Friday, February 25, 2011

Like My Dog

It's been a crazy weather day today here in Maryland. High winds, thunderstorms, and heavy rain one minute then blue clear sky the next!  The view above was looking west from my back patio...

While this was the view east at the same time.  The wind has been howling all day with gusts of up to 60 mph, and what you can't see in this picture is how it was pouring down rain with the sun shining at the same time.  My grandmother used to always say that the devil was beating his wife when it was raining while the sun was shining.  

If you look really, really hard at the photo above you can see a very faint rainbow that runs along the tree branch tips on the closest far left tree.  It's so faint you probably can't even see it, but it's there I promise.

I was supposed to meet my dear friend Connie from Hartwood Roses today at the Ekster Barn Sale outside of Leesburg, Virginia, but my flu bug put the brakes on that pretty quick.  So instead I stayed inside out of the weather and played around with pictures.  I had taken some photos of Misty Belle the other day when the sun was shining brightly and decided I would try some of Kim Klassen's wonderful textures on my latest puppy pictures.  If you visit Kim's website and register, from time to time you'll receive wonderful free textures like the ones I've used here.


I also finished up 2 stories this morning and then decided to take some pictures of a box full of dog collars that I had volunteered to photograph for Connie and a charity she works with called  Greyhounds Rock.  Connie actually sews these beautiful collars to sell and the proceeds go to help support cancer research in not just Greyhounds but all dogs...and I think that rocks!

Misty Belle agrees that anything that can help eradicate cancer in humans or animals is a very worthy cause!

I had so much fun shooting these beautiful and very well made collars, there was one in almost every color of the rainbow, and something to suit every dog or owner's personality.

Misty Belle, being a preppy girlie girl said she liked the brightly colored ones the best.

I caught her eyeing the two pretty ones above several times, and I think I heard her say that a girl really needs to look her best when she goes out to meet people, but I'm not sure if I heard her correctly!  Whatever she said, Miss Kylee nodded and wagged her tail in complete agreement.

Mr. Quinn also put his two cents in and said that he thought he would look dapper in this lovely houndstooth number, and he was quick to remind me that his current collar still has a bit of a skunk smell to it!  

I think it's so great that Connie, with her busy schedule, does so much for dog rescue and Greyhounds Rock of Fredericksburg.  And if you are in need of a collar and want to support a great cause at the same time you can contact Connie through her blog by clicking HERE.

And although we weren't basking in the sun today like Misty was in the photo above, it was still a pretty good day aside from missing the barn sale.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and if you do have a dog or cat, what sort of collar do they usually wear?...something with spikes, or something frilly and feminine...I'd love to hear all about it!

I recently heard this song and thought it was pretty cute...

Spread the Love...


  1. Thanks for spreading that love my way! That is indeed a fantastic charitable deed. I have lost several dogs to cancer. I imagine sitting outside there with you, watching the rainbow as it edges across the trees.

  2. Beautiful pictures of Misty Bell, I love the one where she is basking on the sun! What odd weather for you today! I hope you are feeling better, I have been feeling a little off this week as well, not sure what it is. Love the collars and what a great cause! I will have to check the site out. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Great looking houndstooth! Really like it...

    Sorry you didn't get to go. I was thinking about the two of you out having fun today... our windy weather with blue skies and puffy clouds prompted me to take some video today. It felt like spring out there!

    Get well soon, Kat. NO FUN being sick.


  4. Oh Kat, sorry you've a flu much going around right now! Lovely photos on this post...and the video was funny (and more than a little truth in it...)Hope you feel better soon! XO

  5. The flu or some other hideous cold has hit me and its been three weeks. I also lost my voice. I think that makes my family happy. LOL!!! Misty Belle has gotten so big.

  6. Those collars are wonderful, and the houndstooth would look so perfect for Mr. Quinn. And of course a Vera Bradley for Misty Belle. Our dog used to wear a leather collar with spikes when we used to want him to look fierce while driving long distance on vacation. Otherwise he wore a red bandana at home because he was so sweet. He was a Rottweiler. So sorry to hear you got hit with the flu bug Kat. Wishing you a quick recovery!xo ~Lili

  7. Beautiful pictures...I saw the rainbow!!! Our weather is very queer, too. Rain one day and snow the next. But it is staying in the 30's and that's bearable.

    The collars are adorable. I'd love to order one for Layla and Milo except we just recently found an online girl who does personalized collars and ordered them. I like this cause, my sister's dog died from cancer.

    Sorry you had to miss the sale. I have my fingers crossed I won't get sick again this winter like I did in the fall. So far, so good. Have a great weekend, Kat!


  8. I love the textures over the pics of the dog. So cute. And I love the collars. My dog has driven me crazy today:( He wore himself out walking around today and is finally sleeping:)

  9. Hi Kat!

    Cute song! Hope you get to feeling better soon. That flu bug is wicked.

    Misty Belle is a preppy it! Thanks for sharing Greyhounds Rock. Such a worthy cause. I'll have to check it out.

    Take care! ~Michelle :)

  10. Your textured photos of your furbabies are so amazing, Kat!! Hope you're feeling better soon - and thanks for the scoop on those collars. I'll be checking them out! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Those collars are lovely. A friend who lives nearby has a rescued Greyhound - I'm sending her this link.

  12. Oh, I think you heard her correctly. Misty Belle is definitely a girlie girl who knows what she likes and that blue & green is right up her alley.
    What a wonderful cause too.

    I have heard that saying before too about the devil - wonder where it originated?


  13. I can see the rainbow through the trees - beautiful! Hope you are feeling better now Kat

  14. Misty Belle is growing. She's got that lanky adolescent look instead of the round baby look now.
    She's still beautiful!

  15. I absolutely love the photos of Misty Belle and those collars! Sorry you have the flu bug-get well soon!

  16. I had absolutely no idea that you were going to do this!! (though I'm not surprised that you did.) Your photos of my collars make them look like they should be featured in some fancy catalog, and I cannot thank you enough for making them look so wonderful! I also appreciate you encouraging folks to visit my blog and our Greyhounds Rock web site to find out more about what we do. I'm working hard to get the Etsy store off the ground (there's a lot more to it than I thought), and I hope it will be up by the end of next week. With your beautiful photos, I have no doubt that it will be a success ... which means more $$$ to donate to such a worthy cause.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  17. Wouldn't it be nice to eradicate cancer from all living beings! The dog collars are beautiful, what's Misty Belle's favorite? Have a wonderful day!

  18. Always a delight for me to see you write about your dogs. I love mine so much. Thanks for sharing!


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