Sunday, October 10, 2010

Country Girl In The City

Ever since our daughter was born 23 years ago, her style and personality have been tough to pin down.  She loves going for drives in the country, but is equally at home cruising the streets of a major foreign city.   She can throw on shorts and head out in the kayaks, but loves to get dressed up and go to the ballet.

She is able to adapt to her environment, and even though she's not fond of change, she has learned to embrace a place once she is there and take in all that it has to offer.

After graduating from college, she decided she wanted to live by herself and explore the new city she calls home.  But after living on her own for the past year, she decided that having a roommate and moving to a different part of city would be a good change for her.

So a few weeks ago she packed up and headed to her new apartment.  It's in a great location, within walking distance of great shops, wonderful restaurants, and everything a 20 something could want!

When she showed it to us I was amazed at what a 23 year old can get when it comes to housing these days.  Of course it doesn't come cheaply when you live in the DC metro area, but wow, just look at the lobby of her building!

It's stylish, hip, and oh so chic...a far cry from any place Mr. Tide and I ever rented when we were that age!

Of course the hours are long at her job, she has to travel some, and well, working in the big city is always more stressful it seems, but she loves her new place and having someone to come home and talk about her day with, or share a meal together.

These photos were all taken without the benefit of a tripod, which is crucial for good indoor low light shots, but it was so pretty I just had to share it, so I snapped away...

I think it might be fun designing common areas for various apartment buildings.  You could try out all sorts of different styles and if you're anything like me, it would ease your inner design schizophrenia!

When I was little, I wanted a house where every room was done in a different style.  An Asian inspired room, French, Modern, you name it.  I always thought that would be so much fun and then you wouldn't have to settle on just one style!

I think Mr. Tide is happy I outgrew that notion!

By the time I got to my daughter's apartment after a day of running around shopping, it was getting dark.  But I wanted to show you a few things that she has done already with her wonderful new place.

Like these cute British and French inspired prints she found at Target.  She has spent a lot of time in both England and France, and they go perfectly with the black and white toile shower curtain she picked up!

The black and white theme, peppered with pops of red will help wake her up each morning as she prepares to head to her office!

In her bedroom she has filled one wall with a collection of frames and favorite photos.  Some are of her with friends and family, while others are photos she has taken during her many travels.

All the pictures were taken by my daughter, except for the one above.  It was a birthday gift from us recently, and it is the very handsome George, taken by the talented and sweet Kate of Chronicles of a Country Girl

Our daughter saw it over at Kate's Etsy store and told me how much she loved it and I have to agree, it is a wonderful picture!  I even picked up a wonderful yellow boat picture from Kate that I have yet to hang in my own home, it's so pretty that I am still searching for the perfect spot to put it!  And if Kate's pictures aren't beautiful enough, she is just as beautiful herself...she gifted me the picture of George and sent me a gorgeous picture of a daisy too...thank you Kate! 

Our daughter is still deciding what sort of bed she wants...she had originally thought about a platform bed, but she's hasn't made up her mind yet.

She did find bedding she loved though, and it was on clearance from Pottery mother like daughter, she loves a good bargain.  She already had the pink floral shams and a matching quilt, but added the crisp white monogrammed duvet and shams for a change of pace!  The light came from Ikea and adds a little funkiness to the room.

I tried to take some pictures of the living room, but with the evening light streaming through the french doors, (which lead out to a great balcony) it just wasn't going to happen without my bounce flash which I was too lazy to go get out of the car.

I was able to capture these gorgeous autumn colored tulips that she picked up at the store though!

She truly is my child and loves having fresh flowers in her apartment whenever possible!  These were simply beautiful and so perfect for this time of year!

And check out this kitchen!  It may not be huge, but it's certainly is nice for a rental apartment.  It has absolute black granite counters, stainless steel appliances and opens up onto the living room.

The galley design is compact and efficient but there is plenty of counter space.  And the bi-fold doors lead to a large laundry room which has shelving for even more storage.

Our daughter and her roommate each have their own bedrooms, both of which are en suite...which is so nice for two girls sharing an apartment.  I think the girls have done a great job already of making it home and infusing their own style into the space even though they've only been there for a few weeks.  

I'm sure it will continue to evolve over time, just like the both of them will.  And with its perfect location, it really is a dream place to live when you're 20 something and living the life of a country girl transplanted in the big city!  I can't wait to visit often!


  1. That is a beautiful lobby. I have always liked a galley kitchen and enjoyed cooking in one. I hope your daughter enjoys her new home. ♥O

  2. Kat, what a nice place she lives in. I see she has good style, too. My daughter loves the metro DC area. She visited it twice and really wanted to live there. Your photos look fine to us regular folks, my dear.

  3. This place looks wonderful! She's lucky to have found such a great location. :)

  4. It is so much more fun to share when you are twenty-something, even if you could afford to live alone...

    You struck a nerve with me though Kat about how different is this generation - is it simply that the standard of living has gone up? When I look back on my youth it seems laughably austere compared with what my own children expect. Things change...

  5. My things certainly have changed from when I was that age!! I can still see my first apartment clearly and believe me, it looked nothing like this!!!

    It is very nice and I hope she has the time to enjoy it!

  6. What a great place for two single girls - as you say, it's waaaay better than anything we found at that stage. Good for her!

  7. What a lovely apartment~ I bet they'll have a great time living there!

  8. Wow, that's a pretty impressive bachelorette apartment she has there! Much nicer than my first out-of-home lodgings. Sounds like they're going to take that city by storm! K xx

  9. How exciting for her to be young and living in a beautiful apartment. They are going to have a blast.

  10. Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! What a wonderful post of your daughter's new apartment. I know what you mean about it looking nothing like the first rental that we had - I don't think I could afford much of any style. Living in the city is so exciting, and having so many things close by is perfect. FHFB and I are thinking about buying a retirement home in a city, close enough to walk for coffee, groceries, restaurants, etc. We'll see! Take care! Ciao, bella!

  11. What a great place! The lobby is gorgeous! Think of all the possibilities with decorating lobbies! You would be great! Her apartment is coming along wonderfully, I love the art work she picked up! The picture of Goerge is beautiful and goes perfectly with all her photos! She has great taste like her mom!! :)

  12. "by George, I think she's got it" ....

    must've caught it from mama

  13. Isn't it such a wonderful relief to know that our children who are living in big cities can live in beautiful safe apartments? I can tell you when my daughter first moved to a "big city" I was as nervous as a mouse in a cat cozy.

    Your daughters apartment looks beautiful and well put together for the short time she's been there. Having a roommate is a little extra safe guard for her and for your peace of mind to say nothing of sharing the rent.

    I love DC too and would live there in a heart beat if the opportunity presented itself.

  14. It is lovely, and a far cry from my 23 year old apartment rental.

  15. What a great vibe your daughter's new place has going on already! Loving all the special touches from the fresh flowers, monogrammed bedset, toile shower curtain and then how lucky she is to have black granite counters in the kitchen! Oh and then that beautiful framed image of George! What a great new space, congrats to your daughter! ~Lili

  16. What a great post! Your daughter's place looks lovely!


  17. love those light fixtures in the lobby. what a great space she's got. good for her!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner. i've got a birthday giveaway going on, if you'd like to enter...

  18. What a lovely apartment your daughter has! I love those tulips, such vivid colors perfect for Fall!

  19. It looks really nice. I have to laugh, we've had this conversation at our house. My daughter's apartment is small (she finally has a single, she hated living with roommates). Her complex is like a resort. The pool area, theater room, indoor basketball court, health club...landscaping with flowers and palm trees everywhere. It is gated and beautiful. I swear I'd rather live in her complex than in my house!

  20. I see your daughter inherited your great sense of style, as well as your knack for photography :) I love those prints - I'm going to have to check out our local Target to see if I can find some!!

  21. The apple certainly
    doesn't fall far from
    the tree! What a place!
    I want to check out
    Kate's shop, too....
    Had to smile....We used
    to have the same duvet...
    same color and ALMOST
    the same monogram!!
    xx Suzanne

  22. What an awesome place for a 23 year old!... and.. I do love that photo of Kate's.. and george, ofcourse.

  23. I want to live there! This place is fantastic. And hey, you are most kindly welcome. I didn't expect a shout out. So thank you.

  24. Gosh, what a wonderful apartment. It's a far cry from my first apartment in Boston!

    Thanks for sharing Kate's Etsy shop. I've favorited it.


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