Monday, February 14, 2011

4 Letters

Love can't be bought or sold...

it is simple and pure...

requires give and take...

hard to explain...

not limited by a date on the calendar...

or squeezed into 24 short hours...

Love is every day gestures...

like a yummy lunch waiting for you when you're busy making cupcakes...

Or a hug from your children when you least expect it...

diamonds, flowers, and chocolate are only symbols for something much larger...

Something intangible, something so blissful...


something I'm so very fortunate to know every single day...I am Loved!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I'm linking up for Sunday Songs over at 5 Minutes Just For Me!


  1. Beautiful post, Kat. Without love today, the day would mean nothing... no more or no less than any other day.

  2. Hi Kat, what lovely sentiments from a lovely lady! Happy Valentine's Day from Frog Hollow Farm! Ciao, bella!

  3. Kat, those cupcakes looks so good and light and you are so right. Happy Valentine's!

  4. Love has many forms and be sure Kat, that you're loved from across the ocean too!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Feel that love's a glorious thing.

  6. Kat, I so agree, what a beautiful post. In fact the post I did today has basically the same message, just written a little differently. We are blessed ladies to have so much love in our lives, Happy Vday to you and your sweetheart, Kathysue

  7. beautiful pictures......Happy Heart Day!!

  8. Simply beautiful, Kat! Thanks for this lovely post today--the small and loving, everyday things really are the best gifts, aren't they?!

    Hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful!


  9. It's the love in the run-of-the-mill; the love in the everyday; the love in the here and now when there's no big night and no big date....that's the best.

  10. What a beautiful Valentine's Day you had there, Kat. Lovely little cupcakes, too.

    BTW, the cards came today. They are flat out beautiful! So professional-looking. Thank you so much!!

  11. So beautiful and very well stated my friend! Everything looks so good and the lunch must have been made by your hubby? That was so sweet! I hope you had a great day and Happy Valentines Day you and yours!

  12. Beautiful post...simply and eloquently put. To me love is giving with the heart strings rather than the purse strings.

  13. This was really sweet! I do is an every day thing, but on Valentine's Day it comes with a little chocolate on top!

  14. Your vintage cupcake pan is so pretty Kat! And that is such a cool idea to make cupcakes out of Angel Food cake. I must try that. Can I have a pickle and a bite of that grilled cheese? Oh that looks yummy! Mr. Tide really knows how to put together the perfect lunch plate. What a simply wonderful Valentine's Day you had! xo ~Lili

  15. Oh Kat a LOVELY post as ALWAYS.... :o) !!!

    I hope you had a SPLENDID Valentines Day....It certainly looked like it was a TASTY one....I'm LOVIN' your vintage cup cake pan.... :o) !!

    Your pics as ALWAYS had me MELTING my Friend....I'll be in Texas for the Spring Show....Do you think I might be able to 'weedle' you into a visit for some lessons....hahahahaha....SERIOUSLY though....??

    Take care & have a WONDERFUL week Lovey....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  16. Such a lovely post. Thank you for visiting my blog for dessert! It's great to be loved!


  17. Kat, what a beautiful post! I hope you had a very lovely Valentine's Day! Those cupcakes looked yummy too!

  18. Hope it was a
    wonderful day,
    sweet friend!!
    Looks like you
    had a yummy day
    in the kitchen : )
    xx Suzanne

  19. What a beautiful Valentine's post! Those cupcakes sure did look delicious.

    If you have a moment and would like to pop by my blog I would love it if you could link up this post to my recent Sunday Song post which was dedicated to all things romantic.

    Best wishes always,

  20. well ty Kat for the life of me i could not block these cupcakes out of my mind!!! so i just got back from store with 2 boxes of mix and cupcake papers.....i noticed on back no directions for cupcakes would you mind sharing temp and time?

  21. Cupcakes and a movie at home were how we spent Valentine's Day too :-) Yours look delicious!


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