Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tick Tock

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on my "rant" post from yesterday.  The post was prompted not by anything that had been done to me, but because over the last few days I had received several emails from a couple of different close blog friends telling me how they were being harassed, not by complete strangers, but by other bloggers or people they knew!  

I was both surprised and amazed that someone would feel the need to tell someone else how to live, what to blog about, how to run their business, etc.  So I felt like I couldn't just sit by and idly watch as these dear sweet friends were being bullied, hence my post.  I'm sorry that some of you who commented have also experienced this unnecessary meanness and I really do hope that it can end.  I know that my post won't change anything, and that those who have the type of personality to do the taunting and bullying will likely say something like "yes, those mean people should really stop what they are doing!," but I still felt the need to write about it anyway!

Today it is REALLY windy here in Maryland, like Wizard of Oz windy!  Even the dogs aren't crazy about going out for fear they might blow across the river and end up in Virginia.  I'll be braving the wind to head out and do some more stuff over at my parent's house, but before I go I wanted to share with you a few travel alarm clocks I found while cleaning out the attic at their house.

They belonged to my Great Uncle Carl.  I never met my Uncle Carl, he died before I was born.  But my mother often talked about what a wonderful and kind man he was.  He fought in WWII and was quite a dashing fellow from what I can gather.  He also had a pension for monogramming everything he bought...lighters, knives, jewelry, luggage, and even his travel clocks.

I love these vintage alarm clocks that date back to the 30s or 40s I assume.  Uncle Carl must have been a very punctual man, because he had a fair number of these.

I wonder how many hotel rooms these clocks have seen, or what faraway countries they've been too?  Maybe he even picked them up overseas during the war, sadly, we'll never really know!

Time has unfortunately run out on my beautiful tulips that my neighbor gave me last weekend.  But I'm not sad.  They brought me great joy while they lasted and now I have an excuse to pick up some more pretty flowers at the store today!

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Oh, and if you live near southern Maryland, be sure to stop by The Vintage Source, they are open this weekend!


  1. what fun to find such treasures in your parents attic! my siblings and i are slowly going through the attics/rooms to help simplify my parents home. love the leather, monogrammed cases and that they hold some family history...the story behind the treasure!

  2. Your very own treasure trove!
    My kitchen table is covered in tulip petals. They'd all fallen off over night and look very pretty against the pastel cloth. I'll leave them for an hour or so - a little more enjoyment from them.

  3. Your post reminded me that my late grandfather had a black clock that looked like the ones above! Your post made me flash back instantly. I'm off to blog and then write my mother an email to see if she still has it. I miss my "Pop".

  4. Those clocks are so cool. Yeah, super windy here too, up in Cecil County. So weird about the harassing.

  5. I think the
    world could
    use a dash of
    Uncle Carls ~
    sounds like
    he had great
    that's in YOUR
    DNA, as well : )
    Loved your last
    post, too. So
    true and what a
    privilege to know
    that you are in
    my court, as I am
    in yours. Happy
    Saturday, dear Kat!!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Mom is here and
    we are up to our eyeballs
    in home projects, so
    I'm out of the blogging
    loop, a bit....

  6. What fun to find these treasures and enjoy them. The clocks are wonderful ~ I just found your blog through Vignette Designs and I love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE your header. I am following along. I'll definitely be back! ;-)

  7. My pink Valentine's Day roses are dropping their petals too.. oh boo hoo me.

    My grandmother had a little travel alarm clock like that. So sweet.


  8. I love the travel alarm clocks Kat, they are so beautiful and what stories they must have. :) My grandpa had one as well, I believe it was green but very similar to the one your Uncle had. I hope that you are having a good Saturday and don't blow away! Crazy weather I tell you!

  9. My grand parents used to have one of these and gave them to me. I used it as a young adult and then I don't remember what happened to it. Happy Weekend.

  10. Oh I thought of you Kat when I picked up some tulips today while I was out...a nice bouquet for only $5! What a beautiful post your bits of fading petals made paired with your Uncle Carl's monogrammed alarm clocks. xo ~Lili

  11. Speaking of tulips, I think that I just might treat myself to some tomorrow. I'm feeling great after our little chat and getting my head wrapped around things with the support of wonderful bloggy friends like you.

    I remember these clocks quite well. I believe that my Mom gave me a red one when I was just a little girl. I thought it was the neatest things ever.
    Love Uncle Carl's.


  12. My Grandad used to have one of those clocks, i think my dad now has it as my grandad passed away about 20 years ago. Thank you for sharing these it has brought a smile to my face & the thought of many happy memories :)

  13. My grandaddy had a travel clock like these...he used to use it when he'd come to our house to visit! My, what memories...thanks for sharing!!!

  14. That's when people traveled in style!
    Don't you wish tulips would last just a little bit longer...such happy flowers.

  15. I love little travel clocks and I refuse to have a digital alarm clock. I have a old battery clock by my bed that I love. ♥O

  16. I remember those clocks. It's always special having something that's come down from those who went before us.

    Loved your post yesterday, and I'm the same. i would have spoken out too.

    Lisa x

  17. Kat these truly are treasures and how lucky for you to have found them. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Now I have to go and read your rant!! KS

  18. Hi friend Kim guided me to your beautiful blog and gorgeous photos. That clock you have...I have the very same one, however in blue...what a great photo.

  19. My parents had that same clock on their nightstand... fun to see it again!!...

  20. Kat, as a teacher I can tell you that cyber-bullying is now out of control, there was a horrible incident in Massachusetts, my home state about a year ago - but I guess there will always be bully's until people can stand up to them. Sometimes it can take you by surprise but if people can gather up courage and seek help it can be brought to an end. Sorry for the rant.

    I love, love, love your uncle's clocks. Wouldn't it be nice if he'd kept a diary about his travels. He must have been a special guy, I find that most WWII vets are.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  21. Just love your travel clocks. My dad was a WWII vet and I remember him having one very similar. It was so solid and sturdy and when it folded up into its little case it just felt "strong" somehow. The ones in the shops thesedays (assuming you can find them!) are so light and flimsy. I'm sure they would not last the 80 years these beauties have. Great to reminisce. ;)Sharyne

  22. This is such a beautifully written piece and I love the way you've incorporated the tulip petals throughout gorgeous and poignant.

    It was your uncle's clocks that caught my eye and lead me to your space.
    I've been looking for an alarm clock for my bedside table and had never really considered an antique travel clock - I'm on the hunt now!

    You've also prompted me to consider placing a monogrammed tortoiseshell 'cuff & collar' box of my Grandfather's in a more prominent place in my home.

    I'm looking forward to reading more and exploring your space,

    Felicity x

  23. I love the old clocks and the memories they inspire...we have a very similar one that belonged to my mother-in-law...


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