Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Simple

When I need some inspiration...

Or a reminder of how lucky I am...

Of how blessed we all are...

I need not go anywhere...

Or read anything...

Or listen to the words of others...

All I have to do is simply open my door and walk outside!  I hope that my great, great, great, great grandchildren will be able to do the same in peace, without judgment, and surrounded by the beauty of this world and all it can be.

This video is very powerful, and has some mild graphic imagery, so be forewarned, but I think it is such a beautiful video and has such a wonderful message that I wanted to include it!

Wishing you all a very Happy Earth Day!


  1. Nature is a primary relationship.

  2. Wonderful post. I was thinking of spending some of my time on Saturday painting my Dogwoods in bloom. I love them so much, I have 2 in the backyard and 2 in the front. And what they symbolize to me--well, gratitude. Happy Easter!

  3. Flowers have the ability to refresh and renew us without even trying! Thank you for posting! Linda Lan

  4. Thank you for the reminder that it is Earth Day. I had completely forgotten. It's a very powerful video so thank you for sharing it and reminding us what we as mankind are doing to this planet.


  5. I've been focused
    on Good Friday and
    lost sight of Earth
    Day. Thank you for
    the reminder, Kat!
    And....Happy Easter!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Lovely images Kat! Your photos arecalways out of this world

  7. Ok- I totally messed up that comment-(working from my iPad!) let's start over---
    Kat- your images are always out of this world gorgeous!
    Happy Easter to you and your family- we all have so many blessings to be thankful for.

  8. Wow! What a powerful video!
    Talk about the man in the mirror being reflected here.
    It really makes one take a look at themselves & question how you are treating your world.
    Incredible how poignant Michael Jackson's last video would be so stirring.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Check us out now Kat :-)

  9. This year's Earth Day snuck up on me, thanks for the reminder and the powerful video. ~Lili

  10. Happy Earth Day, Kat - beautiful sentiment.

  11. Lovely post, Kat...and my first dogwood blooms.

  12. The dogwood is such a lovely reminder of all that we have to be thankful for- beautiful photos of the flowers. We need to treasure the earth and all its beauty and yes, start doing a better job of taking care of it. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Mickie :)

  13. I wish the same for many generations to come.
    As always your photos are gorgeous. How have you been?

  14. Wonderful photos!

    Wish you a happy Easter weekend! Hugs, Ingrid

  15. Kat,
    How very wonderful! The beauty of nature is glorious, and I am so grateful for the blessing of it every day.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter, too.

  16. Happy Earth Day Kat!

    My two favorite holidays are Earth Day and World Oceans Day, but I celebrate them each and every day of the year. This was a beautiful reminder that all we have to do is step outside to see what it is we need to protect for future generations of our children and all the other creatures who inhabit our planet.

  17. Wow Kat, that was amazing. I pray that our world can be put back together one day and I know that it starts with us, right now.
    Thank you for sharing and Happy Earth Day to you. :)


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