Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

Well my bloggy friends, it's been an exciting few days around my house!  Some of it good exciting and some of it not so good!  

Yesterday I went to a beautiful beach house for a photo shoot.  It was a perfect day for a photo shoot of a home by the water, actually 3 homes by the water as I was supposed to take pictures of 3 rental properties along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.  These homes are nestled down private dirt lanes which lead you to quiet retreats with unbelievable water views of the Bay!

I arrived as planned and all of the rentals were empty, and I had full access to wander about by myself photographing these lovely homes when the unthinkable happened.  I had scouted out the beach for a moment, and then headed inside to check out the inside.  I had wandered around briefly on the lower floor where the bedrooms were located and was making my way up a set of stairs with my tripod in one hand and my camera bag in the other, and I suddenly couldn't move!

A pain like I've never experienced before, and I've given birth to two children via cesarean...need I say more?!  But I was completely beside myself with pain.  My first thought was, I think I will need to call an ambulance, quickly followed by I don't know the street address (it was on a piece of paper in my Durango), and finally, and most importantly, that I didn't shave my legs today!!!  Why are we women like that?  We're in major pain and all we can think about is what underwear we are wearing and the fact that we don't have silky smooth legs!!!
I waited a few moments and called Mr. Tide who was hours away at work, I needed a friendly, calming voice to talk me through this.  Then I called my son to alert him to the possibility that I might need him to meet me at the hospital.  Our son runs on the local rescue squad so his first reaction was to tell me to not even think about trying to drive anywhere.  I assured him that I wouldn't if I didn't feel up to it, hung up and decided I would try and muscle through the pain (no pun intended) and work my way the 35 to 40 minutes back home.  

I also called the homeowner to apologize for having to reschedule the shoot.  She was wonderful and kind and told me to take care of myself, but I still felt horrible not being able to take the photos, this was our 3rd attempt and it really was perfect weather with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.

As I got into my car with tears in my eyes from the discomfort, and began the drive home, I realized this probably wasn't one of my best decisions.  I was really afraid that if I needed to react quickly while driving I wouldn't be able to.  So I phoned one of my oldest and dearest friends, Gerard.  He and I have been friends since middle school, and although we go months without talking, and even longer sometimes without seeing one another, I always know I can call him anytime day or night and he'll be there for me!  I hope he knows that he can do the same and I'll be there for him too!  Once again, like he's done so many times in the past, he came to my rescue.  He lives fairly close by to the beach house, and when I asked if I could drive to his house he said no problem!  I definitely owe him some beer and cookies!

It was nice to hang out and get caught up a little since we hadn't seen one another in a while, and after getting home from work, Mr. Tide and my son came to fetch me and drive me home.  I was feeling a little better by then, and on the way home Mr. Tide told me that our son Bugs wasn't feeling well again.  So off we went to the ER once again, me with my painful back, and Bugs with a major headache, nausea, and this time blurred vision!
What a family we are, falling apart in the span of a few weeks!!  So after trying to sit comfortably in the ER waiting room for nearly 3 hours, we were seen.  The doctor said that she thinks our son is suffering from a form of migraines and I didn't mention my back trouble, so we headed home after a very long day!

So if you're still reading this post (and I wouldn't blame you if you've moved on), you're probably wondering what in the sam hill this has to do with my fence pictures and my title!  Well, along with the injuries and other illness excitement we did manage to have some good things happen over the last few days too!

We've been talking about fencing in our backyard for a long time now and they finally came to start putting in our split rail fence this morning!  I'm not one for fencing in open spaces usually, and I don't don't subscribe to the "good fences make good neighbors" theory either!  I believe good neighbors make good neighbors and we have some of the best neighbors imaginable.  But you see, unlike our older Border Collie, Miss Kylee, our dear Mr. Quinn is very obedient until he decides that chasing a cat is WAY more fun.  So sometimes when we are in the yard he has to be on a leash, which for a herding dog is just no fun at all!  So we bit the bullet and decided  to put in a fence.

I wasn't sure if the fence was going to make me feel "fenced in" or if it would block our view of the field and the creek, but now that it's in I really like it!  And so do the birds, see that little bluebird on the fence post.  The bluebirds are loving it and seem to enjoy hanging out on the new fence, and that makes me happy!

They weren't able to finish up today and will be back next week to install the rest of the fencing and the wire mesh behind it.  It will go down to the waters edge on both sides of the property line, but won't go along the creek at the back of our property.  Mr. Quinn and Miss Kylee are not big fans of water so we don't have to worry about either of them venturing into the water to circumnavigate the fence!

So the irony of this whole fence thing is that instead of making me feel fenced in, I think it will actually give us more of a sense of freedom and we will be able to relax in the hammock or hang out on our dock without fear of a certain stubborn English Shepherd tearing after the neighbor's cats, the deer, or whatever.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I didn't take any of the photos in this post, Mr. Tide was duty photographer today!  Instead, I did a lot of resting in my bed today with a warm heating pad on my back!  And remember a few months ago when I did this post about not having any blinds or curtains on any of my windows?

Well, sometimes not having curtains doesn't always work out!  Like when you have workmen in your yard all day and you can't move!!!  So you have to improvise!  I think Ralph Lauren would approve of my makeshift curtain choice!

Sorry for not replying to anyone's emails or comments.  I promise that when I'm all better I will be able to spend a little more time at the computer, but for now I'm taking it easy...Mr. Tide's orders!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and since I won't be posting until I'm feeling up to snuff, be sure to visit some of my dear friends on my blog roll!


  1. WOW! Sure hope you rest up and take it easy. Tell your HUBS he did a mighty fine job of capturing the looks real good.

  2. Oh Kat! Please take care of yoursefl. I hope you are back to feeling 100% soon!! Big (gentle) hug to you ~ Tina xx

  3. Kat~ back pain is the worst!! I sure hope it eases soon! And I hope your son feels better, too! It does seem like stuff piles up on you all at once sometimes, doesn't it? We have split rail with mesh, too, and have really loved it! Your fence looks beautiful! Take care and pamper yourself!! XO

  4. Kat, I hope you get better real soon. I am in the process of painting a lot of walls in my house. Got a lot done today and should finish tomorrow or Sunday. I love that fence and would love to have on for Bailey. We are just now letting her walk in the back yard without a leash, but she makes me nervous. I am afraid she is going to run after something. She did run over to the neighbors to visit even though I was screaming at her. She loves to visit them. I hope you obey Mr. Tide and take it easy.

  5. Get better Kat! I hate back pain! Your split rail fence is perfect BTW...

  6. feel better, don't answer, and - I love your fence (though I did wonder how it would keep any dog in until I read about the wire mesh....)

  7. Hope you feel better soon :):) It's nice to have a friend that you dont have to talk or see everyday yet you know you both are there for each other when needed. A no pressure friendship. Great photo's too!!! Thanks :)

  8. I hope you're feeling much better soon! I wonder if the senior year/graduation stress is causing the migraines.

    Oh, and I really like the fence and agree that borders actually give us freedom.

    It's kind of the same principle that we use when raising kids, yes?

  9. Oh noooo.. feel better. I had the same thing happen two weeks ago while I was mopping the kitchen floor, of all things. Ice and Advil helped the most, and within 24 hours it was gone.

    And I was going to tell you your son seems to be suffering from Migraines.

    We began installing our split rail yesterday too!! I'll be posting about it tomorrow. I love yours, think it looks great.

  10. Kat, you poor thing/. I hope you are up and about soon. I love the fence, Vary open and farm like!

  11. So sorry to hear about your back. Please do take care of yourself. Back problems are so painful! Your new fence looks great! Take care!

  12. Back pain bad — rest good. The fence looks great, my dog is the same way, so I have a fence. Sheldon loves to go in the backyard in the afternoon to soak up some rays and it's nice to not have to worry about him chasing a squirrel and ending up in the street.

    Feel better soon!

  13. Kat, feel better soon! Nothing takes you down like a bad back. I have had my share of sudden onset spasms. Once I was in the parking lot at work and went into the back seat to get my briefcase( with my morning's presentation in it) and all of the sudden, I could not move. I managed to make it into the building and literally was kicking and sliding my briefcase into the elevator. When I got to my office my secretary, god bless her, gave me 4 Advil. I got through the presentation somehow! For months after that it was almost impossible to get into a car...just the wrong angle I guess. Please take all the time your back needs to heal...I love the fence!!

  14. You poor thing Kat, I hope you feel better soon! I a pleased to hear that you will be resting and recovering! I think you new fence looks wonderful! xx

  15. All the best Kat, hope you feel better soon!!

  16. I'm feeling a little guilty because I am behind in my blog reading and I'm just finding out about your pain. It sounds like you have had it rough and I do hope you are feeling better and able to take it easy now. So glad your friend was close and that the two of you could connect. You were right on about women and our quirky little thought process.

    BTW that bluebird on the fence post is pretty darn special. Enjoy your weekend friend!

  17. I so hope that you recover soon!! I love those kinds of friends that are always there for you in life. Rest up, and love the fence!!!


  18. Please, please, please go back and have everything checked. When I was home in WA last week, a very good friend (only 47 years old!) experienced some weird pain, and guess what - she had a stroke. Don't mean to freak you out - just don't ignore something that is out of the ordinary. Geez, I sound like my mom! Hope you feel better - you can get the shots another day...

  19. Great fence and well worth it to keep the dogs safe. Hope you are feeling better!

  20. Have you had this happen before? Was it a nerve-like pain or a throbbing pain? I'm asking because I had back surgery years ago. Didn't help much. What really helped was yoga/stretching exercises twice per day EVERY day for the last 13 years. Now I'm not as prone to injury. Certainly I hope you feel better soon!

  21. Do you think Mr. Tide could rig up a heating pad for you on the hammock, it looks so peaceful out there. Love that bird on the fence post. On second thought, it may not be a good idea swaying in a hammock, sorry, ouch! Rest up dear Kat and I hope Bugs gets something to control those migraines too! That was too funny about you having the presence of mind to think about your unshaved legs! You're so cute, even when you're in pain. Take care dear! ~Lili

  22. It sounds like a pinched nerve to me. I just had this happen about a month ago. It almost took my breath away. I starting crying and got myself to the bed and made my son call my hubby. After two days of heating pads and ice, I was better and could walk. I sure hope you feel better soon. That is a rough go if that is what it is.

  23. How wonderful to discover you and your lovely blog! Your photos are simply amazing.

    We have so many of the same folks as blog buddies just by looking at your blog nice to meet you!

    All the best,

  24. Oh my, good grief girl~! I know exactly what you went through with that back spasm and the ensuing pain. I do hope you are on the mend. Get Mr. Tide to give you a massage to loosen up those ligaments.

    Love the fence. I would be setting up a bird feeder pronto - fences need accessorizing too 'ya know ;D

    Talk soon, Jane T.

  25. Kat, I have been out of town for a couple of days and just got around to reading your post. I hope by now you, and your son, are both feeling a lot better. Take care of yourself!

  26. Oh you poor thing Kat! I ruptured a disc in my back a few years ago, so I can totally sympathise with you, the pain is terrible! You really need to get something for your pain to make things a bit more bearable. Hope you and your son are on the mend very soon, and that your hubby is up to his nursing duties - sounds like he'll be busy! K xx

  27. OUCH!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  28. Oh, good grief. And then you sat at the ER for three hours? Oh, my stars, you poor thing. And your poor son.
    Thank God for your friend and your husband.

  29. Of course like all the others here I wish you quick healing & recovery but I just gotta say from one border collie owner to another...
    Do ya really think that fence is gonna keep them from getting into trouble?!
    LOL! Blessings, Lisa~LeafandInk


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