Monday, April 4, 2011

Romantic Prairie Style

As I mentioned in my post from last weekend, I received my copy of Fifi's wonderful book entitled Romantic Prairie Style recently.  Many of you already own a copy, and if you've been visiting my blog for any length of time then you may have noticed a link to this book in my sidebar, and for good reason.

You see, I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at a few of the photos from Fifi's wonderful book ahead of time when she was here shooting last summer.  She and the very talented Mark Lohman, who photographed the entire book, were here shooting the stories I recently had published in Country Sampler Magazine and Cottage Style Magazine, and Mark and Fifi were fresh off some of the shoots for the book.

I knew right away that this book was going to be something special.  After watching Mark and Fifi work together, you get a sense that they make a wonderful team, and it shows in the finished product...Romantic Prairie Style. 

The book, which has been a dream of Fifi's for some time, reflects her love of everything romantic, country, and also her love of the simple beauty of living.  Together with Mark, she more than captured the idyllic prairie style that so many of us try and capture in our own homes and lives.

Like summer soirees or intimate family gatherings spent chasing fireflies amidst lush green lawns and the backdrop of farm fields.  Or humble, sturdy homes that are filled with useful yet beautiful things that remind us of days gone by, and connect us to those who came before us.

I love that these are real homes, owned by real families who have found a way to mix the gritty realities of life with the beauty life has to offer.

As  with any book, be it a novel or a decorating book chock full of beautiful images, you need to be moved by it, and this book moves me.  It is my very own grown up version of the Little House on the Prairie books which I read when I was little.  Those books made me don bonnets and skirts and pick berries in the field across from my house.  Fifi's book has that same effect on me, and it makes me want to make my own jam, raise chickens, and live simply and beautifully.

Inspiration, glorious photos, and a warm happy feeling...that's what Romantic Prairie Style provides!  And to my friends Mark and Fifi...congratulations on a job well done, and big hugs!

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  1. Kat,
    I'm getting sooo excited about this book...I won one in a giveaway and it should be here any day now!!!!


  2. I was just thinking about you last seemed as if I hadn't "talked" to you in a while. I haven't seen Fifi's book yet...but soon, very soon!

  3. What a great description! I love books...but it does need to be a book I'll want to look at many times. What you said about a grown up version of Little house on the prairie has sold me! Hugs! ♥

  4. Kat, so well put. I love this book. Makes me want chickens, too, but hubby says no.

  5. I am a big time Little HOuse on the Prairie fan and a Fifi fan so I can't wait to get this book! Beautiful review you have given here. ox

  6. I think I am on my fourth or fifth time through from cover to cover. I recommend keeping it close by to your cozy chair or bedside.

    and yes, now I simply crave raising chickens! Not so conducive in the suburbs of Vegas :(


  7. I just can't seem to put that book down! It's addictive, I tell ya! ;-)

    I love the vignettes you did with the book, just lovely!


  8. I have to get a copy of this book and soon!

  9. It sounds wonderful and the photos you showed are so pretty.

  10. Hi Kat,
    This book is all the buzz here in Blogland. I am going to get my own copy so I can drool right along with you.


  11. Thanks for the shout out, Kat. So glad to know I'm not alone in my quirks! The book looks just dreamy! Just my kind of read. And your blossoms? Gorgeous. I have about a month before I see any here, so thanks for the glimpse of lovely things to come.

  12. this book has left me speechless.
    really truly speecchless

  13. I think I'm gonna have to have this one after seeing a few pages here!

  14. Mine came in the
    mail over the weekend
    and I'm waiting for
    the right moment to
    devour it, from start
    to finish. Love that
    you got a glimpse into
    the creative team behind
    the scenes!!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Now that sounds like a book to dream over!

  16. Hi Kat, My copy arrived today. I haven't had the time but to just flip through the pages but it looks like a fabulous book.

  17. Hey Kat....!

    I hope this note finds you well Lovey....! I put my order in with Amazon some time ago & am just waiting for the postman to drop it off....THANKS for sharing some of the pics....I can't WAIT to receive my copy....!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  18. Looks wonderful! Looking forward to reading it!

  19. it's all just beautiful... now I want a little cottage to decorate in just this way!...

  20. FIfi's book makes me want to redecorate our whole house! With such a long winter season here in Connecticut, and our 1800s hunting lodge being mostly dark ancient paneling I long to freshen it all up with lots of linen and light colors...and fresh flowers too, of course!

  21. Your photos are so beautiful! The book looks gorgeous!


  22. That's so cool to hear the behind the scenes stories of you getting a sneak peek so very long ago. I love how you photographed the book with the wire basket and blossoms too. Another book that I can't wait to get my hands on! xo ~Lili


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