapots and pieces of a teaset are found. I have a few of these pieces in cream and pink. You have a treasure.

  6. Beautiful blues and treasured doesn't get any better than that. I love your pretty striped pillows too.
    I think there is something about the summer that draws us to blues. I find that I am liking aqua blue more this year.


  7. I love all of your sweet blue items, especially the aqua button. I use to play with buttons on rainy days with my little brother, stringing them to see who could make the longest string. I am trying to re-do my mantle for the summer so I am trying to incorporate blue with a few white things and shells. Have a great day,Kathysue

  8. Beautiful blue treasures. That button is the most amazing shade. Love the deal you got on the outdoor pillows!


  9. I feel a little past my blue stage and when I look around I don't see anything blue..except what I am wearing! I have blue eyes and wear a lot of blue. Lovely post...made me feel very sentimental! ♥

  10. My home is full of blue items...especially the transferware. This color always reminds me of the beach and summer time. These things that belonged to your mom will always a special place in your heart and your home.
    Hugs, Sherry

  11. That little creamer is unusual and quite lovely. I am drawn to aqua blues. I have a McCoy acqua piece I am looking at now on a bookcase.~olive

  12. Beautiful treasures filled with memories! Love them all! The pretty blue color is calling my name too!


  13. I love things that you got from your mother. I think all grandmothers had a little container of buttons, safety pins etc. on their dressers

    The blues are pretty too.

  14. Kat, that little creamer is so pretty. I love the blue books, too. I love finding old books with that old smell to them.

  15. I love all your blue things - it really is the best colour. I especially love the blue pitcher. Lovely momentos.

    I'm sorry to hear you lost all your blogroll - what a nuisance. It is so easy to get distracted when we multi-task.

  16. I am loving all of the blue... I really love the little creamer, that is gorgeous! :) Hazel

  17. Those are some beautiful treasures Kat. Especially love that aqua button and those books. ~Lili

  18. No doubt about it - Blue is best!
    These days I'm enjoying the blue of the cornflowers that are growing out of the gravel along the drive. Of course they decline to grow in any flower bed!

  19. Oh your blue items are beautiful :) I adore the little creamer!

  20. I've really been into old aqua blue mason jars lately...

  21. Hi Kat~!

    What a gorgeous shade of blue your items are.

    I have been picking up books at estate sales just like the ones you found in the attic. I have slowly been filling my large bookcase in the LR with them. Several came from an estate of a woman who (according to her children) loved to read and it was evident as there were hundreds of old books up for sale that day.

    Jane T. (I'm baaaack!)

  22. Love blue. That has got to be one of the prettiest buttons I have ever seen!


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