Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roba Dolce

A few weeks ago I read on Karen's blog, This Old House 2, about an opportunity to help spread the word about a wonderful company her husband is involved with called Roba Dolce.

Now this isn't just any old company, you see they make mouthwatering Italian gelato and sorbets, and they are on a quest to create wonderfully authentic old world gelato/sorbets in flavors to tickle your taste buds!  Find out more about how they got started by clicking here.


Last Friday, when my son arrived home from college he carried in a big box stamped "perishable" and looked quizzically at me asking, "what on earth did you order mom that requires shipping in dry ice?!"  I explained that I was receiving totally legitimate goods from a friend, and assured him that he would be happy once he saw what was inside the box!

He helped me unpack several containers of frozen bliss in flavors such as Coconut, Dark Chocolate Chunk, Lemon, Mango, Pistachio and Blood Orange!  Can you say yum?!!!  We got a mix of large containers and a few single serving size in cute little cups like the one pictured above.

After dinner that night we broke in to the container of Dark Chocolate Chunk and let me just say that it lived up to its name and then some!  It was smooth and creamy, with a generous amount of yummy dark chocolate chunks, a divine confection that melted in your mouth!

Over the next few days, we sampled the Mango, which is pictured in the second photo above and it had just enough sweetness and tang to make you feel like you were munching on a fresh mango.  I love fruit sorbets, and the mango didn't disappoint.

Tonight I decided to try the Lemon sorbetto, and I can honestly say that it rivaled the lemon sorbetto I had in the south of France a few years ago!

I plan to serve the coconut with a batch of homemade brownies when friends come over this weekend.  And I'm anxious to try the pistachio too!  I hesitated a bit before going ahead and doing a product review, especially since it was for a friend, which I consider Karen to be.  I worried that if I didn't like the Roba Dolce then I would have to figure out a way to gently break it to her.  I also knew though, that Karen wouldn't send me something she didn't think was top notch in taste and quality, so I wasn't too worried!

I'm happy to report that the Roba Dolce she sent may have been my first taste of this great product, but it certainly won't be my last!  When our free batch runs out, I plan to purchase more and keep some on hand for those times when you want a light, refreshing and delicious frozen treat!  Thank you Karen for introducing my family to this wonderful company!

If you'd like to try some Roba Dolce for yourself, you can look for it your local grocery store, click HERE to see if a store in your area carries it.  They also ship, just in case you don't have a store near you that sells it.

Be sure to stop by Karen's wonderful blog to read more about not only Roba Dolce but also her gorgeous new "old" house!

Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day everyone!! 


  1. Admiring your ability to wait until AFTER dinner to give them a try. I would have had my spoon out while opening the box! Our PA grounhog saw his shadow so is predicting an early spring -- the opposite of spring here today tho.
    xo Cathy

  2. Oh my goodness - nothing like this ever happens up here! I can't even begin to imagine the bliss....enjoy!

  3. The coconut served with homemade brownies has my mouth watering! It made me think of how good the dark chocolate one might be with a slice of moist coconut cake. YUM! xo ~Lili

  4. If it is anything like the gelato we had in Italy I want to try it!

  5. I read Karen's post and my mouth was watering! I love gelato and I used to get it downtown a lot when I worked. I miss it! I'll have to check my stores. Thanks, Kat!


  6. Those look so good!! I love mango anything! And coconut with brownies, yes please!!!! Your posts sure have my mouth watering lately my dear friend!! :)

  7. Oh YUM! is it bad that I just ate dinner?...smiles.

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  9. Aren't they amazing! I did my review today...YUMO! ♥


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