Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy, Cranky, and A Winner

Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments about my new slipcovered chair.  No matter how much we love how something turns out, it's always nice to have others give you a thumbs up to let you know you made a good choice!

Today was a hectic day, lots of running around doing errands and getting caught up on things that needed to be done. 

I also took a little "me" time and ran into a few of my favorite stores, and even picked up a new bracelet for the fall.  It has browns, rusts, and tans, and I really don't have any bracelets to wear with my fall colored sweaters so I was happy to find it.

Then it was off to the place where I buy pumpkins each year, which is always a treat.  It is a local Mennonite farm, and I go there often to buy flowers, fruits, and veggies, but my favorite time of year to go is the fall. 

They have rows, stacks, and bins filled to the brim with all sorts of gourds and pumpkins, and even if you aren't in the mood for autumn you will be by the time you leave!  My parents used to take me there when I was younger, and I've continued the tradition with my own children.  Today I was by myself though, and I took my time looking at everything and eventually settled on a white pumpkin, a gnarled orange pumpkin, and some miniature white pumpkins which I'll show you in an upcoming post.

I also received a lovely pot of violas or johnny jump ups as my mother always called them this afternoon.  They were a thank you from my friend Doug, and I'll be showing those to you in another post in the near future.

Now you may be thinking...hmm why not show them to us now?  Well now we get to the whole cranky part I mentioned in my title.

You see this evening I came home from being gone all day, and I unloaded all of the goodies from my car and grabbed the camera to snap of few shots of my pumpkin and pretty flowers.

Then Mr. Tide and I wandered over to the neighbors to see their new kittens and I took a few more shots of some downed trees along the beach and the pretty sunset.  But when I got home and started to look at my pictures I noticed that they all looked really grainy. 

Then it dawned on me, we had a beautiful night sky last night...filled with stars and perfectly clear.  Mr. Tide had taken the camera and tripod out to capture the stars and had bumped the ISO up to 1600 to try and capture the gorgeous night sky from last night.

When I saw my pictures I was cranky, and thought why didn't he reset the ISO?!  But then I thought, really is it worth getting upset about, they're just pictures after all, it wasn't like I shot a wedding, or the birth of a child!  I simply took pictures of things that will still be around to photograph tomorrow.

And the truth is that Mr. Tide is just as tired tonight, if not more tired than I am.  When I got home today he had been to the dump, done several loads of laundry, and even vacuumed the whole house.  Plus he put the roast in that I took out yesterday to thaw, and would go perfectly with the fresh corn and potatoes I picked up today.  How could I even begin to be upset with him?!

So instead of being cranky, I'm posting these less than perfect pictures, because we are all a little less than perfect if we really want to be honest with ourselves.  And I don't think they turned out all that badly after all, sometimes perfection is highly overrated!

Thanks also to everyone who entered my latest Giveaway and tweeted, posted, and facebooked about it, I truly appreciate it!  And check back soon, because I'll be having another giveaway, and I'm thinking it will have a bit of a holiday theme.

But the winner of the CSN Stores $65 Gift Certificate is #33, ChRis!  Congratulations ChRis, I'll be emailing you the code to redeem your prize!

I hope each of you has a relaxing end to your weekend, and a happy start to the new week ahead!


  1. These photos are gorgeous as usual. Mine are grainy, but I don't have a good camera like you so I don't expect perfection. I need to learn about iso and other camera things. How sweet of your husband to do all that. I would pass out if mine did any of that. You are one lucky lady.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful. I think they turned out great. You DH is a real jewel. The day I see my DH with a vacuum in his hand I will definitely faint. lol Hugs, Marty

  3. Those pictures are excellent in my eyes. They are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your other goodies when you post them....Christine

  4. Hmm, you may have less then perfect photos to you, but to me they look pretty darned good! Also I may have just learned why mine keep coming out so grainy! Now if I can just figure out how to adjust. I just use a digital camera but it has lots more features I really need to learn how to use, and when to use, and why? LOL! I appreciated this post very much! Thanks!

  5. And you have a lovely new header too, Kat! I have been away from home and blog all week so am just catching up.

    I agree about the pictures - have to remind myself that my husband and I are on the same side (though maybe I should point out that other men recognise a vacuum cleaner when they see one...)

    Kudos to Sheryl for the wonderful job she did on your chair too - I am so impressed.

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  6. I can't say I even noticed the graininess - I was looking at the beautiful sunset. At least you were able to get out of your crankypants mood and enjoy dinner with your hubby.

  7. yep ... busy AND cranky here, too
    must be something in the air

  8. Great shots! I want to see what your new bracelet looks like! I need some Fall jewelry too. :)

  9. Life's too short, isn't it? least you're able to post your photos....blogger has decided that I can't post any of my own photos. It's a mystery.

  10. That sunset was so intense I instinctively averted by eyes when I looked at it. Your images always have that wow factor Kat. Your hubby is pretty wonderful I would say! ~Lili

  11. to my eyes your pictures are always breath taking...i do wish you had posted some of them new anyways ty ty ty for my giveaway its just great waking up to email and seeing Congrats your were the lucky winner!! well let me tell you i went rigt over and got a comforter that was put on sale with great reviews, with your help my spare room will soon be done...again ty and ty for always sharing your beautiful photos........Christine

  12. Hi Kat!

    I just love your photos. Your photography just speaks loud and clear and makes me happy. The craggy tree is wonderful.

    Don't you just love newborn kittens!


  13. Gosh Kat, sounds like you have had a very full weekend! Lots of good things though:) I so wish that my very best photos could be as good as your very worst! Your pics are always amazing my dear!! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  14. Congratulations to the winner. And hey, THESE are the pictures that made you cranky? Wow. They are quite good, actually!

  15. Hello from Frog Hollow Farm! Isn't it wonderful to be able to make the choice not to be annoyed with our hubbies - they are usually so innocent (well, maybe not usually). I loved the message in this post and can't wait to see the photos of those kittens (I'm allergic but I'm a sucker for any kitten). I'm a little cranky right now myself, stood up and pulled something under my right shoulder blade - I have to sneeze but I'm afraid it will hurt to much! Ciao, bella.

  16. I'm right there beside you in the crabby department, girlfriend. It's been 'one of THOSE weeks', with no let up in sight.

    The trick to getting husbands to vacuum and do laundry is, in my opinion, to choose the correct husband in the first place. I am NOT a good housekeeper, but my husband is. It's a good match for us ... as it is for you.

  17. I think that your pictures are gorgeous! I love the one of the sun setting through the tree. Sorry that your other ones didn't turn out as you hoped. I do that often! :) That was so nice of Mr. Tide to do laundry and cook, what a pleasant surprise. I hope today is better for you and have a wonderful day!!!

  18. Oh, and I love the new photos on your header! Beautiful fall shots!!

  19. What a guy! No, I wouldn't be upset with him either. He sounds like a peach.

  20. Sorry about the camera setting. Mr. Tide did the laundry and cooked-what a great guy. I was out all day yesterday too, first sock knitting class, then on to a Charlotte Yarn Crawl. I didn't return home until 7:10 p.m. and dinner was waiting for me and my hubby had vacuumed and emptied the dishwasher! I guess we really should keep our men!!

  21. Your posted photos today are delicious! Nothing to complain about there on the ISO.


  22. Your photos still look beautiful, Kat...even on the wrong setting LOL! He sounds like a gem!

  23. Your photos are wondeful and inspiring--only your discerning eye noticed a flaw.

    Congrats to the winner!

  24. Well Kat, considering how photo challenged I am also factoring in my old crumby camera I am in love with your new photos. The sunset is spectacular.

    As for Mr. Tide...I think he probably redeemed himself with all that was accomplished while you were gone. I would have a large lump on the back of my head from where I hit the cement if I ever came home and saw all accomplished at my home.

    Congrats to the winner, I'm pea green.

  25. Your photos are lovely. Mr Tide is about eight kinds of awesome. We embrace imperfection around here! hugs♥olive

  26. Perfect imperfection, Kat! I never would'ave realized there was anything wrong with your photos unless you had said something. :) They are truly beautiful!!!

    xoxo laurie

  27. I've been a cranky pants myself lately! HA! But your beautiful pictures did make me smile -- even if I didn't want to!!! ;)

  28. Kelly J/Hunters HillOctober 4, 2010 at 12:09 PM

    GREAT shots as always, I really love the sunset shot..... is that St. Clement's Island you can just barely see in the shot ?

  29. Thanks everyone, and it's good to know I've not been the only one being a little cranky these days! ;-)

    Good eye Kelly, that is St. Clements off in the distance!

    Kat :)

  30. Gorgeous photos, amazing husband!


  31. The photos are great - I never would have known anything was different if you hadn't said that :) I'm so jealous of you living near the water - it makes for such gorgeous photos and they always look different! At my house, things tend to always look the same, with nothing out of the ordinary to photograph!

  32. Congratulations to the big winner!
    And those are beautiful images. What a wonder to see in real life!
    I always love my visits here!

  33. It seems we are always critical of our own work. But believe me these photos are just beautiful.

  34. The photos are really pretty. I think sometimes it is so easy to have our hubbys push our buttons. I try to think if I would blow up if a friend did the same thing and generally I wouldn't. I don't always succeed at biting my tongue, but most times it just isn't worth ruining a good day over a small thing.

  35. I can certainly sympathize with "cranky." It's how I describe myself once the temperatures warm up--I stay that way 'til fall.

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Had you not said anything, I wouldn't have noticed any graininess or degradation in quality.

    As far as "losing" pictures, to put things in perspective, I'll offer this. When my hubs and I were married, we asked a friend who was an amateur photographer to serve as our "official" wedding chronicler. This was over thirty years ago and we weren't into the whole grand wedding thing, so simple was our style. To sum up, something went awry and we have no pictures of our wedding other than those taken by other friends and family members--nothing of the ceremony or immediately thereafter, no procession, no recession, nothing from our friend the photographer but regrets and apologies. All we have is the fact that, all these years later, it matters not a whit, though I would dearly love to have pictures to share with our daughter now, as she approaches my age when I was married. We're still together and we have the memories of the day, all that really matters.

  36. The photos are lovely. Perfect.

  37. Okay, I'm here to make you feel better...this time last year, I had my ISO on 1600 - for a month. Took lots and lots of pictures with it that way, too. Fortunately, nowdays I usually remember to check all the vital settings before I shoot, but ISO is still usually at the bottom of that list!
    I think your pictures are gorgeous, btw!

  38. Kat, you have a
    wonderful way of
    putting it all in
    perspective! Your
    day sounds like a
    lovely one, grainy
    photos and all. A
    pumpkin patch, blue
    skies, great neighbors
    and loving husband.
    I'd say there's a lot
    to be thankful for : )
    Happy Tuesday!
    xx Suzanne

  39. I love your attitude and perspective Kat! Before I even read the post I was in awe of the pictures. To you they may "less than perfect pictures," but to me they are gorgeous. Your husband is an absolute gem!

    ~ Tracy


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