Friday, April 15, 2011

For Sale

I recently began selling some of my Kat W. Designs artwork at a few local stores, including Lola Belle Co. in Leonardtown,  Cecil's Country Store in Great Mills, and at The Vintage Source, also located in Leonardtown but only open once a month.

Because I love and shop at all of these wonderful stores, and because I consider the wonderful women who run these stores to be friends, I made sure that each shop had at least one item and sometimes more that was exclusive to their shop alone.  Each of my fine art prints are printed on high quality archival paper and framed in shabby chic inspired beautiful handmade wooden frames.

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking you to each shop and showing you not only my artwork, but all of the wonderful things these three shops have for sale this spring, but today I'll be taking you around The Vintage Source since this weekend they will be open for business on Saturday and Sunday!

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for awhile know how much I love The Vintage Source and their wonderful array of reasonably priced furniture and vintage accessories.

And it's always a treat to see how they have everything displayed in the shop.  Today when I was there, the girls were all frantically arranging, painting, and getting everything ready for their big weekend.

Some of these scenes will look beautifully pulled together and ready for customers, who line up early in the morning in anticipation of their doors opening, but others will show you how crazy the shop can be right before a sale.

As the VS girls rushed around moving large pieces of furniture, fluffing, and organizing as I snapped away today, they reminded me how much still needed to be done before they were ready to greet their customers on Saturday.  But they indulged me none the less and let me capture some of the chaos that comes before the beauty that we as clamoring buyers get to see after all of their hard behind the scenes work is done.

It's always a treat to see what new treasures they have found from month to month, like the beautiful transferware bowls pictured above.

And the way they create such a homey and inviting atmosphere with their appealing mix of vintage, antique, and funky accessories.

The picture above is a great example of what a massive undertaking these sales are each month.  Not only do they find the furniture they sell, but they also refinish, repaint, and even reupholster much of it.  In the final days before each sale, they are busy prettying up the place.  But before everything is made beautiful, there is a whole lot of rearranging, moving, and jumble going on.  Then, like clockwork, it's all magically done by the time they open.

I say magically, but I was just tired from being there for a short while today watching them scurry around painting, and hauling heavy furniture from one place to another until it looked just the way they wanted it to.  Imagine moving and redecorating your house every single month...yeah it's kind of like that!  I told the girls today that I'm WAY too lazy to own a shop like this, but I'm really glad they aren't!

Because they are so full of energy, lazy people like me get to come in and buy the fruits of their labor, like this beautiful piece.

Or this one...look at the beautiful detailing on the legs and the side!  And trust me when I tell you that it won't last long.  These sales have people lined up around the block and you better get there early if you see something you love on their New Arrivals page!

You never know what you'll find, like a beautiful botanical print in a gorgeous frame...

Or a to die for cupboard that would look oh so good in my house if only I had a little spare room!

There are vintage dishes, glassware, and wonderful serving pieces.

Something for nearly everyone.  Wouldn't these vintage purses be perfect for a wedding or the prom?!

And here is a find I spotted today.  It's a wonderful piece of artwork by the famed American folk artist Nancy Thomas.  Nancy Thomas' artwork is prized by collectors around the world and her artwork has appeared in numerous magazines, movies, and museums.  Her artwork has even found it's way into the White House!

The one above is a large metal piece from her original calendar series and is no longer in production in this large size.  When it was available in this large format it sold for almost $300.00, but today I saw it priced at The Vintage Source for only $150.00!!  Someone will be very lucky to get their hands on one of her wonderful pieces for such a low price, and I'm sure the collectors will be fighting for this one!

 That's what the girls at The Vintage Source do, they find great deals and then pass them along to you!

They also just find cool stuff, like this little guy above...

And if I had my new patio already, this set of 4 metal lawn chairs would have been mine!

Let me tell you, it was hard to stay focused today while I was there, with all of the great things they have for sale it's easy to want to walk out with everything they have.  But then I settled myself down and remembered what I was there drop off some of my cards and artwork for them to sell.

Sorry for the lousy picture above, I was so busy looking around and jabbering that I waited until the light was low and didn't have my tripod with me so the picture of my artwork isn't the best.  But that's ok, it just means you'll have to visit The Vintage Source this weekend yourself to see my artwork and the other wonderful things they have for sale this month.  The iris piece above is exclusive to The Vintage Source, and I have a few other pieces there as well.  To see more of what's available for this sale, click HERE!

If you are in the area, and even if you aren't, you won't want to miss this sale...happy shopping!  And a special thanks to Sheryl for letting me sell my artwork through The Vintage Source!

And Happy Birthday to my handsome boy, he's 3 years old today!  Love you Quinnie!


  1. Kat, this once a month shop is sooo awesome...I see why people line up to get in. Thanks so much for taking me on this fun tour.


  2. Love that smile on Quinnie's face... and oh by the way... dibs on that black desk! If I lived there it would SO be mine! I love shops like this.


  3. It did feel like a tour, how fun. I love the big red cupboard.
    peace n abundance,
    CheyAnne Sexton

  4. Happy B'Day to Quinnie from George, who doesn't even know what day it is. Well, yes he does. It's the day that mom comes home and then spends another two at the house day.
    Love this place - wish I lived closer ~

  5. Wowza, I just want to move into that shop and live there! What a fabulous shop and a perfect place for your artwork.

    That pedestal piece is too die for! Can't wait to see the rest of the shops you have lined up to show us.

  6. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Quinnie!!! well least i know to bring a truck if i ever head down that way to shop!

  7. Happy Birthday Quinnie~ Love the shop....But the dog.... uummmm Border or part Berner?

  8. Your artwork looks lovely, Kat! I love how you framed it! Beautiful shop...I did monthly sales for 3-1/2 years, it IS hard work...too much for me anymore! They do a great job, wish I could come and shop! Happy Birthday to Mr. Quinn!!

  9. wonderful tour- good luck at the sale and HB Quinnie :D


  10. Beautiful walk through The Vintage Source Kat!
    Thank you for sharing in such detail. Makes me want to catch a flight from Portland to their sale.
    Most importantly...
    Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday Dear Mr. Q, You Handsome Dude........
    Happy Birthday To YOU!
    Blessings, Lisa~

  11. I'd love to visit this gave a wonderful tour and I saw many things I would love to have! It must be fun to get behind the scenes! I'm happy to know that your artwork is selling at such a nice place, Kat!

    Happy Birthday to Qunnie!! :-)


  12. Happy Birthday to Quinn!!! He is gorgeous! I bet Misty Belle is in love with him! I love all 3 of those ladies shops, they have such lovely things for sale!

  13. Looks like a fun place to shop and happy birthday to your pooch!

  14. What a beautiful shop, I can see why it is one of your favorites!! It would have been really hard for me to focus too! :) I know your photos will do great there. :)
    Quinn looks so handsome and I love his smile! Happy Birthday Quinn!!!

  15. What a lovely shop! So many beautiful things! I love the transferware bowls, and that side table / stand is so unusual! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Awwww, happy belated to that sweet Mr. Quinn! And your photography is just a perfect pairing at the Vintage Source store! I would love to do what they do, but I too fear I would get lazy after Month 1. xo ~Lili

  17. That shop looks wonderful - I'd love to have something like that near me.
    And belated happy birthday to Quinn (sorry it's late!). Woody's birthday was last week but Lily decided to have a party for him today and used her own money to buy him some presents. Woody seemed to enjoy the fuss!!
    ~Sam x


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