Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whisk Kid

(All photos courtesy of Whisk Kid)

Hi everyone, thanks for your sweet comments about my article coming out in Country Sampler.  Although I've been freelance writing about homes and photographing for regional magazines for the past 12 years, it's still thrilling to me to see my name in print for my writing or photos in the national mags!   So thanks for letting me be all about "me" for a post or two!

Today I'm not really thinking about food, I have a flu bug that my dear husband decided to share with me, but I have been wanting to share something myself for awhile about someone who is a master of food.

Do you remember being 19 or even 20 and what you were doing?  I was spending my days playing tennis at college and wishing I could skip the whole class part and simply hit the courts 24/7.  I lived in an apartment that had a microwave, 2 tiny burners, and no oven.  I considered it a gourmet meal if I slapped some store bought roast beef between two slices of bread and cut up a piece of fruit to go along with it.  And as I recall, Domino's Pizza lost a lot of money on us with that "delivery in 30 minutes or it's free" rule.

At 19 or 20 most of us are in college or starting our first big job, busy just making ends meet and not really thinking about a whole lot more than what needs to be done that least that's how it was for me.  But for one Michigan university student, she has her eye on the prize!

While I was busy worrying about what to wear for a weekend date at her age, she's busy creating this!!!  You see, Kaitlin, also known as the Whisk Kid, has a dream, and one I fully expect her to attain.  She hopes to one day own her own bakery.  

"I'm a marketing major, and I'm hoping to open a bakery after I graduate," says Kaitlin when I emailed her to ask why she wasn't styling food for the likes of Martha Stewart or any other national magazine who wants to feature yummy as well as gorgeously presented food!

One of the things I love most about blogging is the spiderweb effect it has and how you can start one place and end up finding the most wonderful things as you wind your way along the spiderweb.  That's how I found Kaitlin.  

I had read on Kate's blog about a food photography challenge over at Pioneer Woman's site and so off I went to visit the photostream on Flickr to enter a picture and look at all of the other wonderful entries.  It's quite addicting really, flipping through pages of beautiful food shots and I was instantly struck by the photo above of homemade ice cream.  It was one of Kaitlin's are ALL of the photos in this post.  You see it wasn't just a picture of homemade ice cream in a bowl, it was a picture that said it's summertime y'all and the heat wave is upon us so come onto the big back porch, grab yourself a big 'ole glass of lemonade and enjoy this cold refreshing bowl of ice cream!  Yup, it really said all of that to me with just this one photo.

I was intrigued, so I went to Kaitlin's profile page expecting to find a link to a professional photographer's website, but instead it took me to her great blog Whisk Kid.  When I read the "about the kid" section in her profile I was floored.  She was a college student, cooking in a tiny and very dated apartment kitchen...the one you see above actually!  And she shoots with the same Canon Rebel XTi that I use, but I've never taken a food photo that looked like hers!  

So I emailed her and asked how on earth she does it, baking in a tiny apartment kitchen with only the counter space you see in the picture above?!  She was so sweet and replied by telling me that she was a college student studying marketing and about her dream of one day owning her own bakery.  "I do bake in my apartment, but it's ill-equipped (I have approximately 1 1/2 square feet of counter space) so I often bake at my boyfriend's apartment, which has a larger kitchen."  But we all know that most college town apartments are not equipped with a gourmet cook's kitchen so I'm still over the top impressed!  And can we say lucky boyfriend?!

Kaitlin clearly has a talent for baking, just look at these vegan cupcakes she made in the photo above, but what strikes me as really amazing is her ability to stage and photograph food.  Take a look at a few of her wonderful and oh so mouthwatering photos...

She even makes Pop Tarts look inviting!

And she's no one trick pony, she also makes wonderful main dishes, but her real love can be found in her baking.

Along with providing wonderful recipes on her blog, she also gives her readers helpful hints on how to create these delectable desserts in their own homes, including step by step instructions on things like how to frost the perfect cake! 

But even with Kaitlin's wonderful instructions, I'm betting I couldn't recreate many of her beautiful desserts. 

And it's not just her recipes and instructions that are so wonderful, her writing is great too!  I'm just so glad I found her beautiful and inspiring blog, and I wish Kaitlin all the success in the world with her college career as well as her dream to become a bakery owner once she graduates.  I think we'll all be seeing more of Kaitlin in the future.  I think any magazine that would give her a chance on doing food styling would not regret it for a minute!

Thanks Kaitlin for letting me use your wonderful photos and for allowing me to share your story with my readers!  Best of luck in everything you do!  And to see more of Kaitlin's great food, click HERE to visit her blog!

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  1. Kat,
    Thanks soooo much for this intro...I'm going right over to check out her blog and follow this very talented young looks like she will make it BIG one day!! My daughters will also love her blog...what I have seen so far is just their style.


  2. I have my fingers crossed that Kaitlin will someday open her own shop. In the meantime, I think she should be styling for Martha or the like. I am so hungry for something sweet now, it isn't even funny! Great post, Kat!


  3. In real estate it's location location location.

    In food photography it's presentation presentation presentation.

    She really has a knack, doesn't she! Outstanding!!


  4. What a talented young woman. You're right, her photos are amazing and her cakes are gorgeous. Good luck Kaitlin!!!

  5. She is so talented. Thanks for sharing this with us. I love looking at food styling photo's and learning the how-to's. Definitely going over to check her blog out.

    Lisa x

  6. Kat, she is one talented young lady. She could have a career in baking, photography and styling for food magazines. Her photos are wonderful. Thanks for introducing her to us.

  7. Thank you so much for the link! Heading right over! Having 2- 20 somethings I am always surprised but what this generation can and is accomplishing. We only hear about the not so great in the news...


  8. Everything is so pretty - and that's about half of it for me! If it doesn't appeal to my eye it's not going to appeal to my sweet tooth!

  9. I saw her entry on PW. She is vert talented. It is quite difficult t0 takes good images of food and she does it. BTW at age 20 I was already a RN and that is why I retired at age 45 crazy as can be.

  10. O.K. now that you have me drooling on the keyboard. What do I do? Wow ~ she is amazing. LOVE the pictures ;-)

  11. Well KAITLIN is a WINNER. She is amazing. Does she want to be adopted by me?

    Thank you for featuring this. Very kind and well deserved.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  12. My guess is that Katlin will be the next big food star! Her photos are amazing and to think she is still in school and has so much ambition.

    You are so kind to feature her. Thank you for doing so and I'm heading over to check out her blog.

    I am now going to read your previous post about your feature in Country Sampler! How exciting.


  13. I'd like to be in a room with all these wonderful things and a fork! The photography is gorgeous and the baking is outstanding. At 19, I was in a dorm and my "cooking" was opening up a bag of Doritos!

  14. Oh my goodness, what talent. Katlin is going to go places! Beautiful photos. A-M xx

  15. Hi Kat, The photos are amazing!


  16. I don't think I've ever seen better food photography... or food, for that matter. Thanks for sharing!!.. and Good luck to Kaitlin, I think she's going places.

  17. There is nothing
    I like better than
    to see women supporting
    other women as they
    chase their dreams....
    So you know that I'm
    LOVING this post! Katlin
    has serious passion
    for what she does, and
    it shows. Not everyone
    who can bake can also
    compose images like these,
    so she is doubly-talented.
    And YOU are such a dear
    to showcase her, here.
    FEEL BETTER, friend!!
    xx Suzanne

  18. WOW! goodness she is talented, and yes, she should be with Martha!
    takes most of us years to create like that......thankn you for the intro...smiles.

  19. I am just completely blown away! Her age, her baking abilities, her styling, her photography...the kitchen she is working in (the designer in me wants to do a free make-over)she is one talented dynnamo! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!

  20. You guys are all too sweet! Thank you SO much, Kat, for the feature!

  21. What a talented young lady! Those photos are amazing and the food looks so good!! What a wonderful dream to have and it looks like she is well on her way, how wonderful to know and follow your dreams!!

  22. Amazing! I just became her follower. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! xo ~Lili


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