Monday, April 18, 2011

Let The River Run

It's Monday, and that means work of a different kind.  Things like grass mowing, picture taking, and plant shopping give way to "real" work, like writing stories.

Stuff that has to be done today, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

When I write, I like it to be quiet.  I can't have the TV on or people chit chatting in the background.  Mr. Tide can attest to this fact and has been shushed more than once over the years for talking on the phone while I'm busy working on a story.  You see, he works from home several days a week, and his desk is right next to mine.

This means that he sometimes has important teleconferences while he's working from home, but I make him go into the living room if I'm busy writing.  Now, let me tell you about the double standard in my house.  When Mr. Tide is busy working hard on something, I talk as much as I like.  I yak away on the phone, play music...sometimes loudly, and am generally obnoxious like that!


Now, just in case you are thinking, well that doesn't seem fair! should know that Mr. Tide is one of those people who doesn't need quiet to write, think, or do most anything, so he really doesn't mind...honest, cross my heart and hope to die!

I envy this ability of his, because my brain, which goes a million miles per hour most of the time, needs total peace and quiet to gather my thoughts and write a story.  I can do almost anything else with lots of distractions going on, but writing simply isn't one of them.

Now that the weather is nice I can retreat outside to our dock and I can type away with little or no distractions.

But today, while Mr. Tide is at his office in the city, and my son is at college, I will type away, drenched in solitude with nary a sound, except for the occasional barking of dogs or the screech of an osprey.  So I should be good to go right?!

Well I would be, except I have this *&*# song stuck in my head, and it has been all weekend!!!  I actually like this song, but I just can't get it shoved out of my head for some reason.  So my hope is that by putting it out there for all of you, it will finally leave my head and let me work in peace!

So I'm sending this out to y'all, and if it now becomes stuck in your head, well I apologize in advance!  Oh and if the video makes you feel old or reminds you of those HUGE shoulder pads we used to wear and the big hair, like it did me, well I apologize for that too!  My hair was never that big, but some of my friends, well you know who you are!  But back to the song, love ya Carly, but get out of my head! ;-)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I refuse to click on the video, because I just know it'll get stuck in my head. I'm the opposite - I like background noise. The tv is always on even though I'm never watching it. CG works from home and likes background noise, too. The only problem is that I have to be quiet when he's teleconferencing. Nothing like starting a sewing project, and having to leave it on the machine for a meeting only to forget about it for days.

  2. I hate that when I do that, but I do love that song!! Maybe once you start in on the writing it will be pushed out of your brain for a while! :) I like quiet noise when I do things, it helps me relax a bit but nothing too much cause I am distracted VERY easily! :)
    Good luck!
    Oh we got an inch of snow this morning! ICK!!!!!
    Working at the end of the dock sounds perfect!!

  3. Lovely relaxing photos, Kat...I need to work today, too, but wanted to stop by and say hi! Hope you get lots done! XO

  4. I wish you fruitful work. I am going to rest as we worked a lot in the garden yesterday and I feel like I have been thrown down the stairs! ♥O

  5. I'm with you...I need quiet when I write. However, when I paint, there's always music in the background...or maybe a favorite movie with a great soundtrack (I tend to ignore the dialog). MacDaddy often works from home, too. He LOVEs having the TV on the news channels ALL THE TIME! Drives me insane!!!!!
    Love this Carley Simon song...and most of her songs. Thanks for sharing the video. And happy writing...
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  6. I am just like you, but so is my husband. We have to have peace and quiet when on the phone (and when concentrating on something like writing.) I can, thankfully edit images when I am talking or listening to music, though!

  7. Oh ya.... the rivers were definitely all running in our neighborhood this week-end.

    I may have had big hair back then, but my shoulder pads were never as bodacious as Carly's. Holy moly!


  8. like a fly into your web..I flew and yes... dammit I am now humming!



  9. Your photos capture that quiet, soothing sound of waves lapping the shore and nothing but the occasional seagull or breeze chiming in...Thank you --- And, PS-LOVE that Carly Simon song (featured in Working Girl, right?) Thanks for the Monday blog! :o)

  10. I love this song and I love the movie, Working Girl. I have to have seen it a million times and it's hard to pinpoint why I love it so much. I nearly named Emily, Tess, after Melanie Griffin's character, Tess McGill!! Am I funny, or what?!

    Now get some work done!!


  11. Thanks, I was already a little down today thinking about my birthday coming up in a few months and then you talk about shoulder pads and big hair and I'm reminded once again how the years are flying by. Oh well, I will rebel by not playing that video and keep the latest Fergie song in my head.

    I had to come by today to show my daughter your Osprey photos. We were at the beach yesterday and spotted a couple of nests. She couldn't believe I wasn't going to take photos to post on my blog. I had to show her why, lol.

  12. Absolutely beautiful coastal shots and that song.. Woohoo!! Have a great weeek
    Best Carolyn

  13. I might just have to watch Working Girl again!

    I empathise Kat, I really do - I have had Barbara Hendricks stuck in my head for weeks - i was trying to learn the part so played it over and over and now I wake to it, walk to it - but I will never sound like her...

  14. Loved that movie. Reminds me of a funny story about my husband's folks who had visiting family from England after this movie went to DVD. They went out to the local movie rental store and brought home a copy of Working Girls and were shocked to find that it was a (their words) BLUE MOVIE. ha!

  15. Like they couldn't tell from the cover? Still makes me laugh.

  16. This is my kind of and a song! Perfect! ♥

  17. I am sooo with you, girl! I need peace and quiet when I'm posting, writing cards, talking on the phone....In fact many days the TV isn't on once during the day when I'm blogging. I want to totally lose myself in everyone's blog! :) Wonderfully beautiful photos of the water....and I adore that song!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. The photos are awesome; you can hear the waves roll gently in, smell the sea, and feel the sand on your feet! I had to work today too, but at home on our remodeling job. Pictures are coming, but too tired at night. I love some background noise, like music or tv while I'm working, but sometimes enjoy the silence. Guess I'm a little of both worlds. Enjoyed your post.

  19. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and become a follower.

    God bless you and have a nice Easter :-)


  20. Oh my, I forgot just how big the "big hair" was! But thanks for that video and song now stuck in my head too! xo ~Lili

  21. Gorgeous photos, Kat. I know what you mean about the shoulder pads, and oh how I wanted big hair but I was cursed with super straight when the style was big and loose curls. So instead I permed it for years, whatever was I thinking!!!!!

  22. I once heard a radio program about those songs that get stuck in our heads and apparently in German they are called "ear worms" - such a descriptive name, isn't it. You just wish the would drill out and go away.


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