Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm thrilled that it's February 1st, it means we are that much closer to spring!  And I'm pretty happy that my house is smelling a lot sweeter today too...click here if that last statement made no sense at all!  I also think that it's pretty sweet that two of my favorite bloggers gave me awards recently!

The talented and witty Rebecca, or R as I like to call her, from Acanthus and Acorn gave me the Super Comments Award!  Thank you R, I feel like these days I haven't even gotten to comment much on other blogs, so it was especially nice to receive this wonderful award from you!  I always enjoy your blog, and who wouldn't want to comment on your great posts?!  Pop over to R's Blog and check our her new digs, she's been busy revamping her blog and it looks fab!

With this award I'm supposed to answer a few questions so here goes.

1.  Why do you blog?  Hmm good question, I think I'm a social person by nature, so blogging seemed like a natural way to connect with other like minded people who love decorating, entertaining, and staring at beautiful things online for hours!  What I didn't realize was how much I would enjoy it, and how many great friends and wonderful connections I would make along the way!

2.  Name your 3 best memories.  Wow, this is a tough question, I've been blessed with so many wonderful memories throughout the years!  I'll count giving birth to my children and getting married as 1 favorite.  Bringing home every puppy I've ever had.  And last, but certainly not least, every moment that we as a family have laughed so hard we've cried, (I'll have to tell you all my Chick Fil A drive-thru story sometime) those are the very best memories life can give us! 

3.  Name 4 of the best fiction books you have read.  Hah, as if I have time to read!  If you pressed me on this I would say Jonathan Livingston Seagull, any Harry Potter book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and George Orwell's 1984. 

4.  What are the 5 best movies ever made?  Another toughie, since I love lots of different movies.  Love Actually, Lord of the Rings, Amelie, The Sound of Music, Schindler's List, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, Crash with Sandra Bullock, and Disney's Cinderella...told you I couldn't pick just 5!

5.  Name 5 things I cannot live without.  My family, my friends, my computer, my sleep, and my dogs! 

6.  If you could change your name what would it be?  Well I already go by so many different names, some people know me as Katherine, others call me Kathy, Kat or Kath, so I'm not sure changing my name would be a good idea at this point, it's already confusing enough!  I used to say when I was younger that when I had a baby I would name it Bob, but spell it Jim...your name is the only thing that no one can tell you how to spell or how to pronounce...fortunately for my children I outgrew that silly notion!

7.  Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself.  Not sure how interesting or unique I am but here's one little tidbit most people don't know.  I can't turn the palm on my left hand up.  In other words, where "normal" people can put out their hand and then turn it flat towards the sky to get change put in their hand or whatever, I can't do that.  My parents didn't discover it until I was about 3 years old.  My sister and I were sitting in an old car we had out back eating pixie sticks and I kept reaching across my body with my right arm to get powder from the pixie stick.  Finally she said "why don't you just use your left hand?"  I said "I can't it won't turn over, see...it only goes this far."  This was followed by her yelling for my mother and lots of X-rays at National Orthopedic hospital in Washington D.C.  It turns out the bones in my forearm are fused, a genetic defect, and so I can't palm up that hand.  It's presented little or no problems over the years, holding a plate in a buffet line is a little more challenging and I quickly learned that I couldn't serve a volleyball very well, and I shoot pool in the weirdest way ever, but other than a few minor inconveniences it's not been an issue for me.  Turns out I had a great uncle on my father's side who also had the same condition, but on both arms, so he was not able to serve during WWII because he couldn't hold a rifle properly, so it can be a benefit!  I've only met one other person with the same problem, my dear friend Dan's stepfather and I were chatting when I was in the UK and I said I couldn't turn my hand over, he said he couldn't either, and I thought he was joking, but he wasn't!  What are the odds, since it's very, very rare!

8.  What do you love best about yourself?  That I can talk to a blank wall.  I'm not sure others consider my constant chatter a gift, but I do!

9.  If you had a Freaky Friday experience, who would you change places with?  Wow, not only am I tired of talking about myself...you all probably are tired of me talking about myself too, but these questions are HARD!  I would probably want to change places with Mother Teresa or Gandhi, I think switching places with either of these two amazing individuals would teach me how very far I have to go in finding compassion and selflessness, and I think we can all use more of that in our lives! If I wasn't being altruistic I would change places with a pro big wave surfer or someone who has climbed Everest, that must be so thrilling to ride a 30 foot wave, or stand at the top of the earth!

10.  What is the best thing about being a woman?  Phew, I'm near the finish line on these questions!  I would have to say motherly love, compassion, gentility, and the ability to be kind while still being tough as nails.  Those are the things I love most about being a woman. 

Thank you R for this wonderful award and for making me think!

I also received the Stylish Blogger Award from sweet Kelley over at The Polished Peeble.  Kelley is a girl who lives life to the fullest!  She had an amazingly beautiful home and sold it lock, stock and barrel...I'm talking furniture, accessories, everything!  Now that takes guts!  Of course she's busy creating another beautiful space that I'm sure will rival her last home, be sure to check out her blog by clicking here!

Thanks so much for this award Kelley, and because I've said WAY too much about myself already today, I'll give it a rest and not say 7 more things about me, there isn't enough caffeine in the world to keep people reading more about me!

As always, I invite each of you to participate in these awards.  You can tell 'em I sent you the award in a lovely blue box wrapped in pretty white ribbon.  If you do decide to participate, pick either award and go for it.  For the Super Comments Award you simply copy and answer the 10 questions above and for the Stylish Blogger Award you tell us 7 interesting things about yourself!

Thanks again Kelley and Rebecca for these wonderful awards!

P.S.  The cupcakes came from a coffee shop up near my daughter called Buzz...yum!


  1. You are amazing! Now can I have a cup cake?

    xo kelley

  2. Great to know more about you. I can chatter quite a bit myself. I think a lot of bloggers are friendly talkers, pet lovers, creative, and that is what brings us together♥

  3. wishn' I had time to "play" ...

    now you're nudging my sweet tooth.

  4. That 'talk to a blank wall' thing? It's one of the reasons that I adore you so much. You're one of the few people who talks more than I do. :)

    I have been fighting the Chocolate Munchies all day, and now I can't stand it anymore. I imagine that now I will have to go downstairs and make cupcakes! You are evil, Kat-the-cupcake-enabler!!

  5. THose cupcakes look scrumptious and evil - because there's no way in h*ll I'de be able to resist them. Love your photos, and your answers!!.. I bet no one notices the non palm action on your hand either. I just watched the Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring the other night for the third time :-)

  6. My, that cup cake looks delish! Have a great day.

  7. YUMMMMMMMM! that cupcake looks divine! :)

    And so fun learning more about you! I too could talk to a blank wall! :)

    Congrats on the your 2 awards!


  8. That was a fun way to get to learn a little bit about you on my first visit to your blog! The tidbit about not being able to turn your palm up was fascinating. Never heard of that before. Glad it hasn't really been much of a problem for you.

    Wanted to also say thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment about my bathroom renovation. If you have time, I hope you'll visit me again. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing about yourself with us! I love that cupcake too! Yummy!!

  10. Congrats on the awards Kat and I love getting to know you! Very interesting about the palm, I have never seen that before. Love Lord of the Rings and I could talk to a blank wall as well, actually better than I can talk to people. :) The cupcake looks yummy, I hope you enjoyed every bite! :)

  11. I really like your response to #10.
    ....and I'll have some of that cupcake too, please.

  12. Kat,
    Well I certainly enjoyed reading this! And, I will admit now to trying to figure out the palm thing, had to read it twice and the dog is looking at me like I'm a total moron. And, may I say it is so cruel to show a cupcake that looks that good...close-up...dying for a bite!

  13. Hi Kat, you did a wonderful job answering each and every question! Ciao, bella!

  14. You are so interesting! Truly! I think I could read your grocery lists though. Love the cupcake pics too! So clear that I feel like I could reach in and grab one. That is amazing about your hand: never heard of that! Learn something new every day in Blog Land!

  15. Oh, forgot to say I adore your "springish" banner!

  16. I love learning more about my friends, so these awards are fantastic! I liked reading this, Kat. I think I would have answered the questions in a very similar way. Love the same books and movies and feel the same about family. If I were to call you up, we'd probably talk for hours!

    Love your new header pictures!:-)


  17. It was nice learning something about you. Fun post.

  18. Lots of great info about you! Thanks for sharing, now would you PLEASE share that cupcake! LOL!!! Have a wonderful day!

  19. I would be buzzing for sure if I ate the whole cupcake! But it is beautiful and I LOVE chocolate! I've enjoyed reading your post and learning more about you! I like the last one especially about being a woman! Hugs! ♥

  20. If you could chatter for hours, I could definitely listen! You remind me of a lady I once worked with, at lunch time she would have us all mesmerized with her stories, mostly about her everyday life. You too have this gift! xo ~Lili

  21. Love this, Kat! It was fun to learn more about you! I can talk to a blank wall, too...and sometimes do! LOL!

  22. Okay, this just
    confirmed what
    a super cool person
    you are.....I knew
    that....but it WAS
    fun to learn MORE : )
    Congrats on these
    well-deserved awards,
    xx Suzanne


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