Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering Those Who Gave Their All

Today, as we put our burgers on the barbeque...

Stick our beach umbrellas in the sand and lay out our towels...

And sit down to enjoy life with our family and friends, I hope we all take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Today, I will stop and pay tribute to the fallen, and be thankful for my own family...

Who proudly served their county and were the fortunate ones who came home to their loved ones!

To those who continue to put yourself in harm's way, thank you and godspeed!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!


  1. Very well said. Lest we forget!

  2. wonderful photos and a perfect tribute to this weekend and those who gave - so that we can have! Thanks so much.


  3. Wonderful photos!! Great post:)

  4. Thank you for that post. I love it and the photos. So real. So true. So close to home.

  5. A wonderful Memorial Day post Kat. ~Lili

  6. I hope everyone remembers what today is about. Hope you have a good one.

  7. Wonderful photos, thank you for this post!

  8. Very nice post, Kat~ my own father was in the Air Force for 21 years.

  9. Great post Kat, my father's brother died in WWII, on D-day. He was a paratrooper stationed in England. Ironically, his ankle was broken and he was recovering in England when the a general came in and said "if there is anyone who is well enough, we need every man for a special mission". Of course, there were already rumors of an imminent invasion, somewhere.
    My uncle Sam,with a (newly broken ankle) said "I can go!" He was so patriotic and brave. His letters are filled with love for his family and country, the last one arrived after he was declared missing in action. Sadly, his plane was shot down on route to the invasion. The town he was stationed with loved these brave Americans and actually have a memorial set up for those that died that day. It seems he was a musician and often played the "horn" with a band for the locals when off duty!
    Several years ago we found an elderly gentlemen who remembered him and gave us photos of the plane crash site, it was chilling. Even more so, when his younger brother was shown the memorial with Salvatore Laferrera's name on it. His remains are buried in Normandy.


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