Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

My thoughts are all over the place these days it seems.  Maybe a product of too much going on, or maybe it's because there is too much going on in the world right now.  Egypt, Australia, blizzards, it can all seem so overwhelming sometimes, but then I take my dogs outside and watch them rip and race and life seems good, at least in my little corner of the world.

This little bird picture was snapped around this time last year, and even though he or she was holding up against strong winds and cold temps that day, its only concern was to find a little something to nibble on.  We had scattered seed and crushed up crackers onto our back deck and the birds were thankful for our small act of kindness.

Which leads me to muddy nosed puppies who share small acts of kindness each time they nuzzle your hand or wag their tail with wild abandon just because you've returned home.  I love that about my pups, their generous and caring spirit makes me pause and be thankful every day!

It truly is the little things that make life worth living in my opinion.  Even the $3 ranunculus I bought at the store have given me great joy over the past few days.  Seeing their delicate buds open into perfectly shaped blossoms and knowing that their beauty is so fleeting brings a smile to my face and makes me cherish them all the more!

When I'm working at my computer I can simply gaze off to my left and see one of my favorite pieces of furniture, an old pine dough box topped with more of my favorite things, a lamp, flower books, and a mason jar full of flowers.  What a nice view I have while at work!

With so much destruction and unrest in the world that surrounds us, it's nice to know we have a soft place to land and little things to bring us happiness and comfort.  My wish is that all those being wracked by devastating weather or political unrest will be able to find their own little joys and comforts as they go through the next few days, weeks, and months...we all deserve that I think.

I've set up a Flickr account for those of you who want to see more of my pictures, and so that those of you who don't, don't have to! ;-)  You can find it by clicking HERE.


  1. I agree Kat. We are very fortunate to have the flowers and the puppy dogs that make us very happy in this big old world. Beautiful post.


  2. Great post and photos, Kat. There is a lot going on right now in this world.

  3. I wonder if we'll ever see world peace in our lifetime? Love the photos, especially Misty Belle! My four-legged son does the same thing, that little docked tail goes 100 mph when we come through the door!

  4. Pansies do it for me, every time. There is so very much I can do nothing at all about!

  5. We just have a little cold and a little snow in our corner of the world. So many disturbing things going on today! I appreciated this post! All of my favorite things. Pups, flowers and what a gorgeous bird photo. Frame it! Thank you, Kat! xo

  6. Kat, I so enjoyed gazing into these wonderfully beautiful images right now. I got my toilet fixed this afternoon! No leaf blower has caught fire today! Yes, there is so much unrest going on in the world. Makes my silly predicaments seem awfully mild in comparison...

  7. When the world seems to be a bit overwhelming, it helps for me to cocoon with my laptop and a cat or two. I boycott TV news, because the up-to-the-second play-by-play that TV feels we need isn't healthy for us. Whatever bits I get on news radio in the car (WTOP) is enough for me right now. After I get my fill, I change the station to something that gets me moving in my seat ... and I'm sure I keep the people in the other cars in traffic more-than-adequately entertained.

    Peace is what we make here at home. It's my dogs snoozing on their beds (or begging for egg yolks), my daughters safe and happy, and my dear husband working from the other room. I can only influence MY LITTLE WORLD. When I remember that, I'm happier.

  8. Kat, I can't believe how much the pup has grown up! She is a cutie! I love the picture you took last year of the bird too-very clear just beautiful! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us!

  9. Beautiful flowers; I can see you how they would make you feel rested and happy. I love pics of your dog. So sweet!

  10. Kat i can't get over how that lil 1 has grown!!! world activity is so sad and i doubt will ever end once 1 thing seems settled another happens, but i am a firm believer before we get our noses in someone elses troubles we should get ours in better shape. Oh and ty for such beautiful photos least they make people smile.

  11. Pups have a way of calming us and making us realize what's important.... They make me want to just shut of CNN and the outside world and relax.


  12. I really get this! I too can't help but keep thinking, "what is going on in our world". It is a bit unsettling. I am very thankful for the normalness of my surroundings as well. Pets and family can bring you back to your own life situations real quick! Great post!

  13. Sweet and thoughtful post and lovely pictures.

  14. Wonderful post and pics Kat!


  15. I so agree with you, Kat. There is so much to pray about these days. So many people needing help and strength. It almost seems overwhelming at times. But it certainly does make us appreciate what we have in own humble homes and the love of friends and family that surround us on a daily basis. ♥ Thank God for my life...

    xoxo laurie

  16. It is indeed that little thinks that we need to hold on to that make us smile each and every day. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend my friend and enjoy the day before you. :)

  17. We are so blessed, just to be where we are.
    We had a bad night last night, but in the morning we can light a fire, sip our tea and feel safe and cosy. Blessed, indeed.

  18. When the madness of the world gets too much it really does help to find comfort in all the blessings that surround us. You make me want to get another dogggie though, she is so sweet. I just love those flowers, I don't think I can find them here though. xo ~Lili

  19. Well said, Kat!
    This week has
    particularly brought
    that home, hasn't it?
    You should see the
    fields in Carlsbad, CA
    where they grow the
    xx Suzanne

  20. Cute dog! What kind is it, border collie? Our dog looks very similar, and we're not sure what kind of mix she is.

    ciao from Newport Beach


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