Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Mine

When my children were babies I used to sing the song Baby Mine, from the movie Dumbo, to them nearly every day.  Now that they are 22 and 18, I don't sing that song to them anymore, but my heart still skips a beat when I see anything baby related.

I was a sales rep for children's clothing and accessories once upon a time in a land far far away, and I've always loved looking at baby clothes, hair bows, baby bedding, and of course beautiful rooms all decked out for little ones!  Last weekend I was able to visit a darling nursery designed for a precious little girl named Abigail.

This nursery was everything I would want if my little girl was still a wee one!  It was feminine without being too frilly, filled with treasured toys, and vintage touches.  It said "a little girl lives here" in an enchanting sophisticated sort of way.  Then again the whole house was beautiful, so I expected nothing less from this charming nusery.

Abby's parents have created a wonderful home, and her mom Natalie clearly has a knack for decorating.  In the nursery, Natalie chose to mix old and new elements in a way which will allow Abby to grow with the room and it's furnishings.

The nursery is filled with wonderful natural light and high ceilings, making the room feel open and airy.  Neutral buff colored walls provide the perfect backdrop for the room's soft feminine color palette and lends an aire of sophistication to the space.

Vintage touches are found throughout the room, like these cute little antique wooden hangers, and the vintage white metal floor lamp.

A Jenny Lind crib, painted crisp white, compliments the white trim found throughout the nursery and adds contrast to the other painted furnishings.  Natalie created the fun alphabet banner that hangs above Abby's crib!

A comfy chair and slipcovered side table provide the perfect spot for reading a bedtime story or just spending some precious snuggle time together!

And what little girl's nursery would be complete without a beautiful pink chandelier hanging from the ceiling?!  The ceiling is painted a calming blue color, which I love!

And speaking of blue and love...look at this gorgeous turquoise changing table!  Natalie re-purposed a wonderful vintage dry sink and painted it this beautiful shade of blue.  And the old wooden tool box on top serves as her diaper holder...genius!

More of Natalie's great vintage finds include this sweet little chest of drawers and the bright blue child's chair.  Natalie purchased many of her wonderful pieces from my favorite vintage store, TheVintage Source, and then painted them to suit the color scheme of the nursery!

Soft lavender toile crib sheets and a floral patchwork baby quilt give little Abby a restful spot to sleep and nap in each day.  A beautiful fretwork shelf holds 3 little piggy banks for Abby's parents to stash their spare change in...it's never too early to start saving for college!

Natalie chose vintage artwork, such as the framed balloon print pictured above, to adorn some of the walls and add whimsy and color to the room.

Abby's parents hand painted the cream and tan diamond pattern on the floor.  And they chose a beautiful reproduction Aubusson rug to give their daughter something soft to sit on while playing with her toys.  Her toys are neatly stored in metal swiss dotted pails and an old wooden magazine holder painted seafoam green.  More stuffed animals and extra bedding can be found in the raised wire basket next to the crib.

I hope you all have enjoyed our little tour of Miss Abigail's oh so very pretty nursery!  And just in case you are wondering, yes Miss Abby is even cuter than her room!  If you are expecting a sweet baby girl, or maybe have a granddaughter on the way, I hope that you found some inspiration in this wonderful nursery.  Don't tell little Abby, but I would want to stay in her room and I'm not a baby anymore!

I'd like to give a special thanks to Abby for letting the crazy lady with the camera invade her sanctuary and to her wonderful parents for letting me share their daughter's wonderful nursery with all of you in blogland!


  1. What a sweet post! The nursery is just adorable and yes, if I ever had a girl, this room would be perfect. Our boys did use a crib that looks just like that one. We kept in the attic in case they want to use it one day.

  2. Oh my gosh - this nursery is just gorgeous. I love the changing table, the little dresser and the alphabet banner is so original. The windows are absolutely beautiful too!
    ~Sam x

  3. Ooh, to do it all again. Well.. there is always the hope of grandchildren :-)

  4. Kat, that is such a precious room. I hope my daughter will let me add just a few vintage pieces to the nursery that we will be working on soon. She will find out in a couple of weeks what she is having. They did an early scan a couple of weeks ago and the doctor believes it is a girl, but we will know for sure at the next scan. I love to look at nurseries and get ideas. She already has her husbands old changing table for me to paint. Thanks for sharing this wonderful room.

  5. WOW, what a beautiful nursery. I love the vintage touches!

  6. Aaaah, I love this nursery, it is precious and all the special vintage touches give it a charming feel. Little Abigail is a very lucky little baby girl, Thankyou for sharing, I do love it, Kathysue

  7. One of the things I like most about Abigail's room is that it is very comfy and childproof. I hope you do another post on the rest of Natalie's home. (Natalie is my sil, and she and her hubby host our annual family Christmas dinner/party. Her home becomes a magical Christmas fantasy that gets duplicated each year.) Thanks again for such a wonderful post!

  8. What a pretty baby room. I love the floor! I sing Baby Mine to my boys all the time. Oerfect song to go to sleep to.

  9. Swoon. Makes you want to have a kid just for the fun decorating.

  10. love the nursery mixed with vintage furniture, sweet wall color! verbena cottage

  11. This is one of the prettiest nurseries I have seen and I agree with you that it is lovely without being fussy. I really like the painted floors and the repurposed dry sink. It's all so beautiful.


  12. So soothing and serene. What a lucky little girl Abigail is to start her life in a room like this one! Thank you for the peek.... made me reminisce about my own daughter's nursery, which was such a JOY to prepare! xx P&H

  13. Oh my- what a treat that tour was.
    As the mother of three adult daughters, I miss those days.
    I enjoyed visiting this evening.


  14. What a beautiful little bedroom. I love the mix of the old and new. Nicely photographed as well.

  15. Abby's nursery is beautiful! I love the vintage look and the soft coloration - gorgeous.

  16. I remember that darling song! ANd this is a wonderful nursery. It is the perfect mix of new and vintage things and has a warm and a lillte old feel. The alphabet banner is so cute as is the little aqua chair.
    Thanks for bringing us this wondeful and unique nursery.
    It was so fun to visit tonight.

  17. What a fantastic nursery! Love the banner and vintage touches....now if only I had girls....:)

  18. Stunning nursery. My favorites are that changing table, the color of the ceiling and the Aubusson rug. Beautiful windows, lighting and floors too. It's all gorgeous. ~Lili

  19. This is just a magical room, it is so lovely. Love all the vintage touches and natural light.

  20. That change table is so delightful...I absolutely love it.


  21. I'm so glad Kerri pointed me your way! Your blog is gorgeous and this nursery is truly adorable.
    Lovely pictures!
    Greetings from Italy

  22. What a charming room for anyone for that matter! I love those letters she created. Would love to get a closer look at those. And the chair looks cozy enough to sit and read to a sweet little girl.

  23. Soooo PRETTY...luv that dressing table...it's soooo neat!


  24. What a charming room~ I love the color scheme and all the accessories! What a wonderful room for a lucky little girl!

  25. What a peaceful and charming nursery! I can imagine the wee one living there having happy dreams.

    Susan and Bentley

  26. Absolutely adorable nursery. That is how I would want mine to be also. My daughter did her nursery for her two little girls in a masculine color scheme and I wish it looked just a little like this one! Oh well!


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