Monday, January 31, 2011

Soap Opera or Sitcom

Some days I wonder if I'm living the story line of a drama filled soap opera, or if it's simply a badly scripted sitcom! :-)    I would tell you about the rest of my event filled weekend, but at this point I think you all would really begin to believe that I make this stuff up...oh how I wish!

Don't get me wrong though, I know things could be so much worse!  Look at poor A-M who is trying to pull her life back together after enduring major flooding in Australia, and she's just one of thousands trying to find their way after life has thrown them a curve ball.  And Anne from Fiona and Twig nearly had her house burn down this past weekend, so you see it can always be worse and at times when life seems like it's picking on you, you really do have to stand back and remember how lucky you are!

We all have our challenges to face day in and day out, times when our strength and resolve seem tested beyond the limits, but we somehow muddle through and come out alright in the end!

Today we continued to monitor Mr. Quinn for signs of any problems related to the skunk attack and so far so good, knock on wood.  The vet said to continue monitoring him for the rest of the week, but I'm hopeful he will come out of this none the worse for wear.

Some of you have commented and emailed me asking for the recipe to the magic potion we used on Quinn last night.  It's 1 Quart Hydrogen Peroxide (be sure it's a new bottle and hasn't expired), 3/4 cup Baking Soda, and 1 to 2 Tbs. of original Dawn Dish Detergent (I also read where you can substitute Ivory Dish Soap for Dawn).  You mix it all together (be sure NOT to put it in a sealed container because it creates a chemical reaction and can explode if housed in a sealed container), then put it on your pet, avoiding the eyes and mouth, let sit for approximately 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

That's what we did, and aside from some of Mr. Quinn's fur around his ears getting slightly bleached to a lovely shade of copper, the solution worked like a champ!  Phew!

Today was spent doing very little in between napping, and it will be a short night tonight as I'm hitting the hay just as soon as I hit the send button on this post.  I did want to at least update you all and thank each of you for your concern and kind words of commiseration! 

In addition to having a sick puppy last night, Mr. Tide woke up in the middle of the night sick as could be from what we think was the smell of the skunk!  He was the one who stayed outside with Mr. Quinn for almost 2 hours while I traveled back and forth to the store last night.  And he also helped hold Quinnie while I bathed him, so he really got more than his fair share of exposure to the skunk oil!  He's still not feeling well tonight!

We were able to use an oil lamp to get rid of the scent in the house, I have to say that those Lampe Berger lamps really do cleanse the air, so I was lucky to have one for just such an occasion!  Thanks Grace for making sure I had one, sometimes things do work out the way they are supposed to!!!

You may be wondering why it seems as though I've posted the exact same photos as last night.  Some of them are very similar, and one is the same photo, just done in a different texture.  The above photos are ones I just sent off to have made into note cards, they will be minus the watermark of course.  It will be my first foray into selling my photos, and I'm hoping that when I receive them in the mail I will love how they look, otherwise I'll have a lot of extra note cards filling up my junk drawer!

With everything that's been going on, wow don't I sound like a broken record, I haven't been able to reply to every comment and email, but I hope to remedy that situation over the rest of this week, barring any further skunk incidents...let's hope I didn't just jinx myself!

I was lucky enough to win a few awards last week, so I'll be back soon to share them with you!  Have a wonderful week my friends!


  1. Aren't I the helpful friend. I'm so glad it worked out for a reason. I had heard those Lampe Berger's really worked and now you've tested it.

    I love the third picture down - I was just swooning at how airy and peaceful and ethereal it looked.

  2. Gorgeous photos.
    I always say that there's nothing, nothing at all as interesting as real life. One just couldn't make this stuff up!

  3. Kat I really adore your photography. I can't believe so many friends are going through so much!

    To cheer you..

    do come and enter my amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  4. Sorry to hear about your pup's encounter with the skunk . . . Hope your hubby feels better soon! We're bracing for a HUGE snow storm!!! Take care, and have a wonderful week!


  5. Wow! I hope this week goes a little better! Your photos are gorgeous and the cards will turn out beautifully! Will e-mail you back soon!

  6. I always head to your beautiful blog for a pick me up. I'm sure you have that effect on many others as well!

    Hang in there to you AND your friends.

    :) Laura

  7. Good grief, I miss a
    couple of days and
    pop over to find that
    you are all recovering
    from skunk!! And that
    you are branching out
    with your photography!
    Love that you are chasing
    your dreams and as for
    Quinn ~ well, that stinks : )
    Hope Mr. Tide is feeling
    xx Suzanne

  8. I would have gotten sick right at the beginning probably from smelling that especially for that long. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  9. I've been out of the loop and am just now playing catch up. Poor Mr. Quinn...shame on Pepe! I hope everything and everybody is recovering. Skunk smell is just the worst...burnt rubber erasers!

  10. My dear friend, you have certainly been picked on by life these last couple of days. But look at the wonderful things that are happening with your photography, I am so excited for you and I love the picture that you chose for the postcards! I had to think of you this morning as I awoke to my daughter telling me that Rodman has peed all over and he was soaked in it...turns out the washer flooded and he laid in it all night, so I spent the morning sucking water that ran down into our basement and bathing the dog from nasty washer water!! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  11. thank you for sharing the recipe for the *get rid of skunk smell off of pets* i worte it down and will keep in recipe file. so gald Quinn is doing better sorry your hub is sick and your pictures are always worth the time to see even twice!!

  12. Oh, no!
    Hang in there. Sounds like an overly eventful weekend...and they always get skunked at bedtime or in the morning when you are trying to get ready for your day..

  13. Must go read these other blogs and see about their misfortune. How sad.... :-( Thanks for bringing them to the attention of the rest of the blogging world. I'm sure they could use some support right now.


  14. Having been the victim, along with the family cottage, of a skunking (last summer) I have great sympathy for what you are going through. Courage!

  15. Oh how dreadful. I am so sensitive to smells that I can't imagine going through this. My life has been a bit of a soap opera/sitcom lately too...don't know if I should laugh or cry. I've been doing a bit of both.

    I think the photos will be gorgeous notecards.

  16. My favorites are the last 2 images. That will be exciting for you to see them in notecard form Kat! I just love how you use those textures. Hope Mr. Tide is feeling better by now! xo ~Lili

  17. I can't get enough of that third photo down and just set it as my desktop on my work computer. Just so you know - you go with me to work now.


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