Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Dog, Bad Dog

In our bedroom, we have 3 folded up comforters for the dogs to sleep on each night.  We've tried cheap dog beds and expensive ones, but in the end it was the folded up old comforters that won out as their beds of choice.

And since Miss Kylee has been having trouble getting around lately on our hardwood floors, we've also added a mis-mash of rugs and runners to give her some stability.  So our bedroom looks a bit like a bad rug and bedding store!

Today, while I was busy getting ready for a show I have this weekend, and working on some stories that are due, my son came in to the family room and said, "you should see what your dog has been up to!"

That's never really a good phrase to hear, especially when you haven't been paying close attention to your 6 month old puppy.  So I got up and walked down the hallway, telling myself the whole way there that she's never done anything bad, not even a chewed shoe, or nibbled on a piece of furniture.

When I walked in the room I found this!!!  One very innocent looking dog, and one very big mess!

Misty Belle and I had a long talk about how it's not nice to ruin your comfy bed, and how mommy doesn't have time to clean these sorts of messes up right now.  After some denying and finger pointing she fessed up and promised never to do this again...or at least not to get caught!  Mr. Quinn was quick to point out that he would NEVER do such a thing and cause such a mess.  That's when I quickly reminded him of the brand new rug he chewed when he was about her age, and he quietly left the room.

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  1. Oh how funny. Our dogs have dog beds with a blanket or comforter over the top. They love snuggling their noses into the comforter but also love the softness of the bed.

    Handsome gets sort of freaked out about the floors...all our floors are either tile or wood and he has slipped a few times, so he walks very gingerly across them now. Poor guy.

    Yep, better to tear up a comforter than a shoe. I buy old comforters at Goodwill, launder them, and they work great for the pups.

    Can't be too hard on that sweet face now, Kat.

  2. Oh...that sorrowful face!! It makes you want to melt instead of scold! I wonder what got into her? My dogs seem to know when it is bedtime...or time for me to get into bed and read, and they act like whining children if I don't.

    My mom's dog was afraid of slippery floors as he got older and she had paths of rugs throughout the house! lol! That was LOVE!!

    Hope you have a fun and exciting weekend!


  3. No, no she is innocent !!!Somebody alse did this!
    She is too sweet !!!
    Hugs -Ag

  4. lollllllllllll oh the flash backs i just had!!

  5. ohhhhhhhhmy!!!! that is one precious, albeit guilty, little face!!! On second thought I bet a neighbor dog came in and did that.... that sweet face couldn't do such a deed!!
    hugs to your pups and happy weekend to you!

  6. She was framed!
    Kylee has a wonderfully expressive face.

  7. Lol. Love it. We use "your dog" when trouble is up. Love the facial expression. Ours are just the same. The older one likes to think he's grown out of such childish and destructive behaviour of the younger one.


  8. Oh my goodness, it's hard to stay angry at a cute little face like that!

  9. Our puppy Ajay, was so good for so long. He never chewed anything up. Then, all of a sudden, he was into everything and ate our tv and wii remotes, a longaberger basket and got into the trash.

    He gets that same guilty look when he's done something bad. lol

  10. Oh Kat that last picture says it all!!! She really knows that she has royally messed up!! Our dogs have done the same thing-the minute your back is turned and you don't have time to clean up a mess they do something like this!

  11. That face!!! OH! How's a pup's mama supposed to stay mad at that? So funny!

  12. The cat next door did it. MONK says so.... : D


  13. Oh she is so sweet! When our lab was a pup he never chewed anything. Well nothing that is until our friends pup came over for a visit...then after they left he chewed up the blanket the other pup sat on! It's funny now but man I was irritated! LOL That fluff makes such a HUGE mess!

  14. Great pictures! Look how contrite she looks in that last picture! So cute! Absolutely impossible to be mad at that face. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Too cute! Love the look on her face! It is one I am quite familiar with!

    ~ Tracy

  16. I think someone else did the deed and blamed her. Yes, I'm sure that's what happened.

    Regardless, these are DARN GORGEOUS photos, Kat.

  17. Just LOOK at that innocent face!
    Are you SURE it wasn't an intruder that caused such a mess?

    Yeah, I'm thinkin' an intruder.


  18. She is just a beautiful thing - look at that pretty face.

  19. OH my gosh...that photo of Misty surrounded by fiberfill is priceless- I'd blow that one up and frame it LOL!

  20. I have just melted into her beautiful eyes. Oh darling doggie, you are totally forgiven! A-M xx

  21. How could you possibly be cranky with a face like that! I bet she had fun creating that mess!! ;)Sharyne

  22. Greetings from Frog Hollow Farm! I love naughty dog stories!! Maybe she missed the snow...Ciao, bella! xxoo

  23. Ooohhh how sweet. she does have a super sweet I'm sorry look.
    peace n abundance,

  24. That last photo is priceless...I have seen that face before too Kat!

    Congrats on your wonderful new camera...I will be looking forward to more amazing things from you.

    xo kelley

  25. Lol! Talk about a guilty face! lol! My little Maizie STILL pulls the stuffing out of her stuffed animals she insists on sleeping with - and she's 8 years old! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  26. Oh my goodness, you see "I'm so sorry Mommy" written all over that sweet face :-) Talk about melting a heart!

  27. she is so darn cute - those eyes are so expressive. have a lovely weekend!

  28. So funny!! Our Ruby girl chewed every blanket and pillow we owned when she was a puppy:) Glad the puppy stage is over!

  29. Oh my gosh those are the cutest pictures! Look at her, how innocent she looks!! LoL!! My dogs alway chewed up their beds as well, anything that had feathers or stuffing so now they have blankies and those are working out. :)

    I hope you do well today!!! :)

  30. Ha brings new meaning to the term..."you make your bed, you sleep in it".

    But....WHO could resist that face???!

  31. Kat! My BC pup Lucy just did this last week!!!
    Too funny!
    And your little miss sure doesn't look too innocent in that 3rd pic :-)
    The look on her face just cracked me up! I know it all too well.
    Don't know if you got my note but I blogged about my dogs for you per your request. Put a little link back to your blog too.
    Glad it was nothing too valuable or expensive.
    Last week Miss Lucy chewed up my 21 yr old daughters rare addition of a newspaper put out by the music group Radiohead. I thought my dog was going to lose it's head! My daughter Autumn was soooo mad!
    I told her she should use the left over pieces to create a 'rare collage' being the amazing artist she is. She wasn't too impressed.

  32. OMWord, she is to cute and to guilty:)

  33. Too darn cute to beat the stuffing out of her!

  34. Just look at that face. That is the same face Bailey gives me when we come home from some where. She always finds paper or something else to chew up. She recently chewed up two ink pens and she ate one of my dried starfish. I googled that one to see if we needed to take her to the vet. It seemed to be very common. Lots of googles to that one and it was o.k. Good thing!

  35. What mess? I completely melted looking in her sweet little puppydog eyes! That is so stinkin' cute though, you've just gotta admit. ~Lili

  36. That last picture is precious!!! My Chessie, Giulia, ate 6 Fiber One muffins, papers and all, that my daughter made!!! But when I asked Giulia who did it...she didn't know!!! LOL


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