Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magazine Mania

Thank you everyone for your wonderful and amazing comments on my post from yesterday.  There are so many amazing women in this world and it warms my heart to know that many of you visit and comment on my blog, so thank you for that!

Do you remember the picture above, many of you probably don't.  It was part of a blog post (Here) I did almost exactly a year ago.  In that post, I introduced you to my friend Susan and her beautiful home which is filled with one of a kind folk art and antiques.  I could only show you snippets though because Susan's home was going to be featured in a magazine, so I couldn't reveal too much.

The magazine world is a funny place, it's very similar to retail in some ways, where you do something and then don't get to see it for months afterward.  I used to be a clothing rep for children's clothing, and the store owners would come to the shows at least 6 months out to purchase clothing for the next season.  So 6 months later it was almost like Christmas when their items would finally arrive.  I'm sure many shop owners feel like this, since the buying season is always done well in advance.

The same is true for magazines.  Many times homes are styled and shot, stories are submitted, and we don't get to see the finished product until we get our contributor copy in the mail, which is always a welcome surprise!

So after getting home at almost 8 pm last night after conducting an interview with homeowners at another beautiful waterfront home for a regional magazine, I opened the mailbox to find an big manila envelope with my contributor copy of the latest issue of Country Sampler.

It's their special "home tour" edition, and I couldn't wait to get inside where I had some light so that I could flip through it to find Susan's house article which I wrote. 

The layout looks fabulous thanks to the styling of my talented friend Phoebe Parker and the amazing photos taken by Mark Lohman.  The picture above is of Susan's living room which overlooks the water and has windows on every side!

I had to smile when I saw the picture of the kitchen, if you have a copy of this issue you'll have to pay special attention to the small lamp sitting on top of the crate in the top right of the picture on page 54.  See how the light is on?  Well that was my big job of the day.  When I arrived at the shoot, they were getting ready to photograph the kitchen, but they needed a touch more light for the shot, but not too much.  So what you can't see from that gorgeous picture is how I was around the corner, tucked inside a small bathroom with a giant orange extension cord waiting for Mark to say "Kat are you ready...unplug on 3...ok 1...2...3!"  He needed the light to be fading to get just the right shot, because that's how precise he is as a photographer, and it shows in his wonderful pictures!  Now Mark is also a bit of a jokester so for the rest of the shoot he kept saying things like, "Kat if you would behave we could let you out of the bathroom," or, "Kat don't make us put you back in the bathroom."  See the things I go through so that you all can have beautiful photos to look at in magazines?! hehe

Well I'm just thrilled that my dear friend Susan's home is so beautifully displayed in this issue.  She has paid her dues by working hard and helping others to create their own beautiful homes through the antique stores she has owned and worked at over the years.  We all knew her home was magazine worthy, and now everyone else will know it too!

I also wanted to give a little shout out to a few friends whose blogs got mentioned in the latest issue of Flea Market Style...

Congrats each deserve this wonderful accolade!

I have some more great homes coming out in upcoming issues of various magazines, and I'll keep you posted if something else shows up in my mailbox anytime soon!

Until then...I'll keep spreading the love...


  1. What a lot of work behind the scenes!.....if I did a tenth of that I'd have a much nicer house!

  2. Thankfully at shoots I just stand around and take up space, but if we had a stylist and photographer at our disposal we would all have perfect looking houses!

    Kat :)

  3. o0o i didn't get this issue yet but i will for sure look for that light!!

  4. Congrats, Kat! It is SO fun to read the magazines when you have articles or photos in them!! I love it!

  5. This is SOOO wonderful!! All of this recogition couldn't happen to a nicer gal! I love hearing the behind-the-scenes stories.

  6. Your job looks like fun, Kat...not to say that it isn't hard work. Just being around fun, creative people. I always love reading your articles and I'm looking forward to this one. Love that room, the ceiling is fantastic! You must get a lot of inspiration. I'll be looking for a copy!


  7. Beautiful home Kat! That living room is gorgeous and all that space! She has decorated it perfectly! Love how the beams are used. I can't wait to pick up the issue! Hope your day was well!!

  8. This is so interesting..and I love hearing some of the tricks of the trade! I can't wait to pick up the magazine! How talented you are! ♥

  9. It must be so exciting to get a magazine in the mail and know that you are in it! The home is gorgeous...I know it is lots of work, but it also sounds like lots of fun.

  10. Girl, you're here and there and everywhere! Congratulations!

  11. you've got the dream life, sweetie ...

    and your house matches it


  12. Congrats, Mom! You're awesome!!

  13. I love how the feature came out. Looks beautiful. Isn't it amazing how bloggers are becoming more and more featured in magazine. I love that.

    Angie @ Linen + Verbena

  14. Kat, congratulations on such a lovely house tour. Susan's home is beautiful, at least what I can see here. I will be looking for Country Sampler. What a surprise to see a link to my blog at the end of this post! Thanks.

  15. Kat, what a lovely surprise for you-I love when I get big surprises in the mail and yours was a big one! You did an awesome job! As your daughter said, you are awesome!!

  16. Sounds like your job is fun (though I guess it has much to do with whom your working with). Beautiful home.

    Lisa x

  17. I am such a trivia nut, so it only stands to reason that I love hearing little a little back story and the extension cord is a doozie! I'd gladly stand in a bathroom and plug and unplug if you're ever in need of a assistant!
    It just demonstrates how much time, effort and talent goes into making a shoot fantastic and the difference in a photographer and an artist.
    Beautiful home...just beautiful.

  18. Enjoyed the behind the scenes look at a photo shoot. Susan has such a beautiful home to work with. And again, contrats to you on all your new publications!

  19. I love Country Sampler. When I'm done reading it I send it to my mom in Germany. Congrats to everyone listed.

  20. I am reading this a day behind, so sorry but I am so happy that you are spreading the love. I am giving it right back two fold. I hope you feel better and get through the week. Love,

  21. Congrats, my
    talented friend!!
    I've never read
    this publication,
    but now I'll be on
    the lookout for it.
    Eat your chicken
    soup and feel better!
    xx Suzanne

  22. Yesterday while we were in Bangor I remembered to look for the magazines that you had features in, but they did not even carry them. Funny thing though, they did carry Country Sampler, and I almost bought it even though I didn't know at the time you had a feature in it. It may have been an earlier issue though. (Sometimes, we're kind of slow getting the latest issues up here!) Congrats Kat! ~Lili


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